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The 8 wave of consciousness awakening
Hello, welcome and welcome to read Smile.

Hello everyone, I know very much that my articles often arouse many emotions in you, but that's what shows you that they touch on aspects that were not necessarily built on real foundations.

Article: 8 wave of consciousness awakening

With pleasure I would like to inform you about the event that we will witness from the point of spiritual development, metaphysics and multidimensional energy, human destiny.
Exactly from September 11, 2018, we are prepared energetically in addition to the autumn solstice, the full moon and astrological changes, the seasons also to the next wave of revival this time. Many of you have difficult thoughts at the moment, you feel strong melancholy and in many cases, unreasonable sadness, emptiness. I am writing this article at the request of my guide to support you and write that it is normal at a certain level of time in energy to change your course and some people will feel it as stopping time, emotional gap, dimple. I, however, intend to explain to you this phenomenon which is referred to as the ordering of space. In and around each other, the time determined from September 11 to October 26 is a time to contemplate the meaning of your life, past and future. In symbolism 8 in many parts of the world means the timeline
past, here and now, the future in the form of a triangle of 3 variants or infinity Smile. We are being prepared for the 8th wave of revival, what will be different from the previous ones?

The last wave of revival took place in January 2017.
The number I received in the vision is not necessarily related to the order of these waves but its symbolism. Often on our planet there are moments in which the mechanism of awakening consciousness acts as a global process driven by works of art, music, development and energy works of various people, right political and social decisions. All the time the world is in this process when larger or smaller streams of information flow, energy in the form of impulses affecting groups of people or individual units, I write about it to explain it properly.

Description of the wave of awakening:
From the results I received and the vision it looks like astrologically, metaphysically this time was also long-awaited.
The preliminary results of my research show that the last 50 years ago we had a similar strong wave of awakening. This not only influenced development and change but also on industry and technological and scientific development.

My vision:
I see the wave of awakening in the form of wind in some situations the wave of water in my vision draws my attention to the fact that this wind and this water exist as a symbol as waves of awakening. There are a lot of energy that overturns human emotions, energy in nature in such a way as to lead to emotional, energetic and physical purification in order to start the process of healing and transformation. These waves dropped the unnecessary clothes from people, knocking down various objects and emotions.
I can see that some people pick up old things that are not needed and try to put them on again, although they know that something has changed and they do not match them anymore. They also try to save old, rusty objects that are the equivalent of their beliefs and certain thoughts and conclusions. They try to save their beliefs, old systems of belief and understanding of the world that have been broken up. I notice schematics, parts, no longer necessary for any of them. However, a fragment of this vision is shown to me as present and past tense. I feel that something is starting to change in my vision, many things stop for a moment, people are contemplating something they are obviously preparing for.
I feel during this vision that something is approaching something not an everyday extraordinary force that heralds a gently strengthening wind. People in this vision also begin to feel what I am and look ahead to what is coming. At this stage of the vision I see the events from the top I see how a great wave of energy sweeps a lot of things that gets in the way connected to the wind water like a wave of tsunami striking the great erected walls (symbol of mind walls, patterns, barriers of development and consciousness, illusions) breaks down, breaks down walls when I write about it again, I start to feel what then during this research. The constructions probably fall not all, but what is coming will be really strong .... This wave will turn the lives of many people on the emotional and physical level, spiritual. However, there will be those who will feel that on this wave they can surf like a California Californian, Hawaii. Those people who allow themselves to develop vibrations will probably benefit from it. Good luck Smile) learning to swim after higher vibrations will soon be our course.

Assumptions of new energy activities according to the forces of higher and spiritual guides:

Higher forces have shown me in various messages, visions, dreams, and meditations that they will no longer invest many opportunities and time in people who have potentials and opportunities but are still procrastinating in readiness to help the society, enter a higher level of their destiny. Many of these people have not even gone that way yet with a lot of support. This path in my understanding means the path of individual destiny that affects the fate of others and their destiny, the paths of life. Now, the higher forces will leave these people to think about what they really want from themselves and their lives, and when they are ready again, they will want to do something more probably will get a chance.
Now, spiritual beings will invest their resources, time, knowledge and energy into people who, despite many problems, want to help others or simply want to pursue their destiny. An important development cycle ends on our beloved planet and a new time begins, a new cycle. Some time for decisions and getting rid of problems has been given to us as it has been used, but I will not judge you, rate yourself and think about it Smile. Everyone works at a rate that he can without pressure is not warning people who for some reason could not cope with despite the trials of the forces of higher will get help in life so that someday they could be ready again but this will not be a priority. They will get adequate support adequate to their decisions, they will get support to take full advantage of their destination path, but now only the most persistent will get a lot more different possibilities, different possibilities. What I write also results from my experience, I agree with it, I see and feel what is going on around. Soon, a new class of learning will start who feels that this person is ready to join Smile for these activities, the higher forces gather their students. Good luck for your development and your life, I warmly greet Artur Sierocki,

Multi-Dimensional healing and clairvoyance
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