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The Goal of Life
Everyone's destiny is programmed by the individual soul before it is born on Earth, so that in one lifetime it can reach the immortal existence of the spirit and free itself from the cycle of birth and death. We can compare the soul with a rain drop, that separated from the ocean due to the heat of the sun (thinking or action) and now has to travel back to its source through streams and rivers until it reaches it and merges in the ocean in complete anonymity, assuming its original identity. So, the travelling of the drop through various bodies of water can be compared to life on earth and merging into the ocean is the return to the infinite spiritual condition of unity it originated from. The banks of the river represent the duality of the earthly life (good and bad). The drops of water (souls) that the river consists of have a choice (free will) - they can stay towards the middle of the stream and travel fast to the destination (one life) or attach themselves to one of the banks and stagnate (many lives), perhaps even turn into a swamp (regress in evolution due to selfishness, negative attitude or attachment to desires). When we appear on earth we get distracted and misled by the senses and deviate from the set course by thinking of ourselves as the body and that the life begins and ends with it. By putting the blinkers of this self-created ignorance we sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of cause and effect, leading to many lives or regress. At this point only the spiritual power of pranahuti (divine energy) can tear the net of the self -created illusion holding us firmly in its grip. Therefore there is a need on the part of the Ultimate to take the form of avatar or a spiritual guide capable of transmitting it. He works on Earth like a beacon of divine energy with unlimited range, which infuses wisdom in the aspiring hearts willing to follow the practice he proposes according to the need of the current time. The immortal world of purity, love and perfection is in the human heart. At any time we can dive deep into it, as it is always within our reach. It is not enough just to talk and aspire for it. We must practice dissolving ourselves in it, leaving behind the senses and the brain as they can not penetrate it. By experiencing this condition in meditation with the help of the guide, we feel its presence stronger and stronger in the heart until we begin to remember it without a brake. We remember what we love, but we can also love what we remember constantly, as it is giving us feeling of contentment, subtle joy, inner freedom and strength. The love for the Divinity in our heart is the redeeming and sacred thread leading us to the ultimate destination. It is our only "visa" and "identity card" for the ethereal worlds and sharing it unconditionally is the highest expression of life on earth. This invisible pearl is our most precious asset and the only one we can use in the great voyage beyond. It can not be lost or stolen, it is indestructible in its essence and when the time comes it will carry us over the threshold of the material existence towards a higher destiny.The karmic debt is cleaned by the guru's power, releasing us from the shackles of cause and effect. Thus by the combined action of the spiritual guide and by developing love through spiritual practice we realize our life's goal and the divine chapter of our  existence begins.
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My heart so meek and full of fright was thus transformed to bravest knight.
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A Guru may be able to assist in freeing one from ones shackle at an exchange of price, but it being not necessary. Some deem it the cause to Reach Enlightenment on there own, rather then by a hand out of alternative outward Resource, thMselves. 

Written in Stars is a Soul's Destiny as the Destiny is the Soul itself. The Cosmic Ever Calculatez the Destiny of Each Individual Soul, As Energy Sent out Is Energy Received.

Many Will...
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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