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The Guff
The Guff, The Treasury of Souls

OK Guys. Here's something else to ponder. I have always described myself as a free thinker, looking in all the dark corners and turning over many manuscripts in search of truth, wisdom and knowledge. There are many bizarre myths and legends attached to the Jewish Religion.
Here's something to get your teeth into. I expect discussion and original ideas regarding this subject from my friends out there. Good Luck.

According to Jewish Mythology, in the Garden of Eden there is a Tree of Life or Tree of Souls that blossoms and produces new souls. These souls fall from the tree into the Guff, or the Treasury of Souls. The legend says that Sparrows sit in the tree, they see the souls, and their progress from the Guff to a baby. They are pleased by this progression and so this explains their happy singing.
All the souls that will ever be born are kept in the highest heaven, beside the throne of glory, in this treasury of souls known as the Guff.
The souls that exist here are pure and pristine, untainted by earthly life. Some souls flicker like a candle and some shine brighter than the sun. When a soul is about to be born, the angel Gabriel reaches his hand into the Guff and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand. Another angel follows this soul down to earth, where the sparrows, who can see both angels and souls, sing to praise their beauty. 
The angel Lailah guards the soul in the womb as it is clothed in flesh and blood and stripped of its heavenly garment. There the soul lives an earthly life, until the day comes for it to leave this world. Then the Angel of Death comes to remove the fleshy garment and replaces it with the holy garment that was stripped away when the soul descended to earth. Therefore death is not a time of loss, but a time of reunion and joy, because the soul has donned its original heavenly garment and flies before God’s Throne of Glory.
The mystic significance of the Guff is that each person is important, and has a unique role which only they, with their unique soul, can fulfil.
According to the Kabbala every human soul is just a fragment cycling out of the great world soul of the creator
Some say the Guff holds an infinite number of souls, and some say the number is finite. Some say that when the Temple was destroyed, no more souls entered the Guff.
Each day, the number of souls held there grows smaller, and when the number of souls run out, there will be an infant born without a soul born dead both physically and spiritually. Then the sparrows will stop singing. This will herald the end of days, the death of the world, and the arrival of the Messiah.
The Myth’s Origins
The myth of the Gufff can trace its source to the Talmud, tractate Yebamoth 62a, which reads, The Son of David will not come before all the souls in Guff will have been disposed of, since it is said, ‘For the spirit that unwraps itself is from Me.’ And tractate Abodah Zarah 5a says, The Son of David will only come when all the souls destined to inhabit earthly bodies will be exhausted.
In Hebrew ‘guff’ literally means ‘body,’ and this storehouse of souls was literally thought of as a body. 
The Talmud is said to be a collection of the teachings of Moses which were handed down over centuries and eventually written down. The guff is a product of this Jewish tradition; the concept does not appear anywhere in the Bible.
According to Rabbi Isaac Luria,  souls rest from their descent in the boughs of trees, where sparrows can see them falling from heaven, and this explains their joyous song.
The Zohar, the chief kabbalistic text of Judaism, elaborates on the myth and stated that God hewed all who would be born from his Throne of Glory and placed them in the Guff.  
It must have been an interesting question to ponder, where do all the souls come from? A person grows from a tiny seed into a human being, with desires and motivation and personality, only to end in death and quietude. Where does the energy go? Thus came the concept of the soul, a part of us that survives after death. The concept of a soul, an animating force, is common throughout the mythologies of the world. In Judaism, this developed into the myth of the Guff, a storehouse of souls, hewn by God from his heavenly throne. But the cleverer among them must have asked, How many souls are in the Guff? Is it infinite, or finite?
That the ancient rabbis chose to make the Guff finite speaks to the common theme throughout Judaism, the hope and promise of a final redemption. When the Guff is at last emptied, then the Messiah will come. God has put an hourglass on our suffering. It is not eternal. Even this life, which is full of suffering, is temporary. We are just wearing our temporary earthly garment before returning home.
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Hello my friend. What is your take on the myth of The Guff?
Stop believing in what others, including religions, think is best for you.  You incarnate on this earth your you, your soul and not for any other soul.  Do what resonates with you,  What feels right for you and believe that is your truth.
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(07-21-2018, 02:37 AM)johngefnir Wrote: Hello my friend. What is your take on the myth of The Guff?
An ifinite amount of souls doesn't exactly seem feasible to me, but to go off into conjecture of my own wouldn't be too good either I don't think. It was interesting to read about and surely some aspects are true. As far as the second coming being also representing the end of existence or creation as we know it; I believe that to be accurate, and that GOD will form a new creation wholly of those souls that are wholly of/ wholly returned to GOD in Spirit.

peace friend; I'm sorry if you hadn't meant that for me....I still assume things at times....freakin humans man....

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(07-21-2018, 03:04 AM)GailM1962 Wrote: Stop believing in what others, including religions, think is best for you.  You incarnate on this earth your you, your soul and not for any other soul.  Do what resonates with you,  What feels right for you and believe that is your truth.
Are you saying truth is wholly subjective?

Can we not be lead to what is good from a seemingly outward source?

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Ok two things going on here. Yes Popsthebuilder I was asking for your thoughts on the Guff myth, but GailM1962 has commented also. She has a perfect right to comment and others views are always welcome, however I'm not sure of her meaning here. You are right to question whether truth is totally subjective. Sometimes what we understand as truth is not so for someone else. For example the statement that we are created by God, is a truth to you and me, but to an evolutionist that statement is seen as a untruth. We all have to learn, most of our true knowledge comes from experience, but we are given information, which if we use correctly will translate into knowledge. We are also given guidance, from our parents, teachers, and other sources, including religious texts. It is up to us how we receive this guidance and how we react to it.
We do incarnate for ourselves, but we are not living in isolation, neither spiritually or physically. We take on responsibilities so we share both our physical and spiritual lives.

As to the Guff, it is an interesting myth or concept even. Romans 8:29 states; For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. This would perhaps lend credence to there being a finite number of souls, but this is pure conjecture on my part, and interesting as this myth is, it is just that. A myth, I know of no scriptural reference to this in any works I have read. One thing it does do however is to indicate that there is a time scale relating to the second coming, which is an event I'm sure will occur and will be witnessed everywhere. It is interesting, when considering myths, to wonder at their origin. Most stories have a basis in fact, and it is said that many have entertained angels without knowing.
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