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The Journey
The entire creation is one infinite intelligent energy (Soul) constantly shaping and reshaping itself by changing its vibratory frequency to appear as many individual souls (diversity without separation). Nothing is created nor lost, it only transforms. It is an eternal process in which we (the souls) become more and more aware of our Essence (God) and it happens in steps called lifetimes. Each lifetime provides an experience based  knowledge of ourselves, which produces a certain level of awareness and there is no end to this process - we just keep raising the bar. The Essence is known by different names depending on the person's religious or cultural background: God, Divinity, Soul, Perfection, Love, Spirit, Self, Ultimate Reality, Absolute, Nothingness, Everything, Singularity - to name a few. By changing its vibrations each soul enters a physical body and can experience life in matter by action, interaction, comparison and contrast. Likewise, the Absolute can experience  itself as the total sum of its parts. In order to play this awareness  "game" the incarnated   being subjects itself to forgetfulness of its divine origin. The Ultimate Reality remains in the heart, it operates beyond the range of sensitivity of anything material and can be approached through various religious and spiritual methods. All embodied beings are free to create their own truth, expressing the Self as they please in conformity with the boomerang law: *Everyone lives the effect  produced by their thoughts, words and actions.* 
The physical body is an implement of flesh which the soul uses to reach new spiritual heights, something like boosting a rocket to propel it into space. At the same time the human body creates severe limitations, which the being must struggle with and overcome in order to grow spiritually. The human being experiments with various paths in a trial and error approach which results in many incarnations. Once the liberating threshold of awareness is reached the soul need not incarnate anymore and is free to pursue its rise in the infinite realm of the spirit, where there is neither suffering nor sorrow.
There are no set limits to the range of consciousness  attainable in any direction. A human being can go as high as one aspires or create something less than that if so one desires, as there is no judgement, no condemnation and no punishment in the realm of the Absolute.  Desires and aspiration are two different things. Desire is an attachment to a mental or physical activity, aspiration is the feeling that urges us towards unity with God. Desires bind us to the sphere of cause and effect, aspiration liberates us and weaves our higher destiny. Spirituality turns desires into aspiration by calming down and purifying the mind. It can then, like a serene lake, reflect our original state of existence - love. Love is the ultimate reality and everything else is an illusion created by us as means to experience and express love through life in a physical body. Love is unconditional and selfless, joyful and grateful, it gives freedom, builds bridges of compassion, shares and cares, it is acceptance and strength - love is infinite, love is divine. As our idea of love expands, so is our consciousness. The process of ascending to cosmic consciousness is evolution and the time it takes depends on the willingness of the person to regulate his/her mind.
When by divine grace a person reaches Perfection she/he has the ultimate choice to express the Self on other levels and realms of existence. Many perfected beings choose to become guides of the souls lost in the maze of their own creation. So help is available at any time anywhere. All we have to do is pray  -  our automatic response, when suffering becomes hard to bear. The question now is: Are we  willing to reclaim our infinite  freedom by making spirituality a part of our life?  The answer depends on the aspiration of the individual.
The soul goes through many lifetimes creating various personalities and scenarios -  male and female, good as well as bad. Each rebirth provides a new area of experiences. In sorrow and joy, through birth and death and the entire remaining range of dualities it seeks to assume again the state of divine consciousness by  experiencing all of it.

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My heart so meek and full of fright was thus transformed to bravest knight.
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