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The Mountain of
I realize in the value of so many years, that some measures of degrade or measures of hope, are of no value unless they are intended in there proper way of form for others to see what they wish to see, in betterment of the whole of unity the form of humankind in there way. Karma is no other way of form of it. It simply dissect the most valuable measures of hope placed into a life, and gives it a new form for reincarnation to come about properly for the whole of mankind and there unity. (This is also) where the Soul Receives its Spirit, When Destiny is forged by the kind of mankind to bring about a new being into the world and give it hope and the hope it brings thereby as an infant into the world of man. The Value thereof is immensely For in that the Generation to come, is able to withdue the faults and valuables of the Former generations intact.
So we See Hope after Hope come about apparent if we let Mankind Do its Job and bring hope into the world. But even as grown up, we can justify do such same similar things, If we permit our grudges and vicious to be put aside and grant the greater whole a new form of Life. As EACH individual is permanently connected to the whole, I see no necessary for any to harm or cause to falter another in there ways of Steps, But to comprise them into a better day ahead. These are the Virtues and these are the Values that Heaven Resides inside. AS the Whole inside, and as the Whole in the inside. We Have to find the notion for which the next Generations come about, and tho we speak of Old things, New Ways and New Forms are Bring and to Brought about to come into new forms of Life' giving and Life forming beings that we Care for on Earth. The Lesser the Harm the Greater the Cause, and if this is not the Value we Should instill in ourselves, and one another. What Value is there.
Karma Has one Purpose to give a Redo to them that have matters Pressed on there Hearts that never Found Resolve or Solve in there Hearts to bEgin wiTh. But as we Can struggle for there SOul, We Can Also Amend for our Own. But the Trouble Resides not in the want of helping, But the path to Chose to Do it. And Many Forget that a Coffee Machine is set up Only in One Way;..That to Work Properly. The FootStamps that have been Left behind by the Former Workers have been Inprinted in Every Soul, Due to the Carnation that is pending on all The Souls Present On Earth; The Truth is Known when heard of as such much but an ounce of it has proven itself before the Beginning and the Test of Time. No Value is seen LEsser if it be Found in Truth But to Dissect and Arrange it in the most Possible and Proper way. We therefor Struggle therewith Therefor, To See Eye to Eye. Since the Term of Life gives us but a nUmber of Day's, Life in number of Years, But in Reality These Numbers of Years Stretch on into Eternity Since Reincarnation Does Not function up until the Home of Whole has been Met, the NirbVanna State Where Mind Finds Sleep and Sleep is in Rest. I Hope the Souls of the incarnated will find that PAth of Liberation as it is the Only Factor that will Grant one Peace ThOughout the Eons one is set out to Live. [Somewhere along the path of this writing i lost track and got Discoursed] But i reckon all to be of somewhat familiar to what and which Karma has been Mended in being. I Hope YOU ALL have a happy Great Journey and Forget not the LEsser things to help one another AS Even one has helped you in the Past Before. Perchance we Met in a Past Life and We Have Left Business of Unfinished. EVEN if it was but in this Lifetime, Karma Permits me to make amend and make things right, But as Nothing unsaid is left undone, So will These words not fly on Deaf Ears, For All Hear and All is taken under consideration, But Whereas You are Able to Act Out on it or Not, This IS By Karma and Yours Destiny, So i will Neither Bother Not intent to Disact on the Form Found in this deliberA. RAther Make My Peace With the Found That Life has been Found to Short to be granted Unpeace, and unpeaceful with other Terms, Other Forms and Other Beings of Which i Say Namaste to All Greater Beings and Matches of Match in there own Kind. Formally if Karma Finds You in A Unrestful Case, Be at Peace and KNow that Eternity is not to Long to be Spend in Sorrow, But Where there is Sorrow there there is Peace. Just Having to Find it, IS Another term of Life or the Essence of Life even in the heReafter and the Move on. As This can be a Place of Greatfulness, i will Kowbow to it as it suits the Soul over Turmoil, There will be Witness That The Pact i Make To this DAy is for the Form of PEace, and IF your Unwilling to Move Ahead in manner of that Peace, I Say Nevertheless Be of Some Peace. I will Neither Neglect the Form of Teaching , Nor the Way to Impress What i Must imPress and Forward ON, But intent to casual the Case in a Better ... [Lost track Once AGain of what i was to be said, But]
Karma is to be lived by and Karma is to be Respect'-(ed)

"The Mountain of CAst"
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .

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