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The astral body - Part 2 - Aura
The astral body appearance.
The astral body looks like the physical body in appearance only. So should you cut its stomach to see if you find any organs. I bet you won't find nothing but light. It can't be cut anyway Smile. The reason why the astral body takes the physical body appearance, is become it stayed in it for long enough to look like it. The astral matter is very flexible. This phenomenon is more like of the ice that takes the shape of the bottle in the fridge. For some time, you can still keep the bottle shape of the ice even if you break and remove the bottle itself. In this example the ice is the astral body and the bottle is the physical body.

Now what happens when a physical part of the body is removed, a leg during an accident for example? The astral part of the leg doesn't go with the physical part, I mean the astral leg will stay. But this is only possible for things which have a consciousness. The consciousness helps in keeping astral matters particles together. So when it comes to your physical mirror, your microwaves, your Tv, the astral part of it breaks or get removed along with its physical part.

The 7 state of astral matter and the astral aura
So the astral body is made of some matters which are attracted into the physical body and which take its shape. The esoteric science says that about 99% of that astral body matter, is found in the physical body, and the rest spreads over the physical body. The astral matter which spreads, expends over the physical body is the astral aura.

The expended part of the astral body has no particular shape, it is more of a light looking, surrounding the person or the object. Each person's astral body emanates more or less of that light matter around itself. This is because the astral matter is lightened by default. So from an astral view everything in the astral world seems to always have a light. So it is really never dark in the astral world. Things are visible because they are self lightened. That astral body light expends over the surface of the physical body. But how far it expends depends on the development of the person. Someone very low in development have an astral light which reaches 30 centimeters from the physical body. an intelligent person shows a light which reaches up to 45 centimeters over the physical body. And highly developed people would show a large light which could cover a whole building and even a city. As it is said that people like Buddha had an astral light which expended over 5 kilometers. The expansion of that light mostly shows how much the person is self controlled. And the stronger that light, the wiser the person is (or vice versa).

Now where there is light, we can expect colors. The light that our astral body emanates is usually made of some colors. and depending on the development of the person, the astral body displays different colors. The virtues or good qualities the person have, display beautiful colors in that light. And vices simply displays horrible colors. The astral light mixed with colors forms a kind of cloud around the person, which we commonly call the Aura.

[Image: 2qly74m.jpg]
Each state of astral matter when vibrating, generate a color. There is a specific color in your aura when you are happy, when you are angry... For example at the very moment when you show sign of intelligent acts, a yellow color displays in your aura. When you love someone or something, a rose color displays in your aura. When you appreciate or love spiritual things or show signs of devotion or religious emotions, a blue color displays in your aura. Anger would display a dark red, pride a dark orange. etc.

In general, young child don't display colors in their aura. It is usually that simply light, or white color. Because colors displays along with the development of qualities. Although we may notice some signs of temporally colors when they laugh or when they are in pain. As they grow up, they could naturally display colors they developed in the past lives. It is then up to the child to decide about them, get worse or get better Smile. The astral body becomes fully active around the age of 13 or 14. From then, different feelings and desires starts to show, and the person experiences different astral state of astral matters; generally astral matter of 1,2,3 or 4th state.

Each of the 7 state of astral matter generates a particular color. Horrible colors are only generated by the lower astral matters, while the beautiful colors are formed by the higher astral matters. For example, love and devotion colors. The beautiful blue for example is generated by the vibration of the 6th and even 7th astral matter. And all dark colors for example; the dark red of anger, or the horrible orange of pride is generated by the vibrations of the 1 and 2nd astral matter.

A clairvoyant can tell if you are vibrating your higher astral matters (4,5,6,7th astral state) by simply judging from the colors of your aura.
They have noticed that colors like blue, yellow, purple are shown at the top part of the aura. While the rest of the colors positions themselves below them. Esoteric science says it is because those are colors of lower tensity, and so they float higher than the rest around top part of the physical body. The aura forms a egg around the physical body. And egg filled with colors. People who have not yet developed their blue, yellow, purple colors, in other words, who do not vibrate their higher astral matters, display an egg form of aura which is very big below and very small at the top of the head. While people who work hard to develop themselves, display an egg aura which is very big at the top around the head and very small below.

This information can serve as a guidance to those who are to become clairvoyant, or who can see astral aura in the astral world. The easiest color new clairvoyants would see in people's aura is the yellow. Because it is usually around the top, and it is very Clair in the intellectual people's aura.

Love and Light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
Very interesting! Spirituality, which is the science of the soul also says that the Creation is composed from different levels of vibrations. From the grossest (the material creation) to the subtlest (The Brighter World) and everything inbetween. The center from where this infinite circle starts is everywhere - that is God. This beautiful definition of God is by Swami Vivekananda, an indian sage who lived in the early 1900's. He also defines man as a circle with infinite circumference, but with a centre only on one place. So all we have to do to become like God is through aspiration and practice develop love for the highest in our hearts, forget this fixed selfish center and rediscover the selfless one that is everywhere and in everything.
It is nice to see how the cosmic inteligence organized the invisible plans.
Yes, love, perfection, purity and order reign supreme and anything that does not comply with this evolutionary principle is identified, eliminated and recreated over the course of time in a flawless manner, wherever it may be in the Creation.

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