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The inner purity
The inner purity

Someone who is living a spiritual life feels the need to purify himself, he/she knows that it is uncertain to make good progress without purification, just like it is without protection. But often we are not sure if we are properly purifying ourselves. Based on what each define as purity, some will declare to be pure, others will have hesitations for such claims. The question of purity is very board, so I won't be able to touch all its aspects in one thread. Feel free to add to it whatever you know about it. In this thread I aim to help whoever to see a little clearer about the inner purity, I mean the purity of our human soul. To give some guidelines, some sorts of measurement tools to check ones state of inner purity. 

It is first of all impossible to tell if you are pure or not without a fare understanding of what purity is. Worse again, it will become difficult to purify oneself if we don't know what impurity is.  In spirituality, words like Purity, Harmony, peace, perfection are synonyms. Therefore, a pure person has peace and harmony within his emotions and thoughts. The purest being is perfect. The perfect being is the purest. Who is looking for peace is indirectly looking for harmony, he is looking for purify, he is looking for perfection. Those things go together, hand in hand. Purity looks like harmony, harmony looks like perfection. Considering that truth, we start to hesitate to claim to be pure. But since in all manifested worlds they are degrees of perfection, degrees of harmony, we can notice some purity in us.

In everyday life we've seen it. For certain things we say "That is dirty", and for some other things we say "This is very dirty", Or "so dis-casting" Smile . That means they are indeed degrees of impurities  just like there are degrees of purities. Someone can therefore be either very impure, simply impure, pure or very pure. We cannot produce impurity. Impurity is simply the shadow force which is left when purity is gone. This is why some spiritualists will tell that impurity like the evil doesn't exist, they are illusions, maya. In theory it is true, but can you convince someone who is suffering, someone who has been tortured, beaten, that evil doesn't exists? No, Evil is real here in our dimensions, it can be felt and experienced. That theory of maya should be explained differently to young spiritualists. Maya is a notion which only a highly spiritual person can truly understand, truly experience, Maya is only maya to the spiritual person, not to the material person. To who purity has left, impurity has become a reality. But when purity has come back to him/her, impurity becomes Maya.

I like to refer to the solar system, where things are displayed clearly. The pattern of how things are formed among planets and minerals, leaves to the following conclusion. At a time before planets, the space which planets occupies was filled with nothing but light, no spaces, no distances, no time. When this light subtracted to condense into a ball of fire called sun, the space was formed. The whole of space of our solar system is symbolically what we call impurity, and the sun of our solar system is the purity. Considering light as purity, the absence of light is impurity. Impurity is the trace, the footprint of purity. Impurity proves that purity was there. Someone is said to be very impure, we are dis-casted of him, fine! Who likes impurity anyway. But isn't it a prove that, that someone was very pure? If something presents lots of impurity, it definitely means it was very pure previously  Look for yourself. To someone who always look clean, well dressed every day, we don't tell that he/she is clean and well dressed. But if one day he shows up very dirty and horribly dressed, we cannot help but notice that and tell him/her "Dude, what happened to you today" Smile

Understand that our human soul ( meaning our feelings and thoughts) is a shadow of the spirit. Our soul  proves the existence of our higher self. If man is filled with impurities, it is because purity has withdrawn into what we call the spirit (the higher self, the sun within us). Our vices, bad habits, bad addictions are simply empty spaces caused by the absence of purity. Once that is understand, the key to solving of the problem of impurity becomes clear. Purity must fill us then we shall know no impurity. To remove impurity should be understand as filling the gap. A vice is a gap absence of a virtue. That's why a specific vice cannot exist together with its opposite : the virtue. For instance, you cannot love and hate at the same time. You may only hate when love is absent. Each human is king, each human has a whole universe within him/her to take care of, to rule. Yes as sons and daughters of God, we have the inner universe to rule, inner little wild beings to educate, inner planets to lighten and to warm. You are the king of your inner world, it is a personal responsibility to make of that inner universe the greatest kingdom which mirrors the bigger universal kingdom of God. Be like the sun, don't leave your planets in the dark for too long or they will freeze. 

We want to become pure, or at least have some purity. Then it is important to know what exactly is an impurity. We need to spot the impurity. If we cannot see it, we cannot deal with it. We have 3 subtle bodies which suffers from impurities. The physical body, the astral body and the mental body. The other more subtle bodies don't suffer from impurity because they are filled with purity for eternity. So the work of purification is not on our higher nature (the 3 higher bodies), but it is to be done on the lower nature ( the 3 lower bodies). That's why the common expression "To purify ones spirit" doesn't make sense. The lower nature is the problem, and has always been the problem, not the higher self which is already pure, perfect, a spark of God. If for illustration sake, you take the higher self as the sun, the light of that sun must fill our intellect (our mental body), its heat must fill our inner heart (our emotions and desires), and its energy of will must fill our physical organs ( our physical body). Then what is an inner impurity? It is the lack of light ( stupidity, ignorance), lack of heat ( hate, selfishness), lack of energy ( laziness, illness). 

There is a weird view about purity among religious people. It is often believed that the virgin man or woman is absolutely pure. Simply because he/she hasn't engaged any sexual activities. It is a very narrow view which cannot see the whole aspect of purity. True purity is not really found at the physical body level, but rather within us, among our thoughts and feelings. Let me ask you, if for example 3 impure persons would represent our 3 lower subtle bodies: the physical action, the emotions/desire, and the thought, and say those 3 persons are placed in front of a Divine Judge for punishment, who do you think will be punished more severely?  The action person? the action is just the a follower, he will say "Judge, It's not my fault, all I did are orders of my masters - the emotions and thoughts", the emotions and thoughts are therefore guilty. But between the two, the thought will be punished the most; Because the emotions would have said to the judge:  "Well, you see sir; I'm blind by nature, I was only guided by thoughts" Smile .  So the purity of thoughts and feelings, that is where the purification work is mostly needed. Anyone who can astral travel will tell you, it doesn't matter how clean your physical body is, it doesn't matter what perfume you put on and how clean your sleeping dress is, you still get to visit the dangerous regions of the astral world when you get out of your physical body. However, even with dirty cloths, and a smelling body, one can still access the spiritual, pure, wonderful worlds under his sleep. So the virgin is only truly pure if the third person of his lower self is also virgin. 

It is safe to say that you have some purity in the mind if after long years of inner observation (auto observation) of your mind and feelings, you notice that you start to naturally entertain more spiritual, mystic thoughts than originally down to earth thoughts, and also you easily start to get happy in front of beautiful spiritual things like : some great mystic music, spiritual wise speech... Those are some measurement tool to tell about your own inner purity. Purity in the heart makes you easy to react to spiritual  things. This is not something you can just force, it will happen if you have enough purity in the mind and heart.  I also means that when you start to notice  you do not respond to spiritual things like musics and wise words, to the truth... then it is a sign that some purity has left the inner heart and mind. The absence of purity in heart makes you miserable, you get psychic microbes called vices, bad habits, strong earthly desires, and cold feelings like sadness; you are not longer prompt to a laugh, to a smile, and you don't seem to transfer any joy to anyone around you. The absence of purity in the mind will bring psychic germs of the air, meaning you start to doubts at the truth, you are blind to the mysteries of life, no intuitive thoughts, no creativity, your mind is stuck at the intellect level and relates all thoughts to personal issues; worries and anxieties visit your mind constantly. However Purity in the mind makes you wiser, makes you see things clearer. As for purity of the physical body, which more of an Hygiene , well we already all know, you get to reduce some microbes, improves your health. 

In religions like Christianity,  there is a notion of Sins, the bad actions someone does in a lifetime, and for which they believed they will be judged upon. the mystic, the esoteric sees this all as Karma. A sin or a Karma is the consequence of inner impurities. Because of the absence of purity, we commit crimes around us. It is because of our hate that people around us suffer, it is because of jalousie and anger that a loving partner got beaten, because of an uncontrolled sexual drive that women are raped in the neighborhood, because of our stupidity our children haven't learn the true lessons of life. And the worse part is that we try to fix the consequences, instead of the cause. The sin is not the real problem (it is just the consequence), the inner impurity is (the cause). That's what to go for and deal with. 

Then we sure want to establish a plan of action. How do we introduce purity within us, so we may kiss impurity bye. Smile . We need methods if we do not want to shoot in the dark. Lots of methods of purification exists. Have you checked the books or the spiritual websites, they are filled with purification methods of all sorts. Some involving invocations of dangerous entities to help. So many things out there. Some of those methods are useless at the beginning of the journey and only becomes necessary a bit later in our spiritual life. This is because we all do not have the same degree of impurities. Some have more anger than others. Some are more sexual than others. Then obviously  the addicted people will need a different method. I will surely propose some methods which I know worked on me and on some of my friends, but let's put all that in a future thread if you don't mind. 

Considering how preciours it is to keep ones purity, it is necessary to then learn to keep that purity, if not all then at least a little bit, despite  all the trouble to which we are exposed during the day in the society. Without this sense of protection of ones purity, it will be building and destroying constantly. What I mean is, let's not build at home during meditations and destroy everything when we go out there in the society. It is about learning to keep a certain level of purity in the mind and in the heart. And it is almost impossible to do so without cultivating a bit of Vigilance. Constant vigilance. I wish all a fare pure , harmonious and peaceful life.

Love and light.
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