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The power of True Love.
Love is the most strong and positive feeling in every living organism. It has the power to transform any negative energy and can change life altogether just by its miraculous touch. If we go deep inside ourselves we will see that it is only love that leads to expansion. Now by expansion I mean all sort of expansion that you can think of.
·        At a material level if you think of physical expansion it is your love for food and your desire to satisfy your stomach that leads to your continuous physical growth from your birth to your adulthood. It is with your love that attract a food(a piece of earth) and you include it within  your system and it results in your physical expansion and base for a healthy life.
·        At the emotional level it is the same love which results in expansion of the dimension and diameter of your relationship.
·        At the spiritual level it is that same love again (love for god) that leads to complete union of the self with the supreme being , where no longer any distinction and differentiation exists and you start seeing everyone as a spiritual spark.
This is the power of love but this power can even be maximised if we are a little more conscious. If we can apply the law of karma into the philosophy of love then miracle will happen. If you can consciously practice one way love, where you only give love to others without any desire of anything in return then you will feel a certain inner satisfaction which cannot be explained in words.
·        If you eat food, then eat it with a sense of intense love, feeling a sense of gratitude towards God for giving the opportunity to have and enjoy it. Do not think of anything in return ( like a good health or a sensual pleasure of eating)-Just enjoy the food. You will definitely find peace and satisfaction in that.
·        If you love your partner then love her without anything in return (not even the desire of getting sexual pleasure out of her)- just love her with a clean and pure heart.
·        When it comes to love for Brahman, it definitely has to be a one way, a pure love, with a single thought in mind that you shall always remain son of the lord. This love will bring a sense of oneness within you which will ultimately lead to your union with the Supreme Being.
If one can love this way then he will not need anything or any being to satisfy himself. By nature he will transform to a loving and caring being in the most pure form possible and he will witness a unexplainable tranquillity at his heart that will transcend him to follow the path of liberation without any attachment, while still transmitting rays of love all around him all the time.      
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