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The terms of Hope [msg1
Every session day in day out is reinstates us to the place where In we all hope to come by or come in to place. Some call it heaven... some call it hell, we have founded ourselves in a life each individual to cope with the various perils in life just to make it to an happy end, But What is a happy end, Some call it heaven,... .some call it hell.

EVERYTHING is Good, heaven and hell are wonderful, no flaw or fault is unnecessary, no conduct ever so bad that it should be swooped of the bookshelf, have you ever heard the notion that one can not be any worse then one ought to be to begin with. KArma has mended everything around for about everybody to be just the way they are, Whereas some walk towards and run towards the KArmic LAdder in a more rapid speed, most come to the place to where they need to go just by itself on there own.

So who do we state all these things for and why do we ever post a letter into this place or any place. If in case all war to reach that  placement, that destination they think themselves to be so worthy of for there own. Physical murder, theft, ridicule, malice, back-stabbing... you name it.. It all comes about by people who wish for there own self's more then they are valued in for to begin with, EVer used a Credit system, Well if you over Charge yourselves, Eventually You will have the credit Line to BAck. So why murder, why steal, why ridicule, or any other method of malice and false, when patience is asked for of to give you the proper means of alignment while waiting in line. Else there wouldn't be any murder or malice.. and im not speaking of only Physical happenings moreover to a more spiritual, relational, and conclusive manner or handling and being with and amongst other people. The Whole Matter is KArma Has it already already all in tune, and mankind is trying to change it for this life on this earth.. So the Time to pay back the Credit Line is when This Life is Over.. and many will see There What they Thought to be Of Happy Occurance to be taken with them into the next Life, for most will not be able to escape KARMa In itself, into a deficit kind of ordeal, Since Yeah, you stole.. YEah You Killed, Yeal You,.. all under a banner of Killing oneself, or Stealing oneself, or doing all sorts of ordeals against one another, to see that by the treatment of to who you do To mankind, is the Treatment you who you do By the whole of yourself and that is the whole of mankind.

It is sad how many WILl see TherE Riches fall Into ASHEs, Just because they Never Came to Reconcile with there Victims here on this Planet EArth in itself, So How Much KaRmA HaVE You Done GOOD in your Life, Ever Considered That the Good that you objectify good to be true, might not be as good as you really thing it is has been to bEgin with to Begin;? How Deep all in did you go when you did the Act, How much deep yOu in did you do when you did the Bad Act..? (thought of that?) ... No one will be wronged, for a short time backstabbing will come in an discount, until the billing is send in latter times for you to behold. --im belligerent, KArma created by the Creator does not with you to misuse or mistread other people to get ahead along in line, till you realize you get`set to the sIde or send BAck further behiNd IN Line

Some might say, what Does or Do You care of KArma in itSelf. Some Believing and Some Not. .. Well, the Credit Line is still build on a System that has been founded way before the Test of Time, and thats not the only option it does for itself. But sufficing for the momentarily measure, 

To be happy in one form, can mean you forget that at the turning of the brink you would not be as happy with it when the next scene unfolds. How can you really know before you ever understood the reality of all things, in how happiness unfolds. What might be one persons hell for a day could be there heaven, if what they seem to be in pain of turn around and become an happy end, it be just as satisfying as they though it wouldn't been.
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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