Part - 1: Theory and Practice
Some people claim to know things because they have plenty of information about them, therefore they know the theory; some others say they know things because they have experienced them, therefore they have practiced them. Theory and experience (practice) are the 2 common ways of knowing something. But can someone base his knowledge on theories alone? or base it on experiences alone? The answer depends on the object of knowledge and the nature of what is to be known. Naturally the common people will prefer to have a theory knowledge of the spiritual reality and a practical knowledge of the earthly reality. While the mystics will prefer to have a theory knowledge of earthly things, and a practical knowledge of spiritual reality.

Both types of people (earthly and spiritual people) put the experiencing method in front, but just in different fields. The ordinary human lives to experience more and more earthly things while the mystic human lives to experience more and more spiritual things. And what about theories? For both types of people, theory is effectively used to explain their experiences. And that’s so true. Theory must exist to explain the experience. Just like intelligence exist to explain wisdom. Like the moon light is there to try and explain (to simulate) the sun light at night. Or like letters translates images, Or the left brain translates the right brain (I’ll get back to that a bit later). Theory is like a smell, it can stink (lies) or smell rose (truth). When someone has experienced enough to know earthly or spiritual smells. He/she can easily tell when the theory he hears or reads smells true or false.

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Neither spiritual people nor earthly people experience everything. Each aim at only experiencing his reality. For earthly people, visible things are reality and invisible things are some sorts of illusions. For spiritual people it’s all the opposite, the invisible is real and visible is like an illusion. That’s why Maya is a relative thing to me. What is Maya for ordinary people is reality for mystic people. Where is our reality, is where is our interest, and that’s where we invest more time in experiencing things. Then Maya is left out for theory. But it happens that someone’s Maya becomes a reality in the future. When that happens the person starts to look for ways to experience the theories. This is why when by the time you believe in a theory, you have the desire to experience it.

A theory is like a rose smell (or smoke) of an experience. It either explains our own experiences or the experiences of others. But true theory talks about our own experiences. True theory is true knowledge, the only kind of knowledge which helps others, and so which is worth communicating. Many of esoteric theories we read in holy books are of some smokes of people who have experienced things. All theories we have which we haven’t experienced ourselves are not our knowledge. They are simply borrowed. One can only say to truly know something when he’s experienced it. It’s not surprising to me that old people who’ve lived and experienced a lot, have so much to say Smile . But of course if the experiences have been more on spiritual things, they would have so much of inspiring theories to share.

So until we taste a fruit, we don’t know a fruit. Many people say to really know things, in reality until they have experienced their theories, they don’t really know those things. However, not all knowledge should prematurely be experienced. A certain kind of true knowledge prevents to get another kind of true knowledge. By true knowledge I mean the one that we experience. For instance, someone who experiences true love has problem to immediately experience hate and the reverse is also true. Hate prevents love. This is why although it is important to cultivate knowledge, it’s also important to know what knowledge to experience and what knowledge should remain theories until we are fit to experience it. Because yes some knowledge shouldn’t be willingly experienced before some others. Like you don’t want to visit the boss of evil to know him, a theory should be enough LOL. Because what we then experience in this case will prevent us from experiencing the boss of goodness. Only once we have had enough spiritual experience we can go experience hell if we want, because in those condition evil won’t do us significant damage. I mean we would have already collected enough spiritual heat to bear the underground coldness.

What knowledge is carried over to the next reincarnations?

As sons and daughters of God, we are invited to simulate our father’s knowledge. There’s a part of our being which knows things in God's way. That’s our higher self. Our lower self, I mean the one we mostly function in, doesn’t get to know things like our higher self does. Our lower self is selfish and wants to be independent from God. While the higher self is disinterested and identifies itself with God and share God’s experiences (the love and wisdom of God). Just like our higher self identifies with God, so should the lower self identifies to the higher self so it can share God experiences. Through multiple reincarnations, the higher self (the immortal part of us) records the lower-self experiences on earth. But it does the recording without any judgment during our life time. Very ancient esoteric traditions used to explain this with the symbol of an eternal open eye in between a triangle, which was also taken for the 3 eye (I’ll write an article of the eye in a future topic). So because the eye of the higher self has kept all experiences, it knows all possible conclusions for all situations. But none of the of recorded experiences are kept in form of theories. It’s all kept in forms of conclusions, in forms of symbols which come back in our head in the form of intuition. All events, gestures, feelings, thoughts which participated to those conclusions are kept in the universal soul (subconsciousness) and which come back in our head in form of instincts, habits as we grow up.

We then understand that we don’t carry over all knowledge in the next reincarnation, but only the conclusions of our experiences. What keeps the conclusions doesn’t die ( I mean our higher self), while what carries our gestures, feelings and thoughts dies, disintegrate and join the universal matter ( I mean our lower self). That’s why we don’t remember a thing of our past lives when we are born again on earth. Our subconscious is part of our lower self and it is the one which holds the detailed memory of our lives on earth from the moment we are born to death. But because we (the higher self) build a new soul (new bodies) every time we come back, we start with an apparent fresh memory, which revels it's past lives memories as we grow our psychic bodies. So it's no surprising that we generally find ourselves with no knowledge. No memories of where we used to go, what we used to do, what we used to feel and even what we used to think about in our past lives. Fortunately our subconsciousness is connected to the universal soul subconsciousness and so with special techniques (often dangerous) it’s possible to retrieve details of past lives. Also as our psychic world clears, our subconsciousness connects to the universal subconsciousness so we can remember things we used to do, things used to say in our past lives with details. This is how some people have memories of their past lives.

So money can't carried over to the next reincarnation because we build a new physical body. And the same goes with our feelings and our intellectual knowledge (all our theories), everything stays in this life because again, we will build a new brain, a new astral body and a new mental body. Only the conclusions we've drawn out of events, only conclusions drawn out of our intellectual knowledge are eternal. If we want to carry in the next life everything we read, we need to make an effort to get a clear understanding of it. Besides all spiritual virtues, all psychic habits we've developed during our life time on earth (I mean all great experiences) are all carried over to the next lives.

Love and light