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Thought For the Day June 2018
Getting Together With Old Friends

Yesterday was my 50th High School Reunion.
It was so wonderful to see and catch up with old friends.
And all the forgotten memories of our school years being brought up!
We decided we needed to do school reunions more often - as some classmates have transitioned tothe other side - reminding us our years to get together lessen each year.

Everyone should get together with old friends, it really brightens your soul.

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Time can be a wonderful thing or your worst nightmare.
It’s very simple, we all age, no matter how we might try to stop it.
Why not just enjoy your life instead of worrying how you look.
Meeting up with my classmates for our 50th high school graduation, as I mentioned above, was very rewarding.
Actually we could mostly - after a few minutes- recognize each other, reguardless of the years. 
Age is just a state of mind. If you don’t mind it means nothing Cool

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While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All.
To those who truly understand this truth hath come great knowledge.

The Kybalion
Once I realized that the Creator of All Things had not, could not, is incable of miss placing me or anyone or anything at all; I realized I was not lost, never had been.

I also realized at that moment all I had to do was LOVE everyone and everything around me. By doing so, Everything made perfect sense to me.
I cannot change others, but I can LOVE them and the World around us and everything on the world.

Doing so opened up a warm loving feeling for all of Creation.

There is no evil, just people who consider those who disagree with them evil.
In truth we change views from lifetime to lifetime, in order to gain understanding.

Nature is a beautiful thing. Look out your window, or visit a National Park or Forest. Feel Nature around you.
We cannot exist without Nature.
She can exist without us.
Treat Nature lovingly and She will do the same for you.

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