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Thought for the Day - August
Religions were made by humans IMHO.
Each has PART of the Truth, but not all of it.
Each has a bit of history of the people who follow it.
Each have some ‘Divine’ words from Creator.
And Each seem to consider themselves to have the truth.

ALL loving words in all books are true.
All hateful - your better than what other peoples books say about God, or Gods, simply is a reflection of their own small ego.

All loving parts in all books that say all of Creation, including humans are equal loved, are true.

We EACH have a part of the truth, but not all the truth.

I believe the world would be a better place if everyone realized that all - ALL of us are equally loved by Creator. No one is favored.

Once we realize this, perhaps we can have a world civilization that puts love of each other, our planet, and all that dwell here - including all animals living here, on the land and in the water - - the world will be a better place.

Put love first, knowing we are all here to learn , help each other, and especially love each other.

Remember no one is above or below another. Creator loves us all equally.

Just sharing a long thought.
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