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Time, Reality or fantasy
What is time? Is time a concept, or is time a physical thing? Does time exist?
Consider for a moment the relationship of what we call time to other things, the passage of time can be measured by our orbit of the sun, or the moons orbit around us, or even a walk round the garden. That which we call time is a relative concept, and therefore incapable of existing in its own right!
If we look at it in a simple form i.e. relative to a walk round the garden, if we stop walking, does time stop?
For us it does!
Consider a fly in a railway carriage, if the train is travelling at 50mph and the fly is flying at 5 mph in the same direction how fast is it actually flying?  Well in relation to the train it is flying at 5mph, but to the outside world it is 55mph.
If we imagine that the railway train is time, and the fly were to fly in the opposite direction then it would be travelling back in time in relation to the railway carriage, but not in relation to the outside world.
Time is generally viewed in the modern world a being linear, but past civilisations and other thinkers consider it to be circular, after all everything in nature is circular so why should time be different.
If you consider the words in this passage to be time, it only starts to exist when you start to read it. As long as you don’t start to read, it remains in the future and as you read each word they are consigned to the past. So there is only past and future, there is no present.
So where does that put us, some people say we must live for the present, but the present only exists in an immeasurable amount of time, less than a nano-second.
We exist in the past. The past is there behind us, it is measurable, quantifiable, but unchangeable. The future on the other hand is unknown, and immeasurable, but can be changed and influenced. We can see the past, and if we take a photograph we are capturing that minute piece of time we call the present. It is said that the photograph captures the past, but in fact it captures little pieces of the present, and holds that piece of time forever. That which is captured on film will not age, or deteriorate, only the film on which the picture exists will degrade with the passage of time. The picture may have been taken years ago, or only moments, but it shows an event which has now moved into the past, but on that film it is the present frozen in time.
Memories have the same characteristic, we look into our past and are able to see or re-live an event from our past. These snapshots are a reality in our minds and as such are slices of time imbedded in our memory.
When we put them there they were in that space we call the present, and so they are like the photograph, the present frozen in time.
When we look back to past events, happy or sad, and feel the emotions thus engendered, maybe smiling, laughing or crying. Are we just pulling out the photo album from the filing cabinet we call memory and thumbing through them or are we actually re-living those moments we captured?
Is it memory or time travel?
I leave the answer up to you.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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Not an answer - just my thought.
Time is an abstract concept in the consciousness. 
Where there is consciousness, there is time.
Where there is no consciousness, there is no time.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
Hello Moonbearspeaks. Abstract...…………..yes. However if there is no consciousness surely there is nothing, yet things can exist outside of time. 
Anomalies occur where time can seem to race or stand still. Einstein views time as dimensions, and that is how he portrays the possibility of time travel in his relativity theory (essential bed time reading). And it has now been proved with the astronauts that at least part of his theory is correct. It was long believed that both light and time were constants, but thanks to space travel it is now a fact that the faster something travels, time passes proportionally slower. 
And back to your penultimate statement; I am conscious (or at least semi-conscious) but I never have the time!
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
But John,
If time and the passage of time can be measured and recorded, is time therefore like light - not continuous, but existing in infinitesimally small packets or parcels which can be captured, measured and recorded? Then surely the term 'abstract' is no longer applicable and we both were wrong in our opening remarks.
? ? ?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
Not quite, as those who made the erroneous assumptions relating to time and light in the first instance didn't consider the relationship of what they called time to other things and dimensions. As time is relative, and needs some other matter or energy to quantify it, it therefore fails in the criteria necessary for it to be considered a 'stand alone concept'.
Light was always thought to travel at a constant velocity thereby being a vector quantity having both magnitude and direction. Now of course that hypothesis has proved also to be false. Light is not the constant it was once thought to be, not only can its direction be varied by the action of super dense bodies, (Newtons 1st law of motion) but its speed can be altered also, in fact it can be completely halted, e.g. by the pull of a 'black hole'. They are visible as a 'black hole' because their density, and therefore gravitational pull is so great as to stop light completely. And according to other hypothesis if we were able to enter a black hole time, as we know it, would also stop. Both we and light would remain in that nano-second we call the present for eternity. Worlds could, theoretically, be born and die, but we and the light would be unchanged and able to watch it all happen from the position of non-being. 

All we would need is a blue police box!
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
Time is the delay of reality, the acceleration of equity/ of space measured under motion by distance thereby known as time, it conducts itself by cold through hibernation and heat though rapid vibration, All being A bend in reality in the consideration of time. It also arrayes itself in the atomatic hemisphere by the observer to the observed, and thereby varys in the construct we considered to perceive as the passing of as time. Time is abstract in that it needs a point A to Point B frame within a gravity bend objective, to the point B the Location of our Universe the Earths very own location, it is found under the spin of gravity within relativity and thereby a space bend reality as (the) soul tries to grasp its motion in time therewith perceived through the orientation of the soul to the big bang a equal measure of align. Time is no different then a spin that tries to align itself to the center of gravity known as the big bang, the soul through the mental capacity of the human mind, tries to ever pointing to that gravity seen the unraveling reveal, as a pull of energy coming into play. Home is there where the beginning Starts, And Time had a beginning. Distortions occur through the various levels of universe as dimensions perhaps contemplate on time in a rythmic measure, in that it never again becomes abstract but a teleportation of space time continuum that unravels the mysteries of TIMEz, How many clocks run through a galaxy that measure out a milkyway, and How is seen A brief passing time, when Motion stands in still. If Ever We measure out time in its continuum We would know its a fraction of a fraction in time, But When (or) Where Does Time Stop. And When or Where Will This Occurance occur.
If everything moves away from the Big Bang, and its a constant motion of time. How Will the Reality Backtrack itself As everything is to return from which it implodes. As to Give time A Real Face, to see the beginning And the End of it. According to the relativity of time, All has Already occured in itself And We merely see it All plAy out in our own timeSpan of Frame. The History of Mankind has AlReAdy been Written in the Stars, And We Simply See it unFold. So What Value Does time Have. Motion has need of it as it captures a Record to where its been, And Space Can see time as that Which calculates the term of arrangement. But What Value does time have to itself, ever running Calculated by earthling with a 356 day of a year ratio to the measure of time. In What real time year Are We in, And Where "Does" Life Begin; thats the real Question of time, As if thEre were no LifeForm, No Time Would Matter, But is Materialistic Matter objects? As Mountains And Terrain. I Speak of Terrain witHout the Found of Fauna And Flora. Does the Moon As Such Care for Time in Itself, Or is Time Only ImporTant to LifeFormBeIngs?

The Day Can come, And tHe Night can Fall, We see 4/4 in An Hour And 24 hours in a Turn, Months become Years And Century into Decates. All is found in a Mixmash in the Quantum Reality, Which is the Observer and the Observed. We Perceive time to run Slowly, And At times Sometimes to Go By fAst. Eternity Can be measured in a HeartBeat, And A SplitSecond in the Blinking of it. We See time Only; Because We See. For If We do nOt See, We Feel-THEn We would Feel Time, So The Senses Prescribe to us, How Lineal time is in Real. Ever Drank SomeThing Delicious And Were Unable to Stop DriNking it in Continue? Ever ReaLized the Fade That Comes to the Tongue of the some senses that causes a necessity of reply. We Repeatedly Drink Drinks, and Cause to see the taste to fade. Does Time Fade. Reality States that nothing fades in itself, But if time Fades. So May Our Reality. The Memories We Stepped And Walked in. Perhaps Through a CollEctive Heir comE into Display to be ReCalled For We Thereby Known As The MeMory. Time Binds US. So We Move in a Motion of Time, All in A CollEctive Statement, of Us Having Been Here. But If The Ashes Be tHere Only; Left All By Itself. Who Would Remember the Stars that Have Really Been Here. ... Will Time Can Tell. Time PerHaps to the Human Being is The Most Valuable Thing. .. It Comes And It Goes, Never Again to Repeat it In the Very Exact Measure of Its Way.
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .

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