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Sexuality is sadly a very misunderstood subject on this planet, yet it is one of the most important aspect in people’s lives and which affects many areas in people's lives. Unfortunately, the true purpose and potentials of sexuality has been lost or deliberately concealed in this world and this is why it must be re-learned once again so that people can take charge of their sexual lives and empower themselves spiritually in the process. With the advent of the so-called “hook-up” culture (which is an environment full of passions but devoid of any real intimacy) and the overwhelming proliferation of pornography in this current world, sexuality has further been dehumanized and made meaningless and insignificant, far removed from its bonding and spiritual purpose. This is why nowadays most people have lost the correct understanding of what sexuality may mean and frequently deviate from its purpose, men taking their sexual prowess as an exploit to brag about, and women taking their sexuality as a commodity or as a bargaining tool to manipulate with. But all this is very sad, because the true purpose of sexuality is far beyond mere reproduction or entertainment, and this is why it is incumbent for every person desirous to develop his or her consciousness to learn how best he or she can use his/her sexuality in order to help him/her achieve that goal. It is for this need to inform that I would like to write about various aspects of sexuality and how this affects our individual and collective lives.

Manipulation of human sexuality

Before even going any deeper into more important aspect of sexuality, it might be interesting to know why human sexuality has always been associated with negative connotations. In the past, most unorthodox forms of sexuality were referred in sinful terms (such as fornication, or “living in sin”), but nowadays, the act of sexual intercourse itself has been so denigrated and given many indecent and derogatory terms which are not even worth mentioning. Without going all too conspiratorial, it may appear to any attentive observer that for one reason or another, human sexuality has always been controlled in one extreme way or another, and finding the proper balance about sexuality seem to have always been conceiled from mankind. In the past, sex was taught to be performed strictly for reproduction purpose and only within the context of marriages, so that any sexual expression outside this norm was deemed sinful and disgusting, and was severely punished by those self-appointed "enforcers of divine laws". But now since the sexual "revolution" of the past sixty decades or so of our human history, we have witnessed a very interresting sexual dynamic at play: sex is used as a mere way of having fun the same way that alcohol or drug are used. So in less than a hundred years, our world has changed from the generation where most couples were socially conditioned and religiously indoctrinated to have sex in the dark, for procreation purpose only and while almost fully clothed, to a generation where an increasingly large number of people are astonishingly willing to exhibit their nudity and their depraving sexuality to be viewed by the entire world! Huh

The hidden esoteric truth about all this is that after the legendary fall of mankind (that is, after mankind consorted with the wrong side and lost its spiritual faculties and awareness), the only mean left that still had the POTENTIAL to naturally connect humans to higher realms of consciousness was through sexuality. There were some other means introduced latter by great teachers in order to help humans achieve spiritual connections ( means such as prayer, meditation, contemplation, identification, etc) but those practices required (and still require) great efforts in dedication, devotion and will, whereas sexuality only requires a simple mutual desire to create a loving bond between two partners in order for them to tap into the unlimited energy of the infinite Creator. The negative forces that have been controlling mankind since its spiritual downfall (and who have a vested interest in keeping humans from realizing their divine potentials), have tampered most of human’s genetic codes to reduce us to near animalistic levels of existence, whereby our bodies and minds function almost always in survival mode, and where all idea of spirituality has fraudulently been replaced with obedience and worship to some authoritarian divinity for the fear of punishment. However, the only code in the human genome that these entities (which were called gods in the past) left intact was the one regulating our sexual functions. This was only due to necessity rather than good will because sexuality was also deemed essential for the reproduction and continuity of the human species, thus altering this vital function could jeopardize many things and result in the extinction of their livestock (i.e. us). Therefore, the only option left for our abusive controllers was to create a wall of separation between males and females and to brainwash the masses in various ways, incuding imposing strict religious customs which restricted the use of sexuality to its most primale purposes only (procreation or entertainment), so that there was very little chance for people to accidentally find out about the only way left for them to transcend the animalistic state of existence they were reduced into through the use of sexual intimacy.

Mass control through the harnessing of sexual energy

Sexual energy is a vital force which keeps our bodies and minds alive. Like a flowing river, it cannot be stopped in any way, but its path can only be channeled in one direction or another. So any group of elite rulers who wish to control the masses must take this fact into account and must therefore find provisions to promote one mode of sexual expression within the population they wish to control. In societies that are restricted and limited in sexual expression (such as the Islamic world), the enormous untapped energy resulting from this sexual repression can be harnessed by those in power and redirected toward a rabid political patriotism or religious fanatism to serve the selfish interest of the elites. By continuously creating hypothetical enemies (the so-called “enemies of God”) who must be fought to death, the ruling elites ingeniously find ways of using the boiling sexual energies of the masses and diverting its negative expression toward some other “enemy”, therefore preventing this boiling energy from turning against them and creating social chaos in the process through some bloody revolutions.

On the other hands, societies in which many people are sexually over-indulgent (like in the western or westernized world for instance), the sexual energies of the masses are too diffused and dispersed to seriously threaten the interests of the ruling elites. Such a sexually overindulgent population is prone to apathy (caused by the diffusion of their sexual energies) and has very little interest or willpower to deeply commit to any social or political change. Moreover, the already diffused sexual energy of these populations are further reduced with the proliferation of various debilitating substances withing that population (such as drugs, liquor, etc) in order to keep it emotionally placid and spiritually “tranquilized”. And in a desperate move to further prevent people from accidentally trying to explore the spiritual freedom available through sexuality, some occult groups within the elites rulers have created many sexually transmissible diseases (Hepathite, HIV, herpes, etc) and introduced them into the general population in order to increase the fear of sexuality. This conspiracy of mass control is so vast that you may not even wish to know how deep the rabbit hole goes. We shall progressively try to uncover some of its aspects in the future, but for now, it must be said that both types of societies (the sexually repressed ones and the sexually degenerated ones) do not provide a suitable environment whereby people can begin to discover the great potential of their sexuality and use it to develop their consciousness and liberate themselves from the state of spiritual and mental slavery they continue to live under.

Sexuality and spiritual frequencies

Now that certain aspects of sexuality and the way it has been used to control and manipulate mankind have been discussed, it is important to explain what can potentially be achieved with sexuality for greater purpose. The true is that sexuality has always been a bridge (or a doorway) that could link the human body to higher realms of consciousness. If used appropriately, the sexual experience has the power to make our minds open higher frequencies of existence (such as the frequency of joy, of peace, of ecstasy, of love, etc) and therefore bringing us closer and closer to our true divine selves and help us remember our higher (or cosmic) identities. When the emotional body of a person (which is linked to the spiritual body), completely opens up in a bonding love with another person, there are many things that can be achieved. The deeper their connection between two lovers, the more energy they can be able to tap from the unlimited energy pool of our infinite Source.

Through the orgasmic experience, we can attune to higher ecstatic frequencies and get a glimpse of the eternal bliss state of the Creator. Those people who begin to operate in these higher vibrational frequencies will find that eventually they will no longer be able to get intimate with someone who is not operating at the same (or equivalent) voltage level as they are, because they simply cannot be able to link or merge vibrationally with such a person. When two sexual partners join together in a full-body and full-spiritual connection, their two souls can merge in one and so attune to the love frequency, which then can give them the keys to open the doorways to higher realms of existence. The orgasmic ecstasy reached during such a love making also has a therapeutic power of bringing about a healing and a realignment of the bodies and minds of those partners involved.

Sexual energy and psychic exchange

The psychic realm is the realm of the mind. It is situated in between the physical and the spiritual realms and this is why the psyche can link the physical body with the spiritual body if the energies are aligned properly. When two people are having a sexual encounter, there is an energy being spent, and that is why they may feel tired afterward, even though they were not doing any physical work. This energy being spent during a sexual union is psychic in nature, and it can be exchanged not only during a genital intercourse, but also during any passionate act of kissing, hugging, cuddling, or any other form of non-penetrative intimacy, which are all sexual acts as far as psychic energy is concerned. The mere fact of having sex with someone is tacitly accepting to mix your psychic energy with the one of that other person. This is because when you have a sexual exchange with someone, there is a hormonal release inside your body, and which awakens certain energies inside your cells, causing a transference of your whole essence onto that person and vice versa. It doesn’t matter whether you like the person or not or whether you want to be with him/her or not, the essence of that person will still stay with you because an intimate exchange has already taken place between the two of you. This is why you should be mindful of the fact that if you are sexually exchanging with people who are not of your likeness, you may be unknowingly taking on their garbage!

The bodily fluids (semen, milk, saliva, etc) exchanged during a sexual encounter has the purpose of cementing the bond between the two partners, so that over time as they continue with this exchange, their two auras eventually blend into one and they can be identified as one entity from a psychic point of view. And this is one more reason why it is absolutely important to first thoroughly know the intention of the person who wish to sexually merge with you, so as to make sure that you do not sabotage yourself by accidentally introducing a “Trojan horse” inside your aura! Many very spiritually evolved individuals who have managed to withstand and repel various kinds of psychic attacks from malevolent forces have finally been overcome simply because they have succumbed to the charms of some "charismatic" seducer who was purposefully sent to breach their security and bring them down. By getting intimate with that sexually "irresistible" seducer, he/she then acted as a Trojan horse, compromising the security of the city's fortress (the aura) of his/her host by opening the gates from within and making that formerly impenetrable fortresses extremely vulnerable to invasions. The legendary biblical story of Samson and Delilah is a good illustration of this case. Although Samson’s strength has been represented in the Bible as physical (but we very well know that a muscular strenght alone can never be so powerful even if one was a body builder! Smile ), it can best be interpreted as spiritual or psychic power for the sake of this illustration. So the take away advice is this: be very mindful about who you chose to introduce in your aura through sexual intimacy, and do not allow anyone who represent a threat to the security of your psychic fortress (aura) to get in, or if they are already in, then it is your responsibility to get them out without any delay!

Soul Polarization through sexuality

Plugging sexually with another person does not necessarily guarantee that a polarization of the soul will take place, or even if it does, that it will be of positive nature. There must first be an open circuitry in the psyche between the two partners (that is, a common intent between them) in order for the psychic current to flow. The emission of the masculine energy (which flows downward from above) must be received by its feminine counterpart (which flows upward from below) in order for the circuitry to be open and polarization to occur. Should any (or both) of the partners be animated by selfish desires and play the avoidance game during sexual union, then this creates an interruption of current preventing the polarization from taking place. This is why mutual eye contact during sexual intimacy is very important because not only will your eyes unmistakably show the intent of your soul during such an intense moment, but they can also clearly reveal your sincerity and level of commitment to the sexual act. This explains why those who use sex as an entertainment or as a way of avoiding intimacy rather than developing it tend to avoid having a deep eye contact with each other during sexual intercourse, because they are both insincere and uncommitted to the act. The reason why two strangers in a one night stand are closely together yet they feel alone and far apart from one another is because there is only proximity but no bond between them. But the end goal of any sexual act should be happiness and fulfillment, not just a temporary and fleeting indulgence.

Through sexuality, it is possible to advance one’s consciousness either in a positive or in a negative frequency. A positive polarization is produced by the energy of mutual love between the two partners while a negative polarization is produced by the energy of mutual lust. This is not to say that carnal sexuality (i.e. the lust-based sexuality) is evil in itself. It should rather be thought of as inferior to a spiritual or love-based sexuality, just the way we consider animal sexuality to be inferior (not evil) with regard to human sexuality. Now, since it is far more difficult (if not impossible) to nourish the emotional body through the stimulation of the physical body alone (like with the use of drugs, alcohol, or sex, etc), whereas the opposite can be done with greater ease, this is why two lovers who are already deeply connected emotionally will find it so easy to be satisfied and fulfilled even from a brief and a soft sexual encounter, because the astral (i.e. emotional) plane from which they are already connected supersedes the power of the physical plane, and that is why even simple things like a passionate hug or a flower gifts have so much meaning to them! It is not just the act of hugging or the gift of flower alone which cause so much happiness in those lovers’ hearts, but rather their astral representations, which are quite capable to easily nourish and revitalize their mental and physical bodies with a long lasting effect. On the other hand, two sexual partners who are only engaging from a strictly physical level will find that it takes a great deal of rough and intensive bodily frictions before they begin to experience some kind of emotional connection building up between them, and which unfortunately is bound to vanish faster than it started. Although the people engaged in carnal intimacy can also be able to have quite an enjoyable physical sex, their satisfaction is fleeting and it will be neither fulfilling, nor sustainable. This is what makes such people prone to promiscuity, because they desperately wish to regain the momentum of their fleeting satisfaction through a variation of partners, since this cannot be achieved through one partner alone without causing exhaustion.

Why the timing for sexual intimacy is critical

It is also very critical to pay attention to the timing in which one chooses to engage in sexual intimacy. For instance, some men have a disturbing habit of coming back home feeling drunk, tired, depressed, or stressed from their work day, and they then seek to release those negative energies by getting intimate with their wives. Afterward they then become surprised when they begin to notice a gradual lack of consistency and constancy in their wives’ behaviour, and the way these wives increasingly turn moody or cynical. Not that I condone or justify such behaviors in women (because whatever caused it is a challenge that they should be striving to overcome), but what can be said is that those men who unknowingly engage in such sexual behaviour don’t realize that by choosing to get intimate with their partners in moments when they are still in such a negative vibration state (i.e. drunk, tired, depressed, angry, etc), they are actually pouring all their emotional garbage into their wives and the later then must deal with it in one way or another. So if you believe yourself to be a loving man who has the best interest of his partner at heart, it is VERY essential to choose the timing of your sexual contact with your partner only when you are uplifted vibrationally. This way you can be able share your higher vibration with her and help her uplift her own vibration as well. Having sex with someone while you are still feeling low, angry or depressed (irrespective of whether the sexual act itself was consensual, incentised, or forced) is the worst form of sexual assault from a cosmic perspective.

Another thing to point is that, engaging in regular “marathon sex” with one's partner has the same effect like over-eating a delicious food: You end up losing all the good taste of the food, no matter how much you were craving for it initially. So it will help for two sexual partners to deliberately take some periods of sexual “fast”, just to help keep their mutual desires alive and enhance their “appetite” of the food. Also, it is good to learn how to use your own sexual energy in order to stimulate yourself sexually, without necessarily having to give this energy over to another person. Instead of losing your mind each time you feel the intensity of your sexual arousal reaching its peak level, you can explore that energy and release it tension by practicing what is known as masturbation, knowing that this is a perfectly fine and normal practice, and that it is a something commonly done by both males and females, married and celibate people. Alternatively, you may chose to carefully observe the arousal of your sexual energy, and let it rise in your body as high as it can, and then IMMEDIATELY take that energy and use it in other areas to accomplish even greater (spiritual, intellectual, or artistic) achievements. Once you begin to exercise yourself to become in charge of your own sexual energy and use it in your own terms, you will find that you become much more empowered and relaxed in your way of dealing with people in general, and the opposite sex in particular, so that you cannot be easily manipulated or seduced into doing what you do not really wish to do. The reason why sexual arousal throws so many people off balance and pushes them to erratic behaviors is because too many of them are afraid of being alone or of being intimate with themselves, and so they desperately seek the company of others in order to fix their unresolved issues. But once you learn how to still your mind and be completely in charge of your sexual energy, then you will be calm and will necessarily want to make this your standard of intimacy with each and every person you will have in the future as sexual partner.

What are possible consequences of sexual promiscuity?

From a psychic or spiritual point of view, the most important thing to consider about sexual intimacy is not the quantity of partner one has (or has had) but the quality of the exchanged energy that takes place during each sexual encounter. If we lived in an angelic kind of world where every exchange between people would be pure and lofty, then being sexually promiscuous would be the ideal choice of life because of the advantage gained in the multiplication (not the addition) of energy which takes place during each sexual exchange. But in our human conditions, the psychic climate is such that the more sexual partners one has (or has had), the more emotional garbage one will likely collect from those people and which will create a downward spiral that eventually will bring some very negative results in one’s life in the future. Sexual promiscuity is particularly damaging to the female psyche than to the male due to the difference in the nature of energies existing in males and females, the masculine energy being emissive and the feminine energy being receptive in their respective natures. As I have mentioned above, in today’s hectic world, many men think it is okay to release their most negative sexual energies (lust) during their intimate exchange with their female partners, and how this fact negatively affects the psychic lives of the women involved. Now imagine a woman who absorbs loads after loads of such negative energies not just from one or two lustful men, but from several of them over a prolonged period of time. What she doesn’t consciously realize is that she is essentially making herself a sort of psychic “dump site” where all those men come to drop all their unwanted energies, and this fact alone outweighs by far any financial benefits she may be gaining from the transactions.

This is why I can posit without any doubt that any woman who, for one reason or another, is willing to give her body to any man who is motivated by anything other than a pure love and a genuine desire for her, that she is seriously compromising her psychic (and even physical) health. The fact is that each and every lustful man a woman unite sexually with (whether by consent or not) will leave a certain dark mark (or “tattoo”) on her soul, and which will be broadcasted loud and clear throughout her aura to be perceived by all energy-sensitive people within her vicinity. And the more of those “tattoos” she gets, the more erratic and imbalanced her life is likely to become so that over time it will be increasingly difficult for her to maintain her mental stability without the regular use of substance such as drugs or alcohol. By the time she begins scoring a partner count reaching the dozens, the hundreds, or the thousands, suh a woman is guaranteed to accumulate enough dark marks in her soul, and which will make her energy field over-saturated. These dark marks cannot be easily removed without some serious soul cleansing taking place first. Consequently, a woman in this situation will find that she increasingly loses her ability to connect or form any kind of emotional bond with anyone (including even with her own child or children). And what is even more concerning about this is the fact that the children suh a woman gives birth to will also be negatively affected by the sexual activities of their mother. Among other things, while being breastfed, her children will also absorb the negative energies attached to her breasts. And by absorbing so much negative energies at such a young age, those little babies, once grown up, will turn out to become a nasty breed indeed!

It is therefore not without some plausible reason that in many highly promiscuous societies, the culture of breastfeeding is rapidly declining and is being replaced by others artificial ways of feeding babies. One of the reasons may be due to the fact that many of those women who have had questionable sexual pasts do understand (even from a subconscious level) that they may be poisoning the minds of their little babies by feeding them with the “contaminated” milk passing through their breasts! The reason I have here insisted upon the female promiscuity is twofold: first, because in most cases, women are the selectors as far as consensual sex is concerned. And second, because a woman’s sexual life directly affects the children she breeds (and who will be the future generation of the human society). In fact, this last statement is so true that it is almost possible to accurately estimate the kind of soul that is likely to incarnate in a woman’s upcoming baby simply by observing the kind of sexual lifestyle she had prior to and during her pregnancy. But nonetheless, even male promiscuity is not really a safe or a desirable lifestyle either, like many lotharios have learned from experience. Also, the men who consistently copulate with several females concurrently (and who are not motivated by genuine feelings toward them) also do accumulate enough psychic “stains” which eventually manifest physically in various forms of sexual dysfunctions (including impotence or even infertility!). Basically, this is to say that sexuality is an area that deeply affects the core of someone being, and that is why it should be approached with all the care that it deserves.

Is sexual abstinence (or celibacy) the ideal life choice?

Not necessarily. First, it must be reminded that sexual energy is a life-force energy, and as such, it can be used in any number of ways. Plugging into a sexual intercourse is only one way of merging with people and exchanging this vital energy with them. The same exchange of energy can also be achieved in different ways and with greater result, such as in the case of an exchange between a master and his disciples, a teacher and his students, or between an orator and his audience. Furthermore, it must be emphasized again that sexual energy is not restricted for the purpose of physical procreation only, as this has been wrongly thought in many religious and social customs for thousands of years. Having children is a freewill choice that should be taken consciously and after all careful considerations taking place. You have the prerogative to decide whether you want to have a child or not and when you want it. Nobody (be he your parent, your priest, etc.) has any legal or cosmic right to force or influence your decision in that regard. Should you prefer to live your life without procreating (like many have chosen for different reason), then that is your decision and there is nothing wrong with it. Moreover, sexual energy does not just produce biological children, but also immaterial children.

Great and famous people such as Jesus, Buddha, Mozart, Picasso, Tesla, and many others, may or may not have left physical progenies in this world, but it is generally admitted that the great legacies such people have left behind (which can be said to be their immaterial “children”) have continued to reverberate for many years after them, and have made the names of their “fathers” greater and much enduring in time than has ever been the case of anyone who may have left a multitude of physical children like Genghis Khan. This is because the physical achievement is inferior to the mental and astral achievements, which in turn are inferior to the spiritual achievements. This is why those who chose to use their sexual energies for spiritual or mental works produce works that are by far superior to those who expended all that energy in mere genital functions. So essentially, this is to say that even those people who, for one reason or another voluntarily chose a celibate lifestyle or prefer to abstain from sex altogether ( people such as monks, hermits, philosophers, scientists, etc), they still do use their sexual energy, but their energies are being used in an non physical way and they are therefore able to achieve greater accomplishments in either a spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, or artistical domain.

Sexual abstinence only becomes a problem when it is forced upon individuals (like prisoners, slaves, soldiers, or priests for instance), who have no interest or willpowers to engage in purely immaterial activities. If their sexual energies are allowed to accumulate without relief for a long period of time, it will keep compressing like boiling water in a sealed container, causing much instabilities in their minds and this will eventually express itself in destructive ways sooner or later. Such individuals must be given the opportunity to regularly release their sexual tension in one way or another before it begins to cause all kinds of damages to themselves or to others. One case study of this fact has been seen during the period of WW2 among Japanese soldiers who were constricted to live in the manchurian jungles of China for many years without any female companionship. When they finally conquered the city of Nanking, they subjected the ENTIRE female population of that city (from the youngest to the oldest) into a sexual violence of such an overwhelming level that the news even alarmed the high command of their army back home, which then was forced to take action in order to prevent such an uncontrollable sexual depravity from taking place in their army again. So they recruited tens of thousands of prostitutes throughout Japan and Korea and dispatched them to their various headquarters throughout the conquered territories in order to sexually entertain their soldiers fighting there and help contain the brutal expression of their lusts. So this story of Japanese soldiers is just a typical example demonstrating how the sexual energy, if left unused for a long time, it can eventually cause disasters like an overflowing river flooding a city. However, it is also counterproductive to deplete all one's sexual energy either through exhaustive sexual intercourses or through excessive masturbations, because then one will have very little vitality and creativity left to achieve any other meaningful thing in life. So once again, exercising moderation in this domain becomes very very important.


Our sexual potential is a great tool we have at our disposal and which we can chose to use in order to reconnect with our spiritual selves and emerge from the illusions of our limited material existence. There have always been those forces (humans or otherwise)who do not want us to be in tune with these sexual frequencies because of the danger that this could take us to areas of liberation whereby we could then begin to figure many things out by ourselves. This is why humanity must make great efforts to clear all the negative connotations and judgments usually associated with sexuality so that we can have the opportunity to better make use of our sexual lives in order to alter the vibrational frequency of our bodies and help accelerate our spiritual evolution. The more we become aware of the immense potential our sexuality has, the more we can take charge of how we use our bodies and with whom we chose to link with. This is why people should approach their sexual lives very seriously and with the appropriate mindfulness it deserves.

But what these young people must realize is that, although it is perfectly legitimate to seek the freedom in sexual expression, that must be done with a sense of responsibility. To engage in a series of mindless sexual escapades during their entire prime years, and then entertain the thought that you will ultimately meet the “perfect One” partner later in your life when you become old and with whom you will “live together happily ever after” (as the romance movies would want you to believe) is a very painful illusion. This hypothetical happiness you are dreaming about will surely not be forthcoming, as many now mature people who have followed that erratic route during their prime years have learned the hard way. The saying that “you can only reap what you sow” remains painfully true in this particular case. If there is anything you may wish to retain from all this, it is the following: your sexual history affects every cell in your body as well as every parts of your soul and it greatly determines your current outlook on life. Also, every person you have linked with sexually has kind of left with a piece of your soul and he/she can still be able to affect your mind in one way or another, as long as the psychic cords between you are not fully cut yet. This is why you should mind about who you chose to bond with sexually by making sure that the energy of that person is something that you truly wish to mix with. Engaging in a wild sexual behavior just for the thrill of it, is something that can cause severe damages to your spiritual, psychic and physical bodies, and this will certainly keep you down from any spiritual development (possibly for your entire current life!).

Other Related Topic(s)

Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
Thank you very much for this post. There is a lot of meaningful and enlightening information in it, which can be truly helpful. I would therefore like to seize this opportunity in order ask some few questions related with sexuality from a spiritual perspective:

1. What would you say about the (christian?) notion of no sex before marriage? Is is really morally necessary to be married or engaged to someone before having sex with the person?

2. Since it is said that sexual energy is not necessarily meant for physical reproduction, then what are two partners supposed to do when their sexual union brings about an unplanned pregnancy? Could abortion be considered in this case? In other words, can abortion sometimes be justifiable?

3. what if one partner has a sexually transmissible disease (like HIV, herpes, etc), must they stop having penetrative sex or should they start using these conventional protections called condoms?

It would be very interesting to have some spiritual insights about these issues.
Well shou, it is good that you asked, for these are indeed some very important questions as you correctly estimated it. Although I will not pretend to give exhaustive answers to all these subjects, I shall at least attempt to answer them to the best of my knowledge, and hopefully others will share their takes on the matter. So let us try to break down these question and explore them chronologically as you asked them:

1. The "no sex before marriage" issue

This is a kind of pseudo-morality promulgated not only by the mainstream religions, but also by many customs of some traditional societies. It is simply a gross simplification of a conventional code of conduct whose initial noble purpose was to teach the notion of sexual responsibility to young people (especially young men) by imposing committment to any sexual union . But like everything human, this idea has degenerated into becoming a kind of prostitutional bargaining which is claimed to be “divinely sanctioned”. I was once asked for an advise by a young cousin of mine (she was 18 at the time) asking me why her parent were severely asking her to end her relationship with her then boyfriend, a 24 years old guy I also knew (who was very decent at least to my best evaluation). When I asked her why her parents were so adamant about her not being in relationship with this guy (let alone get sexual with him) despite the fact that she said they both loved each others very much, she told me that it was because her parents judged this guy to be just some “nobody” due to his lack of material resources and they wanted their daughter to remain virgin until she could get married to a more wealthy man, since her virginity would increase her market value and therefore makes her eligible for more resourceful men who were much more willing to pay a higher bride price for a virgin than a non virgin wife! She was shocked when I explained to her that there was nothing moralistic about her parents’ decision, and that they were simply training her to become a “valuable” private prostitute for her future one customer (i.e. husband) to the profit of her parents (who could adequately be described as her pimps in this case).

So this was just a case of people turning their necessities into virtues, by hiding their need to make a more lucrative transaction (a higher bride price for virginity) into a false concern to “protect their daughter against bad influences”. Religions and governments have also capitalized on this marriage business and surrounded it with all sorts of useless and meaningless ceremonies, vows, or contracts, in a bid to interfere with people’s relationships and therefore control them up to their intimate levels. I do not wish to be labeled an anti-marriage campaigner by all mean, because I believe that people must have the freewill to decide how they chose to live their lives, as long as they do not hurt or harm others in the process. Thus, if two partners, for whatever reasons that is theirs, prefer to publicize their relationships with pompous church ceremonies, fancy parties, and with the signing of legally binding marriage contracts, it is their own free choices and they must feel free to do so. But to suggest that this is the ideal (or “divine”) standard that must be followed by everyone in order for their relationship to be "normal" is the most absurd idea I can think of.

I believe that all the legalities and formalities of marriage are not needed at all in order to form or sustain a meaningful relationship between two partners who love each other and who wish to express that love in a sexual union. From a spiritual perspective, the only prerequisite for a sexual intimacy is for two people to have a genuine love and interest between them and the mutual desire to share that love in a most intimate level through sexual union. When these criterias are met, then it doesn’t matter whether the two partners are legally (or religiously) married or not, or how old they are from one another. Whether they both wish to continue with their sexual relation in living together afterward will depend on factors such as their availability as well as others logistics in place. What matters most is the love they create through their intimate union and the way this makes them attune to certain spiritual frequencies which can help them expand their consciousness.

All the social or legal formalities about the status of their relationship are to be viewed as facultative options which can be ignored without any grave consequence. So for two spiritually empowered people who wish to be in a relationship, they have no reason to worry at all about the government’s marital legislations or about the religion's pseudo-threats of “living in sin”. They can live their relationship in their own terms and for as long as they deem it necessary, provided there is love, cooperation, understanding, and integrity between the two of them. Should unforeseen circumstances in the future makes it difficult (or counterproductive) for both of them to continue with their relationship, then they can amicably decide to terminate it and continue with their life journeys separately, without necessarily having to fight and make enemies out of one another as mundane people often chose to do.

Just to elaborate more on this point, I have found the information contained in the following website to be valuable:

the author of the website explains that here have been three kinds of sexual relationships throughout the course of human evolution, and he calls it sex1.0, sex 2.0 and sex 3.0. To paraphrase him, it is described that:

- Sex 1.0 is essentially animalistic in its nature, because it is based on perpetuating one’s own genes and ensuring the survival of one’s offsprings by selecting a mate perceive to have the “best genes". It is based on row physical attraction only and it functions on deception and seduction. This is the category in which the current “hook up” sexuality can be placed.

- Sex 2.0 is traditionalistic in its nature, that is, it is based on religious, social or legal customs and obligations rather than on mutual desires, love and and interests. This is where the notion of marriage originated from, whereby even two people who hate each other can be forced by social circumstances to live together and even have children together!

- Sex 3.0 is more spiritual and humanistic in its nature, because it is based on unconditional love and on a genuine and mutual desire between two partners who join on their own volition. And this is exactly the type of sexuality that I am advocating here, and which we should all be striving for if we wish to make a leap in our collective consciousnesses. Our human species has evolved to the point where we now have the capacity (and the opportunity) to overcome the constraints of our biological and evolutionary instincts. We have reached a point where we now have a better understanding of how our biological dynamics operates so that with this understanding and through the use of will power, we can be able to overcome and transcend them altogether.

2. The “accidental” pregnancy issue

This I am sure would be a controversial subject for those not privy to these type of information (that is, most men and some immature women). But if you asked ANY mature and sexually experienced woman about pregnancy and birth planning, she will tell you that no pregnancy occurs by accident, and that a woman always knows when she can and when she cannot fall pregnant. You can read the book “Sperm Wars” by Robin Baker to learn more about this, since this author has elaborated this subject with quite an admirable eloquence. Sperm Wars is a book I highly recommend, because it provides some important insights about our human evolution and the way human females have developed various instinctual strategies of timing their breeding periods as well as in selecting which “eligible” males should be given the best chance to breed with them during their most fertile periods. Of course, most of this knowledge is kept in a subconscious level, and that is why women do not consciously make such decisions (although there are some of them who consciously do). But if we keep in mind that most of daily actions and behaviours an average person does are subconsciously driven, it becomes clear why certain human behaviours are the way that they are.

So to be more precise, what I am trying to say here is that most women (with perhaps the exception of immature young girls) know how to naturally plan for their pregnancies, and so if a woman wants, she can communicate this information to her male partner and ask him to sexually abstain during certain period of the month if they both do not desire to have children. This is the natural birth control that has worked for millennia of our human evolution and will always work if correctly followed. The problem is that most women are not very honest with their male sexual partners (and even with themselves) in communicating this information, and that is why these so-called “accidental” pregnancies do occur sometimes (after all, Nature must fulfill its purpose of perpetuating the species without relying on people's clumsiness!). Moreover, with the advance of medical science for the past century or so, there have been many artificial birth control pills invented that are on the market and which can also be quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. But personally, I do not recommend the use of these products, as most of them have many harmful chemical components in them that can cause some serious damages in a woman’s future reproductive health. So it is best to stick with the natural birth control method, and perhaps supplement it with the artificial methods as a back up plan and only if seriously in doubt about the fertility status of the woman involved. Also note that there exist what is called "psychic birth control", whereby two partners use their minds to override their biological functions so that they can decide when they wish to be sterile and when they wish to be fertile at will. But of course, this is not something you can advise to the general public because most of us do not yet have that kind of mind power to control our biological functions.

3. The Abortion issue

This is where things get even trickier. I have just mentioned how in reality, there are truly no “accidental” pregnancies as far as consensual sex is concerned, and therefore, the issue of abortion should not even be raised among couples who are in a relationship. There are however, exceptional cases in which abortion could be considered, and that is when a woman is assaulted by a sexual predator and the insemination results in pregnancy. This pregnancy could rightfully be terminated, or if abortion could pose a serious health risk for the woman, then perhaps the option of early adoption should be considered. We can all agree that it would be very cruel to let a child be born and grow up with the stigma of knowing that he/she is the biological product of a sexual predation! You may have noticed that by sexual assault here I do not include the “regret after a consensual sex” cases, like so many modern women seem to redefine sexual assault nowadays. This is why I submit that the current boom of the abortion industry (which litterally slaughters tens of millions of little infants each year) is simply a result of promiscuous women not wanting to face the consequences of their behaviours. And that is why it must be called for what it is: a mass murder of innocent little infants.

Now, whether abortion should legitimately be performed or not, there is something very important to consider, and that is the timing in which it must be done. This is due to the fact that souls do not select bodies to incarnate in immediately after the conception of those bodies. From the esoteric information, we learn that it takes about ten weeks to three months before a soul finally decide to incarnate in a foetus, after it has carefully evaluated the vibration of that particular foetus and determined whether it corresponds to its own vibration or not. So within this two to three months time window of a pregnancy, the embryo is still soulless and it is therefore still a part of its mother’s organs, thus it can be amputated if absolutely necessary. But after incarnation has already taken place, then from a cosmic perspective that foetus becomes the property of the soul that incarnated in it and therefore killing it would amount to infanticide (i.e. murder), resulting in corresponding karmic consequences for the killer(s). This is why it is best for a woman to avoid putting herself in unnecessarily risky situations in the first place, so as to prevent these types of unfortunate tragedies from occurring in her life, rather than wait and “fix” the problem when it has already occurred. For her own good, a woman must decisively ignore the advises of those who try to indoctrinate her mind with certain ideologies promoting the adoption of irresponsible sexual behaviours as a way of “empowering” herself, with the utopic promise that she will protected by some "law enforcers" against any malevolent or opportunistic man who might want to take advantage of her vulnerable situation. The people promoting such deceptive ideologies have their own selfish agendas to fulfil, and they do not have your best interest at heart like they pretend!

4. The “protected” sex issue

Like it has been previously said, from a spiritual perspective, the purpose of having a sexual union is to create a loving bond between two people. And one of the ways to achieve that end is through the exchange of bodily fluids. So anything that prevent this exchange to occur will also prevent the full sexual exchange from taking place. I have also mentioned how some occult scientists within the elites groups ruling humanity have developed deadly diseases (some that are sexually transmissible), in a desperate attempt to create a climate of fear within the population and prevent the full expression of sexual intimacy. And since you have asked how to deal with this issue of sexually transmissible disease from a spiritual point of view (not a medical point of view), I can only answer you by saying that from a spiritual perspective, we believe and assert that there exist absolutely NO diseases, real or imaginary, that cannot be healed (be it HIV, herpes, TB, cancer, etc). And so should one or both sexual partners in a loving relationship be suffering from one type of disease or another, then it should not be the reason for them to stop being intimate because the truth is that they can be healed from those diseases if they chose to take the right spiritual step.

Whether you chose a temporary healing method (by seeking treatments from a medical or a psychic doctor) or a more permanent way of healing (self healing by using the power of faith and the law of attraction to attract health in your life), is up to your own strength and capacity. But whatever the case, it is absolutely out of the question for two lovers to inhibit their intimacy with the use of some artificial plastics allegedly meant to “protect” them from disease. By the way, if you research about the official statistics of the World Health Organisation, you will be surprised in learning that the spread of sexually transmissible diseases is much faster in countries where large numbers of condoms (and the so-called “curative” drugs) are freely being distributed among the masses than where they are not. This then begs the following question: are these "protections" really protecting people from what?

I hope these few points outlined above help you in your enquiry.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
Very interesting topic. Thanks for elaborating more about it.

I would just want to comment on the part of the subject titled : Is sexual abstinence (i.e. celibacy) the ideal life choice?

I must agree here with John that abstinence can't be forced to anyone. It's first of all not the ideal choice. It simply depends on how one wants to use his sexual energy. In fact privation of any sorts forced on someone is dangerous. See what happens when you are forced against your will to stop eating; You would get hungrier and that privation could even give you a angry mood.

Things always work better when we willingly do them. When you decide to fast, when you feel like it, the love of it will help you through. The same goes with sexual abstinence, it works just fine and better when I want to do it, rather than being forced.

Abstinence is a privation. In initiation, there's not only abstinence from sex, but you have abstinence from thoughts, from certain desires and feelings. When we abstain we prevent energies to flow naturally, in other words we prevent some forces from taking their way. When we are not very clever about this, it can be a way to destroy one'self. Especially when it comes to abstaining from letting the sexual energies flow. Because among all the forces that manifest in the universe, sexual energy is the most powerful, it gives life and maintain life. It requires a strong will and great love to be able to direct it. Never it can be control by a forced abstinence.

In fact nobody can prevent forces from flowing. If we abstain from something with the idea of stopping it forever, we will fail. Because sooner or later the blocked force will take its course. Abstinence is a process of changing the way the energy flows. For example we can't abstain from thinking or desiring anything. Try and you will soon notice how difficult it is, and if you force you will soon suffer from headaches and lack of love. But rather wish to block certain bad forces, and only allow good thoughts, you will realize how easy it becomes. It works.

We do not abstain for the hell of it. we abstain because we want to give the sexual energy a new direction. Instead of letting that energy take the downward direction, we can abstain in order for it to take upwards direction. When it goes up, The sexual energy evaporates to the brain, powers our psychic life and gives birth to psychic entities with the help of our higher nature, because yes, the spirit unites with the matter (which our body represents) when matter becomes fertile . But of course it requires some practice, some spiritual exercises to do , a kind of way of living in order to make that happen. For me abstinence only has its importance in that regards, otherwise I wonder why anyone would abstain.

It's important for those who abstain to know ways of using their accumulated energies. It's really silly to block energies when we are not prepared to use them otherwise. failing in using it, we risk physical and even psychic issue.

So it doesn't matter if you want to wisely use the energy through sexual intercourse with the right partner or wish to abstain to use that energy for some other psychic activities. It's your choice.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
That seems like a lot of useful information to ponder on. I will definitely take my time to reflect on all that has been said.
But anyway, thanks for all your replies and insights on the subject.

Much love.
Thats a beautiful explanation and solutions at the same time to the general consequences by beautiful souls , as i believe that truth remains truth. its bitter but ultimately makes life sweeter. its my pleasure to be here and communicate with such open minded and knowledgeable people.thanks to give such true knowledge. and thus i am influenced by such masters. my love to all Smile
With trust even a silence is understood, without trust every word is misunderstood. Trust is the soul of all relationship.
Very nicely explained!
There are "Temples" In India( one of them is in Khajuraho,Madhya pradesh, India) , which have sculptures of sexual poses , depicting the purity of and reverence for sexual energies and practices. These practices are also known as Tantric Love , in which the love of Shiva and Shakti has been explained. By Shiva and Shakti, I do not mean the so called "god figures" which are worshiped these days blindly (without the slightest understanding of the importance and meaning). By Shiva I mean the electric (masculine) force or the visible part(light) of the cosmos and BY shakti , I mean the magnetism (feminine) or the invisible part(dark) of the cosmos. It is with the union of these two, a new life is created and it is happening at all levels and dimensions.
But, unfortunately, the dirty and filthy mind and mentality of the unaware mass , has contaminated this form of energy so much that the entire sacred form has been lost and we are all witnessing the bad consequences (as explained by John and Krya).
Most people feel embarrassed to visit such sites and some even object to call these places as "temples". For many the "tantric love" has become just an erotic and pleasure activity which do not last for long and for some it is a taboo to discuss.Some also think that tantric love is a means to obtain spiritual powers and they fall prey to negative energies by involving themselves in wrong practices. Anyone discussing or visiting such site is considered promiscuous or of bad character.

Anyways, it is good to see and find people who really understand these energies and strive to maintain its sacredness.
But, I do have some questions regarding John's post and would like to discuss them privately before posting anything publicly.
Sex & Spirituality

First of all, one should know that the concept of sex should not be magnified and should not be given over attention. Sex is a biological need of the body like hunger and thirst. It is a biological issue at physical level because, when the food is taken, a part of it is supplied to the reproductive system, by which, it gives signals in the form of sexual desire for the growth of human race on this earth. It is created by God for this purpose so that the souls come down to the earth through the bodies created by sexual union.

Thus, sex is a factor involved in the divine mission, which functions in a circular way by bringing down the souls to the earth and taking them away from the earth. Disease is another biological need for the body to disintegrate and liberate the soul for its journey to the upper world. This is the cycle of creation called as ‘karma chakra’, which involves of taking the souls to the upper world for treatment and bringing down the souls after treatment.

Birth is a vehicle in one direction running with the petrol called sex. Death is the same vehicle running in reverse direction with the petrol called illness. Petrol is one and the same and therefore sex is a type of illness, which is in the divine service of God and should not be looked down or aversed. Sex is divine and its deity is ‘Manmadha’ or ‘kama deva’, who is the son of Lord Narayana only. He is doing the divine duty following the path of Pravritti or justice.

In the Gita, Lord said that He is Kama, following justice (Dharmaaviruddhah...). There is no need of shy in feeling hungry, thirsty, sleepy, spitting, urination, excretion etc. which are just simple biological, universal and routine activities. Sex is also in the same list, about which you should not think so much.
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Datta Swami, sorry but i do not agree
Light, Life and Love
(03-28-2017, 10:27 PM)Gerhard Botha Wrote: Datta Swami, sorry but i do not agree

I think that the analogy pointed by dattaswami is not only captivating but also interresting. Comparing the processes of birth and death as well as their triggering mechanism is something that is worth understanding because they are closely linked. When we look at life from a macrocosmic point of view, we find that it is just a continuous mechanism that extends far beyond our current understanding.

Irrespective of whatever culture or religion we have grown into, we were all born in the same way and we will all die in similar fashion. Of course in every rule there are exceptions, which explains why a few souls incarnate or reincarnate in unusual fashion in this world (such as the "immaculate" or in scientific terms the genetically ingeneered breeds), just as there are also those souls which depart the earth plane in unusual fashion (such as through spiritual ascenscion or through dimensional portals). But exceptions cannot make the rule. And as far as the rule of birth in this world is concerned, sexual union is the motor function without which there can be no birth of neither a demonic nor an angelic soul in this world. And as far as death is concerned, diseases or other accidental means of body deterioration are the standart modes of departure for most of us.

So the subject of sexuality is a very, very important subject to understand in order to make wise decisions as to how to attract the types of souls we wish to have in the world we are living in so that we can take full responsibilty of our actions and decisions. Otherwise we will still be the miserable species perpetually complaining about the miserable world they live in but who do not know that they are the very ones who unknowingly manifest the miseries they live in.

Much thanks to you dattaswami for sharing your perspective on this subject.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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