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Unexplainable brutal stop of diarrhea
Once again, I'm back to this interesting area of the world "Central of Africa countries" to encourage the young people into spirituality instead of them wasting their lives on drugs or useless affairs :Smile. I'd like to share some of my experiences during my stays.

Many times when I arrived to this side of the world, I suffer from Diarrhea for drinking the water here :Smile . Very embarrassing thing I must say, as you are sometimes forced to stand up in a middle of a meditation just to rush to the toilets. This can differently challenge your meditation skills hahahahah... Anyway.
While I do my best to avoid the well water, I use special methods to stop diarrhea. I'd like to share them with you, for one of them will probably amaze you.

I've spend quite a long time in Africa to have learned few traditional ways ( mystical ancient ways as well natural ways) of getting out of tough situations. Some of those methods I haven't quite found an esoteric scientific way to explain them, they appear to make no sense, some even appear to be myths or superstitions, but believe me they do work :Smile

To cure diarrhea, we eat either
- The seeds of papaya.
- Lots of row garottes,
- or drink the water you used boil rise.

Now here is something amazing to stop the urge to rush to toilet, to stop diarrhea from trying to come out while you are still driving, walking far from your home, or when you simply are busy with something rather more important at the moment. No matter how strong and urgent your diarrhea feels, you can brutally stop it from coming out by simply tying any type of thin thread around the thumb toe of your right leg. :Smile . I know nobody so far to whom this method has failed on before. :Smile.

Love and light
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Thanks for the tip. :Smile
And stay safe out there Krya.
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