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Urine Therapy
Urine Therapy

Someone privately asked me. Is Urine therapy good practice to include in one's spiritual life. I thought to share my thought about it with all. Should you have additional insight about it, feel free to share for the benefits of all who will read this thread.

You must have already heard of Urine therapy right? You know, drinking your own pee to cure yourself. If not, maybe a little research online will inform you about it. In this article I'd like to stop at the esoteric aspect of this practice and see what one could get from this.

For information sake to those who are new to the idea. Urine therapy is an ancient practice during which you drink your own pee to help your body system to auto heal. Yes, drinking your own urine Smile . Sounds disgusting isn't it? But not for those who've been doing it for years and who actually healed themselves  for practicing it. No doubt this therapy works, for I've practiced it for various reasons myself with much success in my health. What I noted to be very interesting about this practice is its amazing effect on our subtle bodies.

Urine is commonly considered to be a bad substance which the body throws out of the body, like the shit going out of the anus. If Urine is  to be considered as toxic, then we must also ask the question why nature didn't make only one hole for all the dirty material  (shit and pee) to go through and out of the body. Instead nature came up with two holes. If Urine was a poison, or dirty, it would have taken the same direction as the rest of toxic materials going out of the body. It would have gone through the anus. But instead, Urine takes a different path. A way to tell us "It's different".

We've been brought to believe that Urine is toxic. The official science of today has studied Urine and it says that Urine is the excess of water and vitamins extracted directly from our blood by the kidneys. The kidneys send that excess of elements to the bladder and soon goes out of our sex organ. So in reality, Urine is nothing but our own blood. Not a waste of the blood, but rather a quantity of blood which was extracted from our total volume of blood to keep a fare amount of blood in the system. If the kidneys don't remove the excess of water,  of sodium, of creatinine... we would probably ended up with too much of those at the moment our body doesn't need them. And too much of anything always become an issue. That's why it is said that the kidney plays the role of balancing the blood volume in the system. 

So maybe next time you look at your pee, you would see it differently. Not as some dirty substances going out of your body, but rather as the excess of elements of your own blood which the body didn't need at that time. Recycling the urine in the human system has been proven to cure almost any body illness to "I heard" Cancer. Some who are aware of this make use of Urine externally by applying urine on their skin to cure the skin, pimples, to remove dead cells  or simply for skin health. Others drink the Urine so it can enter the blood stream and boost the human system, resulting in quick wound healing, better function of internal organs and a major boost of the etheric body happens too (I'll explain)

To make this therapy even more effective, it is great to join Panayama and fasting practices ( breathing exercises) to this. During pranayama your blood is charged with more pranic ( sun energies). This mostly happen when you hold your breath for more seconds to give your lungs the time to extract oxygen from the air in your lungs. Now oxygen is like a body for prana ( solar energies), oxygen is like a house for energies. When you absorb more oxygen during pranayma, during the holding of breath, you inevitably absorb more energies as well. Once it is in your blood, the oxygen will travel together with the solar energy throughout your entire body system. Then during extraction of blood out of the body in the form of Urine, a great  amount of energies also goes out of the body at that time. 

During fasting, you are not only purifying yourself but your astral and etheric energies naturally level up because the no food in stomach and intestines gives an opportunity for your subtle bodies ( astral and etheric body mainly) to level up their energies in order help your physical body crises of the moment. That's why If you are always full, your subtle energies become lazy, they will relax and work less. Now if during this moment of crises you drink your own Urine, you would be helping not only the purification process but also the physical energy level to keep a good level. Also your urine will definitely taste horrible, bitter and smelly if you are more of a meat eater. So my advise if you have to do the Urine therapy is to spend a least a day or two on vegetable diet prio to the day of therapy. Your pee will be less disgusting. 

Many urine drinkers don't bother drinking Urine at any time of the day, and some of them will even drink urine which they've kept in a bottle for over  24 hours. That may be fine for the physical body (says the Urine drinker ? ), but not for the inner subtle bodies ( the etheric, astral and mental body). In an esoteric point of view, that may not have much effectiveness. The prana doesn't stay forever in any type of liquid. This energy returns back to the air after some time when the liquid cools down. 

Cold water has a property to hold down mental vibrations for long, but it doesn't hold the sun energies. The liquid warmed by the sun light prove that it contains prana, but when this liquid looses heat, the prana energy is also lost. Even exposing your naked body to the sun should allow your blood to absorb prana from the sun lights hitting your skin, but if you put yourself in a fridge, you will definitely loose prana energies Smile . So if you want to reabsorb prana back to your body of energy ( the etheric body) using Urine therapy method, it is better to reabsorb the urine soon after you pee it, while it is still warm. The cold urine is however ok for external use, like for skin care or eyes treatment (weak vision and eye cataract healing) for example. 

The prana joins your etheric body system made of million channels, though which travel body energies of all level of vibrations. By reabsorbing the energy, you are reinforcing your etheric body level of energy, which in its turn will reinforcing the physical body and its cells to work better. As remember, the physical body takes its strength from the etheric body. It's actually the etheric body which is responsible of all growths in plants and humans. It's responsible of our nails and hair growth, responsible of our entire body growth. The body of those who have more than enough etheric energies tend to growth quicker. Look at kids, this little humans have so much energies that they can't stop moving around and above all, they won't stop growing until a teenager age. Their teeth, nails, and hair are constantly being regenerated. They grow fast these little ones Smile . And in case you were wondering why certain spiritual masters have beard out of order, many of them had so much beard hanging on their face and hair on their head. Some had long nails, some where tall. All those are the work of etheric energies. Then of course, there are other functions which the hair plays for them in their spiritual life, but it's not compulsory to have them neither. Anyway, this doesn't mean  they all drunk Urine. I'm just trying to display how Urine energies works on us. 

If I was to say on TV whether Urine therapy is something to practice or not. I would say No. No for everybody to practice, but in private, I would say yes to certain people. Indeed, for some people I would advise it, and for others I would say NO, please don't . That's because we all don't need to do it. There are many other ways of absorbing energies and curing deceases. But if everything else you try fails on you, let Urine therapy be your last resort. 

Love and light
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I have read about this before, and in my studies of the ancient Celts I found that they used to drink their urine on the morning before going to battle. The scientific reason for this was that on the night before, they drank copious amounts of alcohol and ingested various fungal infusions and concoctions, and so by drinking their urine they re-introduced these elements into their bodies and went on another ‘high’ thereby increasing their ferocity, bravery and resistance to pain.   
My daughter’s a dietician, so I called her to discuss this topic.
When she recovered from her initial surprise she proceeded to ‘educate’ me. Her first two words were ‘bacteria and concentration’, no mention of toxins at this point.
There were, she said, reports dating back centuries that suggest urine therapy has been used to treat every ailment under the sun. There was even a time when doctors tested for sugar, an indicator of diabetes, by tasting a patients urine.
Today apparently some make similar claims about urine’s curative powers.
There’s no scientific evidence to support claims that drinking urine is beneficial, in fact when we drink urine, like the Celts, we re-introduce the minerals and chemicals that our kidneys have filtered out. I asked about the ‘toxins’. These are not actually toxic, but by re-introducing them we increase the concentration in our blood and make the kidneys work harder. Also if we are on medication we then alter the balance and amount of that medication in our bodies.
If we are on a blood thinning drug e.g. warfarin or heparin it could prove fatal, as too much of the drug can cause  haemorrhages or aneurysms.
Then came the physiology lesson…..
Urine is composed of fluid and waste products that the body doesn’t need.
The kidneys basically are filters, filtering about 200litres of blood in any 24 hour period. Meaning that blood passes through the kidneys up to 400 times per day removing excess water and cellular by-products from the bloodstream. This waste is sent down to the bladder as urine.
Water makes up about 90% of the urine. The rest is made from salts, ammonia, and by-products produced during normal bodily processes.
The channel through which the urine flows contains some types of bacteria. Normally, these bacteria don’t cause any problems, as long as they stay where they are and don’t grow out of control.
These bacteria can contaminate urine as it leaves the body and therefore end up where it shouldn’t be or cause an extra concentration within the urinary tract.
Apparently most claims about urine therapy are anecdotal or stem from ancient texts.
There is also the claim that it is  sterile, this in fact is a fallacy, my daughter says it probably dates back to the 1950s when urine was only tested for the bacteria relating to UTIs (urine tract infections), and any urine not containing this bacteria was marked as negative.
However, the absence of a UTI, which is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria (often caused by not drinking enough so the urine becomes very concentrated) isn’t the same as the absence of bacteria.
Studies have shown that urine does in fact contain bacteria that could be harmful if ingested or introduced into the bloodstream through a wound.
To sum up.
Is it safe? Medically and scientifically no. But it’s your choice and for you to decide.
While drinking a little bit of your own urine probably won’t do any damage, it’s definitely not as safe as a glass of water.
The urinary tract contains different types of bacteria. These are generally harmless unless they start growing out of control.
When urine passes through the urinary tract, it becomes contaminated with bacteria. Drinking urine, introduces bacteria into your system that can cause gastrointestinal problems or other infections including UTIs.
Urine contains waste products that have been filtered out of your bloodstream. Although they’re called toxins, these waste products aren’t exactly toxic. They are, however, highly concentrated. And your body is trying to get rid of these, because if they stay in the body, they do harm especially drugs and prescription medicines.
Drinking urine reintroduces concentrated waste products into your system. This forces the kidneys to filter them out again, causing unnecessary strain.
Sorry if this post seems to be a lesson, but I had one, (an hours lecture!) so just passing the relevant points on.
Please don’t shoot the messenger!!!
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My Father in Law told us about a young man that they sent to the hospital because he was washing his face in his own urine..

My FIL said the young man had the best skin he had ever seen.

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Thank you johngefnir. Your daughter clearly knows her subject and I, for one, am very happy to read an exhaustive 'lesson' on a subject that has puzzled me in the past. Again anecdotal, I have heard of people washing their hands in their urine as an antibacterial precaution but no sound evidence as to benefits.
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Greetings Kyra,

It has been over thirty years since I have heard about this type of treatment. A native friend of mine had a problem with white blotches on her face; her naturally tanned skin made the blotches stand out around her lips and the side of her neck. She went to visit a native shaman and he recommended for her to drink her own pee, in order to deal with her skin condition. I can’t confirm whether it worked or not because she felt quite disgusted with the thought of doing this. I just wanted to add to your post that this treatment has been used in the past.
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Yes Derek, I have heard of people using this therapy too, but like you I'm not sure of the results. 
We were once told that if injured you should pee on the wound as the urine would sterilise it. We always joked, 'So what if the wound is on the back of your neck?!' 
Considering the amount of bacteria likely to be in urine I'm not sure if this advice is still given or valid.
I have also heard of servicemen who were captured by Arabian tribes in the desert, surviving by drinking camels urine!
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