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Volunteer moderators needed please
Hi everyone,

MSG (This forum) is seeking active members to serve as volunteer moderators. MSG volunteer moderators play an important role in the forum by keeping our forum website safe and fun for all of our members.

Candidates should be:
• An active member of MSG with at least 100 posts or more.
• Interested in volunteering time and effort to help ensure that MSG is a friendly and fun community

Here below an overview of what you will be doing.

What's your job as a moderator?

Your job is to assist the forum Administrator/s. Your main duties are listed below:

• Alert the Admin/s to inappropriate posts and/or members who chronically break the Rules.
• Help mediate any arguments between members and be available to answer general questions from them.
• Help ensure that our forum guidelines are followed by reviewing and responding to abuse reports.
• Move, close, merge, split, delete and edit threads when appropriate.

Take initiative, contact me by PM. You may step down from this role should you not desire to continue at any time.
Also if you know someone you think would make a great moderator, please let us know by all means ( PM or email...)

Thank you

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