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What is Magic really?
Hi there,
I've got a question. 

What is  Magic really?

Would magic be something we cannot explain , or which  have no scientific explanations?
Something which bends the laws of natures?
Or do you have any other opinions about it. Please let me know.

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Magic or Theurgy is Occult magic of learning to work with higher laws and forces of nature - some which science doesn't understand yet.  Some Alchemy was considered magic, because there were working with laws beyond the physical in a kind of ritual manner to create physical changes within material matter and also within people.

It is also relative -  Some things done by science now would have been considered magic in the past because they weren't understood my most people at the time.

Some people feel things like meditation, prayer or chanting mantras are magical activities.

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What seems like magic here, is reality in other places.
I think Magic has become anything we don't understand.
Although for truth seekers, Magic holds a different meaning, like the art of working with the forces of nature.
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Agree with all answers Smile

Nowadays people give so many definitions to Magic that we almost don't know any more what Magic is trully :Smile
For the public, almost anything to do with spirits is Magic :Smile . And this word somehow always sounds bad to the public. You even become a suspect of people's dead around you when they know you are into magic :Smile  

Initially in the ancient temples, Magic was the knowledge and the use of the natural forces. There were no modern schools like today, to study biology, physics etc. There were only initiation schools where the student was called the disciple and where the main subjects of studies where the microcosm and the macrocosms. People used to study the cause of events, and eventually how to cause physical events, all those studies where called Magic. In today's word, Magic science has turned into the study of consequences Smile . 

In fact, Magic form part of our daily life, because magic is life. Without knowing it, we use natural forces to achieve or to cause certain events. Because we do not always know the outcome of some of our gestures and words, we do magic randomly. Just like that, we would be the cause of other people's happiness or miseries . But we don't know how we did it. The mage is the one knows the causes, and knows which herb, which flower, which stone, which geometric shape, which number, which  actions, words, gestures, thoughts or feelings cause such an such consequence at such and such time.

For example, all initiates know that nature automatically fills any empty container. An initiates knows that if the first person he meets when he goes out of his home carries an empty container, he will return home, pray or spend some time connecting to the spiritual world before going out again. Because he will either have an accident or even death is possible. The first person you greet on your way out should never carry an empty container ( empty, bag, bottle, basket...). And one should not give an empty container as a gift to someone else. You may call it curse, but it's just based on the science of cause and effect. Some selfish people knew this science and they will voluntarily ruin other people's life. And that is called "Black Magic", black as in evil. Even if black is not evil . Who comes up with these namings anyway Smile 

Our ancestors were fully aware of the laws of life, they integrated some basic code of conduct in their way of living. Which have become part of certain traditions up till today. You can still find in some tradition, African tribes where people do not give empty containers, and no one comes visit you empty bag or basket. 

Nature is alive and listens to our actions, it responds. Nature is made of billions and billions of subconscious forces which responds to our actions and gestures. We communicate with those forces through certain symbols, words or gestures. And that is Magic. Magic is neutral. The forces apply whether we know what we are doing or not. If you place a pentagram upside down at the door of your house, you will attract evil forces to your house, and it doesn't matter whether you didn't know.

Some smells awake specific types of forces in nature, some thoughts awakes some specific types of emotions and desires, some words awakes certain spirits of nature. But I guess to avoid having more evil mage than we already have, it is better that the world knows magic at due time :Smile .
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Lets not confuse Magic with Magik. Magic is the art of illusion, 'the quickness of the hand deceives the eye!'
Magik, is defined by Alistair Crowley as 'making changes in consciousness in accordance with will'. So you can never make something happen that is incapable happening on its own. You can't change a tadpole into a butterfly, but you might be able to accelerate its change to a frog. I have been involved with the occult for over 40 years. there is no such thing as black magik or white magik, only magik. Just as electricity can power a million homes, it can also kill. It all depends on the intent of the user. We all try to do magik, for example change the weather so our picnic will be good, make the idiot in the car in front turn off, make the traffic lights change in our favour as we approach. Sometimes it works, that is just intent and thought. Some will say 'coincidence' Is it? There is no such thing as coincidence! Abracadabra..........As I will it so shall it be!

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