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What qualify a person to give spiritual advice?
This is for myself, as I meditate on this question, does it mean because I study a spiritual subject, that I can now give advice on it? My problem here lies in the fact that all the information, is getting proses by my brain and my perceptions that is formed by, culture, race and environment, and education. The experience that I had in my live. The conclusion to me is the meaning of the knowledge I gained will be subjected to my level of consciousness, which determine my level of understanding. My consciousness is still developing and not complete yet.
Or, because of my spiritual level that I can give advice? And what determine my spiritual level, will it be the purity of my soul? Or some connection to the spiritual world? True is I still have a lot of work to do with my soul, and I do not have any extra ordinary connection to the spiritual world hehe.
What I do have, is a higher self, just like everyone ells, that part that want to lead me to reconnect with my Creator, a knowingness that there is more to the world that the 5 senses can preserve, in the stillness of meditation I have learn more than all the books I have read, it is like a sudden understanding I did not have before, is just there. I have sensed higher beings, and it filled me with joy and love. Still the question remain, does this qualify me to give spiritual advice?
I think if I can take out the ego, my opinions or what it means for me, and without judging, and can give advice with honesty and love, for the sole benefit of the person I try to help, or can maybe just to share my experience and views, and to leave it up to the person, to decide what is useful or not.

i will love to hear your guyes views
Light, Life and Love
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Follow the voice within. The voice that speaks of love for everyone. That voice will help you and those around you.
Years ago I began to have thoughts that clearly were not my own, thoughts about strangers on the street and loved ones.
I was urged to tell them things that the voice said.
Eventually I gave in, thinking the worst that could happen was they would think I was crazy and walk quickly away.
Instead most of them cried, hugged me and thanked me.
What quality a person to give spiritual advice? You ask.
Any and everyone who follows the voice within, the loving voice that sees only the good in the world.
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Dear Gerhard,

I agree with Skytiger. If your intentions are pure and fueled by love you will offer true advice.

If your ego is speaking through you, you will either speak about what you do not know, judge others, and sometimes be narrow minded.

As long as you are connected with love and good will you will offer good advice. Also you will be a good listener. Sometimes I find that a person sometimes feels they need advice. Rather, they must talk to someone who will listen. By just speaking there thoughts aloud, the person is able to unearth and figure it out themselves. Often the true advice we desire is deep within us.
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Who is asking the question, Gerhard? The adviser, who is concerned that he/she should offer wrong advice? Or the recipient who is unsure of the adviser's qualification and intention? 
There are always plenty around ready to offer advice. The trick for the one on the receiving end is in recognising the qualification of the adviser and the validity or quality of the advice. 
Otherwise, I can only agree with Skytiger and Jesse.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Hi Moonbear, I like where you going with your question, but let’s play it both ways, I want my self to think a little about giving advice and also to consider what advice I take and to ask, where does it come from, and to qualify the quality of it( the advice). Maybe it help some people. I will love to hear more from Skytiger and Jess on this as well.

Here is just some people that give spiritual advice, of the top of my head.

There is plenty of people that are or claim to be psychics that give advice?
People that are minister in Christian churches, they got the paper to show they qualify, what about them?
Which doctor here in South Africa, they are qualified? They went to which doctor school.
If a person read a spiritual book, are they qualified? Or study it, hehe.
Knowledge defiantly qualify? Psychiatry, doctors, people that know dogmas?
What about experience, does that qualify?
Tarot cards?
What about wisdom? Does that qualify a person?
Some secret knowledge that they claim? Does that?
Or a person that is spiritually strong?
What about enlightenment?

There it two types of mental problems, I have come across over and over again, one is medical, dysfunction of brain chemicals, the other mental problem is spiritual, and a lot of people get spiritually raped (and I say this strong word because the spirits where validate by wrong error full advice and deceptions). One medicine work for, the other medicine does not help.

And for love, I know this Minister, went to his church and we become friends, he do not eat meat, do not work on the Sabbath, he is probably one of the most loving persons, I know, gave everything up for God and to serve humans, but the teaching and advice he gave me in service and love almost killed me, I got free around 2012, we had a coffee around 3 week ago, we still in contact, but he has, had in the past, a massif effect on me.

Spiritual advice giving in a loving and caring why can also have the most devastate impact, because the person never seen the error in the advice, and trust the advisor, only after he see the light and come out of deception or error full advise can he see it for what it is.

I feel this is important question, knowledge escalated, from the beginning all the world knowledge we can gathered till the 1900, let say it x amount, double 1950, the world knowledge double again in 1970, then 1980 now it just going and going. Spiritual advice is everywhere, became big business, everyone know something, have some advice, but confusion rules!

Maybe if I just ask: what qualify spiritual advice?
Light, Life and Love
Interesting subject and great replies!
For myself, I give people spiritual "advice" most of the time from out of my own experience but also from the things I learned through the years within my own Spiritual growth.
I feel you can perfectly help others with knowledge you gained as it's finally on them which information or advice you've shared, they will take on board or use for themselves.
If someone gives me advice about something I haven't came across yet and it resonates with me, I will take it with me, if not, I let go of it.
So I feel that basically everyone can "advice" though I rather use the word "share" information and knowledge if its a genuine act of helping others, to help them grow and develop :-)

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This is a beautiful question that any sincere spiritual person must ask himself or herself. There are two things when it comes to spiritual advice namely: 1) The seekers level of spiritual development from the view point of the person who gives advice and 2) Receptive seekers who are sincere about spiritual pursuit from the view point of those who are asking for advice.

In Sanskrit there is a general term "Adhikari" symbolising those who are worth worshipping due to their fully developed spiritual unfoldment of the personality. The point a seeker must bear in mind always is that "Not to stifle the minds of the ignorant". Just because one is well versed in scriptures doesn't mean he go about spreading the word where there is no receptivity or full of worldly people who care less for spirituality.
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Thank you all for thread. I found the question and the answers very informative. True I'm only reading it now Smile Smile , been busy Smile
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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I would like to add something I say every day.

The white light of Creator surrounds me.
Nothing but good comes to me.
Nothing but good comes from me.
I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks.

I have shared this with friends, strangers, and perhaps with this group before.

Remember we are all children of Creator, no matter what Name we may call the Divine which made all of us, loves all of us equally.
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What gives a PERson Right to Quality to GIVE ADvISe: (2nd EDitIOn)

In the Way of Life, Many can Give Advice OF MAny Various Way's. The Question UltiMAte is, What Purpose the Result is Ought to BE, and Where Will ONe Lead ANOTher into What Den to Get there Own Fill.

The Purpose of Advice is to Grant Another another Slate of Life, WHERe they Have Fallen Short of, to Grant them New Cards to Fill There Void With Another Set of Hope's Life Can Deem them to BE. A Shining Light Where There ONCE Was DarknEss. Hand them a LIghT From Your Candle (to there CAndle to Lit):

How Is This Possible. By Not Giving them AnyThing that Causes: Bondage, Along the Line Giving Another the Whole Picture is What Best Solves the Problem, In Understanding in How to Do IT, is What Gives one the Right to Work Up the Right to Give Advice PROPER. So WHO CAN?... ALL CAN, ALL WILL, AND ALL CAN Fail, till they Come to the Underst.KNOWLEDGE, to understand How to be DisAttached From ANother One's FOrTune Gaining, By NO ENVY NO EGO, & NO GRUdge in Ego in tHe MidSt of It's Term.

This Means, Ego is Passed on And Envy That Poisons, Till Ego & Envy, Mischief And Harm is Dealt With, So I Say, He Who is Most Virtuous Has A Firm Grasp in UnderStanDing, But Not Only Those on The Path oF VIRtuE R Asked QuEsTion For ADvIce, So the More ViRtIUous He/ or ShE is, ofTen By the Path of LIFe & RIghTeousNesS; He Or She, THAT PErSoN is MOST SuitING to GIve OuT, WiThOUt, CAUSinG to MUCh HaRm to THe INDiVitUAl & And [email protected]

GiVING OUT Too MUch, Is Like Eating to Much CanDy; HeyWire, AND to LittLe, LIKe StARVAtIOn iN it's SiMpLesT ForM.

GiVing Advice is Like Feeding Someone. Of Natural Needs, OF Earthened Desires, of Spiritual UNderStanding. But When Given to Much, to Much Excess will OverFlow, and To Little, WaNting for Lack. Perfectly Matching the Core, By Patching Up What is Leaking, and Watering the Plant. Many Examples Can Be Given But in All of Them One Key Element is Necessary; Some Call it Love,.. i For One Call it CARE, for Care Brings about ConSideration, WhereAs Love Tends to Wash Over it to Brief -LY to See all That it Needs to Contain, Also It tend's to be (in CArnal Consideration) be Self-Conceded and Required of it's Own Want's at Times.

So CARE is the Better Term for This Key ELEMENt, that is Required therein, IF NO is EXiStent; Then Paperwork, is only Paperwork. And No Emphasis on Empathy is Mend Into it at All/@Large-.

I've Written This Post Around 5-6 times, Once It Was Perfect, Sublime And Full Spiritual;.. But then Lost By Deletion of the Editor. So I Tried, Mustered Up to REWrite From What I RecAll, But It Was Already Lost, So The FoLLowups Were Simply Me DetoxIng From the Hype, That Was Lost in tHe Rumble. (Hope the AdMin, can Fix tHis No Working Undo/Redo Setting Option, - Seems Defect), AnyWays, So Here I Am Day's After the MisHap, Trying to End This Tradegy With THis Text, WritTen Hereby Made Known As (eDiTion 2)

Non of Text Can See Fit to Make Up For Any LessOn FOr, WHo Can Give AdVice, Since I'm Unable to Give More AdviSe Then I AlReady Had GiVen Here WIth EDItIon 2 . All I Can Say is (1) 2 Bad I Lost My Original Memo, Inspired And Written.. (2) ReLating to Others Is A lower Form of AdVice Giving Key, But Prone to Make Mistake When Leading Another DowN YOUr RABBit Hole, Causing EGo & BonDAge to the EAger ListenEr SuBjeCt, Or Othere SenSe of Pride Hurt of to Much Pitched And ReJected. ... GiVing AdVise Is Not For the Sell'sMan, It is Not to Get SomeThing in RetUrn or For the Try, But to Let Ego Pass, And Freely FreeDom Reign. OtherWise, You R No SPirItuAl Minded, But MaterialiStic Minded WorLdly, InduCed And A ChrIst Not Be Freely UnderStood, Freely Given Out Sense of Kind of Man/Women in itSelf'. ... Some Would Not Care For This, RegArdless of SpIrItual Direction, But AttachMent is A Real Thing And EntAngled, caN Cause SerIous DaMage, To BOTh PAtries of the DEClarAtion.

All ShouLd Have the Right For, LIFe, LIBerty And the PurSuit of; WithOut Anybody BarGing in Even the AdviSor's VoiCe ItSel'f In Mind. Let Go And if It SucEedEd, Then You Get Your ReWarded, Freely to Him Who Ask. RAther Then Put A Worm.. A Virus into Your AdVise, That Suck's The CandIdAte Dry As He Passes Time, MenDing His or Her's Buisniss. So Much Curtesy We SHould GOT, not to Leech of AnOTher One's DowNFall OF Needs.

Once THey Are HeAled Up, Ask if ReQuired And TaLk, And They Can See WhAt THEY Can Do, It's A 2Way GIVing DiALog, RAther A SnAtch beFore The Egg Hatches Kind of A-Deal. WARRENt, There is Such Thing As Curtesy And VirTue; (A HigHer POweR MigHt Be WAtcHing in ASWELL.)

So Still Within the Topic, But BarGGed off A LittLe Bit; WHo Can. QuAlity And Quantity of AdVise Given , Does Not Change; That it is PriveLedge to DO So All TOGetHer. So, By CREED FOLLOWing. ALL CAN, But REMember, NoN is ABove the Law. WHat Karma Folds in Karma Folds... Out

WE THe ______

Validation Comes By HOpe  .
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