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Working with the astral body
Working with the astral body

The astral body in esoteric terms, or the invisible counter part of our physical body is the container of feelings, so it is made of emotional matters. It is the root of human feelings and emotions. It's higher version is refereed as the boudic body, which is the root of much higher type of feelings and emotions (spiritual feelings). Any being with emotions has a astral body. This latter evolves by rising its vibrations higher and higher. The higher the vibrations, the more spiritual types of emotions.  The astral body state of development defines the kind of life on earth. Many of humans live a plant life, some others live an animal life, others live a human life, few others live a spiritual life, and few others a divine life. Each type of life I've cited corresponds to a particular type of astral body. A less developed astral body will manifest basic and personal needs, emotions and feelings ( centred around food, sex and money). A more developed astral body will manifest altruist needs, emotions and feelings ( the need to develop spirituality, to help others, to sacrifice oneself for a spiritual idea). And it's all about the vibration level. The astral body has a range of vibrations which goes from its basic slow vibrations in the minerals, to the highest vibration of developed beings. The higher we vibrate our astral body the higher feelings we experience. 

The sense of development.
Be conscious of the fact that everything in the material world are not perfect and that everything is subjected to change and to evolve. Anything in the material world is carried by an abstract wind which is moving everything towards harmony, perfection. And anything resisting this wind suffers, because that thing is thereafter moved by force. In a long run, everything will become perfect. Even the most dangerous criminal of the world will eventually be forced through the abstract wind ( hard life experience in this case) to move and join perfection. However everything which moves with the flow of this abstract wind experiences no "Sufferance", as there is no resistance, and happier are those who move even quicker ahead in this wind carrier, I mean those who do not wait to be forced by nature to change.  In the human being, each type of matter is also subjected to evolve. As human beings we are born with a certain level of astral vibration. But it should not remain as is. For our own development and happiness sake, it's essential to rise it up as much as we can in each life time. 

Influence of thoughts on the astral matter.
The work on the astral body, is to rise its vibrations. This rise of vibration is basically a feeling or emotional management. It's about knowing what triggers higher emotions, or gentle feelings. To achieve this, we may make use of sounds. All types of water react better to sound. Visible water as well as well invisible water. And All types of water records sound. This recording ability of water is made possible thanks to it's temperature. For example, cold water registers sounds better than hot water (which tend to loose the recording the sound). At this point, I wonder how much sense I'm making to some of you. We've all seen the look of water and what it can do. And it doesn't take a great scientist to know that water can be moved by wind and sound. 

What we see as water in the physical world, has its correspondence in the invisible world. Water exists in the invisible world as astral matter. And just as sound can move physical water, thoughts ( which are the mental air) can move the astral matter. What I've just said can be verified in the astral world ( during astral projection). In the astral world, you may notice that the matter is as fluid as water, it may expand just like water. You may with a strong though modify the shape of matter. For example, you may strongly imagine an apple to the point of seeing it in front of your eyes. That's because the astral matter obeys the thoughts. But you may have also noticed this truth in your daily life (in your physical body). When you've just thought so much about something nice, that you rise a warm and fuzzy feeling. Or someone will say "I love you" to you, and the meaning of it in your thoughts makes you so happy. Whether it's thoughts or words, It's all sounds.

In the language of principles, water symbol is always in the middle of a group, the receiver of the sounds. In the solar system, the moon is symbolically representation of water. Receiving light ( a higher form of sound) from the sun, and sound from earth. Yes, the moon is constantly listening to earth sounds ( the circular motions of planet earth) and it is influenced by it. On planet earth, the water is also at the centre (the heart) of life. It welcomes air (sound) which moves it. Within our own being too, water in all its forms (visible and invisible) does the same. At the physical body level, it's blood and the heart which receives oxygen and is influenced by it. Blood appears to be at the center of our physical body life. Within our secret being, our astral body is that water which receives thoughts and is influenced by it. 

Our astral body is in between our mental body and our physical body. It's at the centre of our being. That's why it's also called our heart. "You broke my heart" :Smile lovers say :Smile , it's clear they don't mean the physical heart, but the astral body. And in that particular case of broken heart, it's coincidence, that clairvoyant can observe a brutal break  in colour of the person's astral aura. Our astral body is our invisible heart for which the visible heart is a physical tangible representation of the invisible heart. What starts within our invisible heart, can even manifests a physical pain at the chest. Just like changes in moon caused by the light (higher sound) affects the water of earth.  Because all types waters are linked.

Just like in the order, position of elements: 1) The atmosphere ( air), 2) oceans (water), 3) the ground (earth). The water are positioned in the middle. Our astral body is in the middle of our being. As in terms of matters, our astral body (our feelings) is the water, then our mental body( our thoughts) is air, and our physical body is earth. The inner water is guided by air or sounds. Meaning our feelings/emotions are better guided by our thoughts/words or sounds. It's a topic of its own to speak of the different types of sounds or thoughts which can benefit a quick and health development of the our astral body. But it's okay here to point point out that spiritual practices like Mantras, auto-suggestions and vocalisations of certain sounds, sacred or spiritual words changes the vibration level of our astral body.

Astral body work suggestions
Collect all the best music you remember which made you feel so good emotionally.
Collect all those music which touched you, and which still does till today. Collect them and make a playlist out of it to listen every day (if you can). At least once a day, get into the habit of listening your favourite music. Any type of music which uplifts you. But the best choice of music would be those bringing you close to a spiritual state of emotion. An emotion driving towards spiritual thoughts, towards peace and joy.

Each emotions/feeling is at a certain level of vibration. Each sounds, music or words can be made in such a way that they boost or lower the emotional vibrations. In fact what happens is that our astral matter tries to equal the vibration level of the sound/music or word. Therefore beautiful music will generally rise our astral matter significantly. I would advise parents to sing to their children, and to even teach them how to play one musical instrument or to encourage them to sing. Choose often not the music/sound/words which entertains the base lower feelings of sadness, anger... But those which uplifts you. Do not always wait for the moment of emotional crises to uplift yourself, but also listen even when all seem right in your life, this is how we keep our astral vibrations at a fare high level. This provides purity and protection of your heart.

Someone with such a developed astral body, carries the vibrations of beautiful music with him/her. This person is a living music. A music you will not hear with your physical ears, but which you can definitely hear with your inner ears. With such a person, you feel good, you feel better, you feel cured. Because through his body emanates the higher frequencies of astral matter. Plants, animals and human benefit from such a person. You feel better with such a person and you just don't know why. That's because he/she emanates great sounds from his astral body.

I cannot end this article without mentioning some of the best sounds of nature which we can benefit from, to evolve our astral matter. 

The sound of falling water.
The sound of falling water is mystic pure sound which will positively influence your astral matter or feelings/emotions.  This sound speaks louder to your emotions and makes you deaf to most inner sounds (inner thoughts), it is too loud for worries and anxieties. So it takes away your emotional pain. To understand the effectiveness of falling water, go listen to it when you are seriously suffering of an emotional pain. Where everything else has failed to free you, the falling water will save you. This sound can be anything from the falling sound of water of your home tab in the shower, to the sound of rain. Nowadays, there are even phone application you may download to listen to all sorts of rain sounds. 

The sound of silence 
Silence is another type of sound. Yes, silence is a sound because you can hear it. Not only with your physical ears, but also with your inner ears. Silence is special one. It has the greatest impact on your astral body. It purifies your heart the most. In a long run, it gives you a happiness without cause. Find quite place, and listen to its silence and see how much loads your heart will take off. A sense of peace and harmony is felt. And if you cannot find silence around you, why not find it within you. Within ourselves is a silence area we can go to. That inner silence sound has a even greater influence on our astral body. 

Love and light.
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