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Your view on polygamy and a man's love for women
Hello all,

I do completely understand that the world is overpopulated. Especially when considering the natural resources available. I also agree that if polygamy is practiced by those who use sex as a method of Egotistical self satisfaction or pleasure, it would only make the overpopulation problem worse.  Even though WE are all one as spirits, many of us cling to the illusion of separation which causes there to be such disorder. 

I am a student studying at a technical university in Europe and many (most actually) of the souls and spirits I have come across have a deep passion to dedicate their lives to preserve the Earth and World. I have also met students from India who deeply desire to return to their country to help the problem of poverty and suffering among their people. It is also true I have met those whose ambition for success money and power drives them. They are young, smart, and full of potential but lack a certain quality. They have convinced themselves (to some degree) of the illusion of separation. (It also must be said, that they still have potential to find or learn this quality. Perhaps it is understanding of the purpose of life)  

However, I have noticed this trend. We are the souls who get the opportunity to study at the University. We are the souls that receive the fruits of the Western world rather than the curses. The passion to save this world and bring it back into balance, has blossomed in many new-coming spirits. An awakening or enlightement. This is the natural balance inducing, possibly karmatic, energy effect taking place in the souls of humans to bring back the balance of the Earth that is unbalanced due to disorder caused by over population. This is the human potential. The will of all of US as one. I believe that balance can be re-obtained if we come together and work as one. But there is work to be done. As their are those who still cling to money power and greed. It is ironic in my opinion that there are world projects that are meant to colonize different planets when the Earth is destroyed. The people working on these projects are the best engineering and great minds. IT is true that a project of this caliber would be a great human accomplishment of a lifetime. The irony lies in the process of Achieving this dream. They not only fuel the processes which hurt the Earth but also are not part of the solution to preserve and care for the Earth and its people. (the Earth is where we should live and protect. We are, after-all, protectors of Earth. This is part of our purpose in the human experience) This is a perfect example that knowledge is not wisdom. 

However, when considering Polygamy, I am brought to an inevitable conclusion. In any relationship their must be balance and understanding. Every relationship is different. The level of understanding must be always be at a high level for the relationship to thrive. But the manner of retaining balance is different (or unique) for every distinct relationship.

When considering Polygamy it is inevitable that the all people involved must know about eachother. This is necessary for understanding the one who has multiple partners in the relationship. Secondly, the one who has multiple sexual partners must be able to accept the fact their energy will be invested in multiple beings. Which is a big deal. To be responsible you must dedicate time to each and do your part to keep all in balance. If you soul is bonded to two (Or more) people for life. The one who soul is multi bonded would feel their energy pulled in different directions and would also need the two partners to be accepting of the fact they share your soul.  The conclusion I come to is that it would be a conflicting process for all parties. In some way or form. Especially when involving sex.

I will say, personally, that I am first hand experiencing what it is like to be a young person in the world. I have felt  strong romantic bonds in my life. To different souls.  It is curious to think of polygamy as a possible solution to bring those you romantically love together while avoiding the possibility of causing heartbreak in another and yourself.  It could be possible if all three or more people involved could live together and move and act, and live as one. This is the only way I can see it of possibly working. But, personally, within my heart of hearts, I desire to be with one with one person. I also hope to have children and raise them to be part of the solution  to help the Earth. and if this is not possible. I will follow the path I am called to. But again this is my point of view. I shared this in the hopes it would help you in some way Luna bee

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