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event expirenced in this life
I originally found The connection with the creator or God through through the Catholic religion. I grew up in the US in a catholic school with catholic parents. however, over the years, I came to understand the truths of the spirit and universal consciousness along with understanding connections to love, Earth, and elemental energies that surround us and give us our spiritual strength.

I now understand what a religion is and its connection to the Ego and power of mankind. However, I wish to share this experience because, I feel called to.

I met a girl in Colombia during the Semana Santa (aka Holy week of Easter). IT is a week that is a holiday for all children and every night there are processions, filled with townspeople, that walk the streets with candles and life sized statues of Mary, Jesus among others.
The culture is very rooted in Catholism. I met the girl but had previously noticed her because of her devout faith in God during the mass, her work in the community, and she was pretty (I am not saying in a sexual manner but something I cant explain because she had some type of attraction and beauty is definitely part of it) . She was very kind and very kind with her involvement in the community. We talked formally and exchanged names. it was really nice but nothing more.

By an act of the light, with out intending to, I ended up next to her during the mass on Saturday night or night of Jesus Resurrection after the largest procession of the week (many people.... many candles...). She was happy, prayerful, and in peace. She was also relaxed and speaking with me throughout. now we know each other and spend time together and I see how she helps the community and the kids of the town and the church. she is a very good person. I asked her today why she goes to the church for mass every day because I was curious myself and this is what she told me. - in translation
for me santa misa (holy mass) is the greatest gift that we have here on the Earth,
every time that the blessing of being there in her. it is, for me, like being in a piece of heaven. I have the opportunity to know many places and live many experiences. but nothing in my life gives me more happiness than being present in the santa misa. also its that I completely believe with faith that It is our father jesus that is present in every Eucharist. The santa misa gives me happiness it is like my spiritual aliment."

She is a person Im glad I met but mostly I am intrigued by her. Through out this time. I never wavered in my truths of spirituality and had meditated myself on this. She is a very spiritual person that I found in a place (the catholic church) That I did not expect to find at all.

In conclusion, what I have been reminded of through this experience, is that spiritual individuals can be found in many places. Even the unexpected. The light guides us if we allow it. We can find others if we search for them. We can find others because connecting with others that vibrate similar to ourselves makes make us stronger and our influence greater. Those of the light Connecting is a way to bring about change in the direction of the light.

Todo bien.
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Great story brother! That is so true. If you're willing to connect you the Spirit/God or whatever you want to call it will guide you in the right direction! 

Great Travels,

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