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psychiatric disorder
(10-11-2017, 04:14 PM)anushri Wrote: Thank you very much for this article,  Artur.
I really needed this boost as I am going through another phase of transformation these days. And this is why, I am not able to contribute anything to this  forum though I have lot to share.It is a very difficult time indeed and so I keep asking my energies to help me out and show me the way. And here I am reading this article of yours which is really very comforting. 
Anyone who is unaware of these practices and who would see me during meditation now, would definitely think I need a psychiatrist. But, I know what it is. So I am happy and moving ahead. But, at some time it becomes extremely difficult to handle few things or situation. 
Anyways,  thanks again for your article.  It feels as if I AM talking to my SELF. It was a lot of help. 
Keep up the good work.  My kindest regards to you.
Take care.

My take on the subject of this thread is that it is simply a matter of handicap. Just like one can be born with (or get later) a physical handicap, so too can one be born with (or get later) a handicap from his/her emotional body or mental body.

As far as true born psychopaths are concerned, my belief and personal experience is that this is quite a different situation. These people simply lack the whole emotional body. It is not just a temporary or permanent handicap of a part of that body but simply an absence of it. There is a void inside their eyes if only you are a good observer of behavior, and you do not need any fancy degree in psychology to be able to notice it. Just a calm, sober and analytical attitude should be enough for you to get the diagnosis.

What is your current understanding about holograms (3D images)? Are you aware that there are advanced technologies that can mimic the presence of an entity in front of you while there are actually no entity there? A lot of what people call angelic (or Jesus) visitations are simply a deceptive show of an audible holographic imagery created by the technologies of ill motivated entities for deceptive purposes. In fact, it is even possible for them to create not just a light holographic imagery, but something that can look and feel very physical and which you can even touch and swear it is the real thing while it is actually not.

This is simply to indicate that what seems like a semblance of an emotional body from psychopaths is simply an emotional hologram taking whatever look and shape that can help them to suck the life out of normal people for survival. What I’ve come to understand about dealing with people of such a condition is to keep as great of a personal distance as possible from them. Keep the interaction shallow and avoid to get into any serious personal relationship. They’ll get the hint and will prefer to spend their energy on an easier target.

Have you noticed how most action movies nowadays try to portray psychopathic behavior as the normal (and even the best) ones? For example, do you remark how in most action movies or series, killing is so easy (and even so sweet)? But in reality, it is not an easy thing for a person with a working conscience to kill another human being (even in situation of a war when you risk being killed by your adversary if you do not kill him first). 

This is why most war veterans with a working conscience (i.e a conscience that is unblocked by any sort of programming) get PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after coming from war and they often become suicidal from thinking about all the atrocities they not only witnessed but were made to actively participate in. If you have already seen these war veterans, you will find that most of them are affliged by remorse and they must spend years of intensive psychiatric care to ease their trauma and nightmares so as to prevent them from comitting suicide. 

But this is a problem that born psychopaths (or those close to this condition) don’t experience even a bit. They are like robots as far as emotion is concerned. This is why nearly every army of countries have a special force unit staffed primarily by psychopath personnel who are highly trained in the art of killing and murder, and they can be sent to remorselessly comit many atrocities in total cold bloodedness and without even blinking an eye. The same thing also aplies with the SWAT unit within the police forces of many countries who can behave quite heartlessly if left unchecked.

 The reason I intentionally took the risk to sound biased and prejudicial is because I believe this is a reality that people with conscience like you and I should be aware of, so that we can know how to avoid unnecessary emotional predation and to appropriately behave whenever we are under the sway of such metaphysically incomplete individuals (be they males or females).
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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(09-11-2017, 06:04 PM)lunabee Wrote: Hello there. I hope everyone is doing great.

I have a question today.
How can mental health be described spiritually?

In my opinion, someone who's said to be bipolar, for example, is bipolar by facts and then by choices.

I mean, I dont think they function as someone who isnt diagnosed with the same mental illness but, to me, they could get to a peaceful set of mind on their own. if they really want to. no?

maybe that mental handicap is part of someone's own challenge?

Someone very close to me is Bipolar.
Their energy and way of thinking is beyond contagious. They suck peoples energy.
Ive even acknowledge from this person that they are dependent from their mental disorder.
I mean, everything bad - how they react, what they consume, how they talk, how they could get to highs(forgetting their values) and down(suicidal and all) for example - they believe it happens because of their illness.
They then get very lazy to either transform their emotions and actions to healthy and positive ways because it is easier to put everything on the illness fault, not theirs basically. Instead, they trust medications.

I often tell this person that her handicap is something and she is something else (in ones body, mind and soul of course) I tell her that she's dependant of being bipolar and that she could break those chains, naturally. But no success.

Maybe im wrong. Im not saying that breaking those chains are easy. no at all. Its just like the process of a spiritual awakening and growing Angel not easy to face all our darkness at first.

Back to my question. How do you or how, spiritually talking, can we describe mental health and the connection it has with the invisible world?

I dont know why. i might never get the answer either. but I meet horrible people. Lately, (away from home, lucky me) ive met a psychopath. a reaaal one. A psycho psychopath. Someone that has zero empathy, zero emotions. An intense manipulator and alllll that you can imagine. A future killer probably, still in his beginning 20s..

Can a psychopath change? Why are they that way?
Do they nourish their desires to make fun of people and see them suffering by being evil? With evil help? Are they like close to these bad entities by being who they are?

I believe at a certain point you get to know who you are, how you are, and you choose. free will. to rather help yourself, in those case, or follow the darkness.

What do you guys think?

It should be noted first that bipolar and psychopathology are two entirely different diagnoses.

Bipolar is a mood disorder, caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals. It’s generally highly treatable, though, finding the right meds often requires some trial and error. We’re now up to over 50 medications for bipolar, which is more properly called bipolar depression. The right combo of meds and therapy are making it possible for many people to live normal, productive lives.

A psychopath has a personality disorder. That means traits of long standing and unlikely to change, ie part of the personality.

The term “psychopath” has been dropped from the DSM-V, as has “sociopath”. These diagnoses are now replaced by “antisocial disorder”. It’s more of a PC change than a useful one. The three are not the same. Antisocial is a milder diagnosis than sociopath, and certainly not as bad as psychopath. Yeah, “bad”, truly “bad”.

All that said, the nomenclature for most people’s purposes isn’t especially important when it comes to the Cluster B personality disorders. In the DSM-V, Cluster B is where you will find the low or no conscience personality disorders.

As brain research advances, we’re getting fascinating info, even about the Cluster Bs. The psychopath’s brain is structurally and biochemically different from normals.

If you find yourself frequently meeting ‘horrible people’, it’s time to take a look at what is drawing them to you.

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