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question of two paths
I will post my thoughts on this topic for reflection. I am asking for any experience from others on this topic. 

Here is a cool quote that I read in a book called art of peace... Id like to put it here before you read my topic so it can be considered at end... " there are many paths that lead to the top of mount fuji, but there is only one summit - love" -   Morihei Ueshiba

Basically it is this. Knowing the truths of life and the purpose of our existence...  I feel a pull to find a mate for life (marriage/ soul bond with woman for me specifically). I see that this type of bond, can help both people grow together. A bond like this can create life, The individuals support each other through life. In times of sickness or stress. It brings a sense of peace and completeness. But often this type of bond can be possessive and can be obsessive love (especially young love). It can create fear of loss. It creates a dependence and physical attachment to family. 

I also feel a pull to live a life were I do not mate and bond my soul to a single person. Where I am supplied by the energy of the universe, where I dedicate my life to God, The Creator, or the light solely. But I see That this is a path of sacrifice. Also, It can separate you from society. 

I know that in both paths, an individual can live a life of love, purpose and spirituality. The purpose of my life is to help the Earth (physically, the environment) and its people (by spreading love) This is my will of fire. For those who have read my posts, this comes as no surprise I am sure. 

I do not consider my cycle of karma and the possibility of transcendence to the next level in my will of fire. But I do think that one of the two paths above could effect the outcome. Please leave any thoughts or experiences that you feel like sharing. Thanks for reading.

May light be with you,

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  • Gerhard Botha
Over the span of a near unlimited multiplicity of lifetimes the question of two paths will occur a near infinite number of times on a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute progression. In numerical or volumetric terms, many of the relevant decisions will be of comparative insignificance. Among the more significant of these is the question you raise, Jesse.
                From experience in this life and after abstract consideration I offer my view.
                I accept the premise that, before each incarnation, one has agreed, with guides and soul group members on another dimension, as to patterns and experiences general and specific in which to be involved for the overall purpose of learning during the course of that incarnation. However, additionally I accept the principle of Free Will.
                 Thus, when considering your question: a choice between monogamy, bigamy, miscegenation and even polygamy may occur within a contextual range of racial, cultural and historical practices.
                Hence within what little I know of your own background, dear Jesse, I think you have already understood your options.
As you say,
Knowing the truths of life and the purpose of our existence..
…an individual can live a life of love, purpose and spirituality. 
…cycle of karma and the possibility of transcendence to the next level.
Armed with this understanding, when you find yourself faced with choices, you will make the appropriate decision.
L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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A unity with another person in actual love will only help to strengthen your resolve and faithfulness to GOD.

a relationship based more on physical desire rather than reciprocal love could prove to slow your journey or veer you from the way wholly if you allow it to consume you.

Lastly; a union with GOD indeed will bring with it some level of separation from societal norms and as such, those who propogate such.

It is good to want love friend.

I have more to say but the words are failing me at the moment.


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  • Uzumaki_Jesse
If we are on the path of the Ultimate Truth, then we become the creators of our own society and to build this society we give up all that is impure, fake, unnecessary, outdated and useless. And I don't think this should be termed as "sacrifice". We only move towards our truest form; towards the light within. In my opinion, if two persons understand the meaning of the Free will and their responsibility towards the welfare of not just this earth but the cosmos also, then they can make a perfect couple. According to my experiences, our mind is a very powerful Genie. It brings to us what we wish for or require the most, in the form of people, events, opportunities or accidents.
So think/ wish wisely!

All the best! _/\_
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Thank you all for responding.

- MBS 
Thank you for your view. Each time that the questions of two path arises (as you said, an infinite number of times) The best thing that can be done in these moments is to make the decision that aligns you with the light, the decision that you feel is right with the truths of life in mind. In respect to my question of two paths raised above, the decision can not be made in this moment. But when the time comes that this specific question arrises (possibly more than once in this lifetime) I must make the decision with understanding and truth in mind. this is my conclusion that I have came to from your words. 

-pops the builder
Thank you for words. I resonate with the fact that " unity with another person in actual love will only hope to strengthen you resolve and faithfulness to God." I feel this in love. Especially a bond of unity. 
In the past, often I overly think things such as, "man, she's pretty..." or dreaming of being with them and their face and beauty and I associate physical attractiveness to the bond of love we share. And the line becomes blurred between the two. It effected me spiritually. I am not afraid to share this because It is this mistake that led me to having a "broken heart". I understand how this can easily consume you and leave you feeling like you have nothing. I now know what reciprocal love is. this is the most important thing. thank you for this insight

I feel a unavoidable strong pull to help society with my life. perhaps it is as MBS said.. A type of agreement with a higher level being before my current reincarnation. nevertheless, this natural separation is true, but even when I go against this separation and place my self with these lower vibration people and I am dragged own by this energy, it brings them up. It gives them hope. It shows them love. It is a sacrifice I can make because I am strong in my will. and With friends and bonds of all different types of people we can grow together. I still am finding the balance here. thank you again for your input. It was great reflection for me. 

Anushri - 
as always I am left feeling like a new door has been opened in my mind after reading one of your post. I do not mean to offer un-needed praise, It is simply the truth. I know what you said is the truth. The idea of Manifestation or the mind like a Genie is very true, I have seen this first hand with my life. Wish well you said.. Then perhaps manifesting this decision of two paths is something I should consider... I will give thought to this... Someone who, as you said ,has these higher level understandings...  
Sacrifice does not have a negative connotation to me. I view sacrifice as doing something hard to receive joy and love and fulfillment. as a result. It is the idea of suffering that I associate with pain and loss and deterioration. (sacrifice does have many different meanings... quite ambiguous..)  I wanted to defend my view. However, I Completely agree with what you have said and feel as if it gives a greater explanation to the truth of what I was meaning to say. And I would like to adapt this view to my own. Thank you. 


There are many different types of spiritual people... And I truly believe that the realm of spiritual knowledge is infinite... working together is truly something beautiful. I am always in awe of this. So much so in this moment that I wanted to post about it (i know off topic). Together we can unite as one, understand eachother and learn from eachother... Man.. shout out to @admin and other admins for creating MSG
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HI Jesse,

Just adding my two cents. 

I think it should be a deep "inner" decision - asking one's Higher Self which holds the loose blueprint of what one has decided to do in a lifetime.   Personal Love or Universal Love.   Sometimes some people go through different cycles in one life when one or the other is the "correct" way for that cycle.   Testing one way out and getting a feeling that is right way OR maybe getting strong inner feeling it is not right  for them.   We need to connect deep and learn to discern our Soul's answers.   Not just blindly accepting either way because one or another felt this is "right" for you.  Usually the Soul's answer is connected to love and learning which ever way we choose.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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  • Uzumaki_Jesse
I consider all spiritual paths leads to the summit. Just some paths are longer than others. But they will eventually take us to the summit. And that's what matters. Each of us has to take choice on which mean of transport they wish to use to get to that summit. Depending on where in life each person is currently standing, a different mean of transportation may be needed. Some may just need to get to that mouth fuji on foot, others will have to start the journey boat, some others can just fly to it. 

Like you well said. Whether we are married or not, as long as we stick to the spiritual principles in our lives, we do make progress. Walking the path in couple or solo is should remain a personal decision. Nobody should not copy what other spiritual persons are doing. Because they are at different levels and using a different mean of transportation to the mount fuji. 

To my mind, there should be a valid reason for being married or to be in solo. Our spiritual progress may be affected either way ( When married or solo). When being solo, one usually have time for spiritual practices, and should also use this freedom to make the circle of this love bigger. To love more and more beings, growing his love more and more. This is of course easily done when the person is also sublimating his/her sexual energy. This is the only good reason for wanting to live a solo life. Otherwise, I don't see why someone would want to be alone. In the case when for example someone who still has strong sexual desires which he/she cannot sublimates, one should not be alone, he/she will just torture him/herself, because spirituality should also about peace of mind. So when we can't find that feeling of fulfilment alone through a constant connection with the higher self, it's not advisable to stay alone, being in a couple in this case is better. One can also very much experience the higher degrees of light and love for being in a couple, this is mostly when the couple work together towards this end, when each in a couple help each other, fulfilling each each while avoiding to use each other as only source of energies, and above when they open their circle of love not only to each other but also to the rest of the world. Either way, the choice remains individual. It's a personal matter. 

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you for your responses Ace of cups and kyra. 

To close out this thread, I believe this is a good reference for me and others in the future. All the responses have the common theme revolving around true reciprocal love, alignment of purpose, and, most importantly, doing what the individual believes to be right when the time for a choice comes. 

I am very happy to have started this thread and I will refer to it in the future. This process has definitely redefined (for the better) my understanding of this question of two paths

thank you all and may light be with you.
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