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short intro
Hi, I am a Gaudiya Vaishnava staying in west bengal, India. Though we may call upon God with different names, i belive that the Supreme Lord is one. Of all the names of Lord , the names Krishna or Gauranga are the best as they refer to the greatest qualities and pastimes of the Supreme. I hope to contribute and learn from this forum, hare Krishna.
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Welcome to our group Dwaipayan De.

I find one of the great advantages of the threads and posts is the diversity of nationalities and cultures of our contributors and I look forward to reading about your personal views and experiences.

Let Love and Light Be
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Welcome friend.
May we all be like the diverse instruments being guided by the CONDUCTOR to play HIS song in harmonious accord.


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This is an online spiritual group which seeks to gather all genuine truth seekers from anywhere in the world irrespective of their cultural, intellectual or spiritual backgrounds, in order to share and learn from each others.