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Earth - Strength, stability, perseverance.  

Water- Community, love, understanding, change.

Fire - Will power, energy, hope.

Air - Freedom, Clarity, peace, enlightenment. 

 I am sure everyone is watching what is happening in the world currently. We each have a unique "news" experience based on what the media chooses to portray to us. What has happened is neither good nor bad. It simply is what has come to be based on our past decisions.  Most of the problems I am seeing stem from the illusion of separation. Or the idea that we are all separate beings, sexes, cultures, nations. 

But I am here to say there is hope. There are flames ignited in spirits on Earth, ignited to restore a harmony long forgotten. A complete understanding of all four elements can create a harmonious change. Will power, revolutionary ideas, peace, understanding, healing, enlightenment, and perseverance are all needed but only in balance with one another. Just like the natural flow of the elements in nature, to bring harmonious change. 

Where is the source of this flame, where does this hope come from? We must feel the pain of our brothers and sisters who are connected to us as one. We can subconsciously push away this pain. Remember to listen to the pain and suffering of those who struggle. They are always  praying and calling, sometimes in different tongues, but it can always be understood. Feel their cries of help to God, Allah, etc.. but realize that their calls are to the universal consciousness or "god" and therefore our individual spirits (because Everything is within us). This is The Call. A call from our own spirits. 

To be on Earth, presently here in the experience, means that you are part of the oneness that is a human of Earth.  The responsibly to love and help other humans, protect the Earth, and help the next generation is the way to bring harmony.  The upbringing of the next generation is important for the spiritual community.

Strength comes from bonds of love and friendships. Always be listening to the calls of your brothers and sisters spirits on Earth, to keep your will of fire, flame within, strong. This is hope. Hope is born from the calls of those who are in need, those who are suffering, and is spread by the ones who hear the call and come to return the harmony.

motivation from Xiuhtezcatl
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