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tHe SeCtiOn in Life - 2nd Edition
We All Come to Tolerate That Life Can Be So Great, And We ALSO Worry Why the Troubles Come of Short, But Realizing That the Definite is to come Apparent in the Days After A Trial has Settled Through, TO Worry or Joy, We Live in Peace Overtaken By the ...Joys, Troubles of Life Which may tAint it into A Different Reality We Call our, Or the Way.

Several Joys in life need to be kept secret. others Be revealed, And others kept casual. But life is more then to-eat and get_fat on-It in our own demise, Since time can change And We never know What good it can do to pass on a giveaway take to-another in there time of weakenEdNess. The Stewardship, that is Pending on Things is to let go of What Reality And Destiny has Sent And Given Out, So We Can Pay Off Our Debt, in due time, As A Lifetime Can Give us A Lifetimes Worth Times of Yield Times 30 60 or 100 if done correctly.

The Case of Liberating: The Life that is in the Soul, is to free all living sentient beings from there fault, pain, and Sorrow In this Lifetime, And the Lifetimes to come. As this Is the Call Come under the Section in Life, Where The Whole Feels, As One Individual Feels, We Are Separated by Colour, race, physical differences and intellectual stance, But this Is A False Premise, As (Only) THIS World Defines People of this. 
In All due Reality, We R ... ...the Body that Gears us as Dress of Our innant Soul in Spirit, And Tho all say clothing Dont Matter, Why the Disrupt of Trials and Tribulation come under by the mix and change of vibe of atmosphere by another ones making.? 

The SeCtiOn in Life tells us to DO Good Unto Others, and For A Reminder it Tells us to do so For the Sake As We Have Been Dealt with GOOD By Others. ...Karma is Whats Been Washed, But Many do so for the this Lifetime only, unknowingLy, That if they at always do, Constantly, They be washing away Pasts sins in there liFe, Lifetimes. If There comes the greedy ----doing so wiTh Harm to anothers. What Can This Life Be IF Harming another Has Become Such Esteem. And Rather to-War the Gates of Death And Hell, They War For Gain On ly. How They HAve MisPlaced TheRE Hearts. 

As the Glory of War has to Diminished, the Real Warfare is to Free OneAnotherS Souls in body And Or IN Mind, And...

The SeCtiOn "OF' Life
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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