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the depth of hear
How Wilt you, if by no other means be liked to be struck by the judgement seat of God without his humain Associates and Measure of Kindness of Heart if by thunderbolts and Lightning, He Created from the heavens in a analytical term thereby known as the sky.
There has been formed for millenia a norm that differes that of the all supreme All Striking Mighty, the force of the known to be walked, of that of the image of Christ. This Therefor is the Discretion of Christ, in His Humain Nature having walked and walked with Kindness and Humility to the earths value of mayhem, to conduct Amnesty for all Mankind and human on this planet earth, Upheld by the Virtue of All those who Value and Deem the Righteous Cause of Christ to be True, Wherewith rather with or Without, if Be Unapprehended and still come placed into term, It’s to come apparent.

Wherewith an Eye of An eye Is to be Set Upon, He forspoke forgiveness, and the Spirit of that Forgiveness forgave for the depths of the core that we can consider to be wholesome of our appreciated Pardon we be granted in this Lifetime or the Lifetimes to come If inthat case we partake of the Values therewith set INupon therewith itself.
So Then does Karma Play out in the Values of Christ.
As You Measure in, So it will be measured without, coming in the same arrangement of what Merit you strike out since the Conscious mind will take merit knowledge of what was dished in or out, as we give out a signature not of ourselves in every action, thought or act in itself.
So Karma Playes the role of Simply Putting things into Gear for us to roll into the playtime of Life depended upon what a Exchange or sell out to be in acts or action in itself, the well.
So We FormLY gracious for that this measure has been grated or an eye to eye merit With the conclusion of Pre Set Forgiven before the Judgement Seat of Christ, With is to say, If we aknowledge our sins, He Is just and faithful to forgive us, in the condolence of us being made sufficient of our own shortcomings ourselves with pardon in mind.
I consider this a great feat and a much appreciated term of aknowledgement of our humain nature come into play to the divine that lies within us in a suBtled nature, that we consider Christ in US, the Hope of […] View Colossians 1:27 If in case you are not familiar with the appendix of that statement.

There is much to hope for, and humanity is rightly made to be gracious enough to grasp it, And so with terms I HOPE, that this comes to pass for all human beings. Since I consider that even in our divine, Humanity has much to learn, and come to. Its a feat, a great measure to Give such Lovely Estate a better term of Life with the hope, that It can overcome all barriers of Communion with, and coming bringing ourselves over the huddle of life and test that the life of test is to bring us upon. As formost Human we are, the divine does not state a beginning, But our human nature does, so it proceeds the notion in what ARE, We.

Else would we not eat sleep and do all any manner of Stuff between the meantime, of our Stay on this Planet Earth. Without thinking I Dont appreciate the Divinity I which we’re In. There comes a time when it should be sufficient (4 US) to be walking on the surface of this Planet Earth, Without needing to Be Envious of the Birds that Proceeds us in there Roam of Flight, or the Fish in there accumalate measure of Breath within the Ocean Flare. We Breath Air Walk on Earth, and Dream of what may Come if we Exist this Human Body, But until Then...Without tipping the scale of balance into one side only, I Reckon This is More then Enough to be Alive as Human Being. But to Each there own. May not Each sidetrack of the grant we will be in gift to hAVe to do do dilligance on this pLanet Earth.

With that said, I will Dismiss myself of My speech and Message, In Much hope of Furtherance in Text and Reply If some Needs Sometimes

[Message Out]
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .

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