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what makes you you from the other side of life
Hi, all
A good way to describe you is yin and yang,from the seed to fully grown you.Your spirit and body equal your mind in your spirit the world of thoughts,your soul in your body, the world of feelings.In the first years of life you feel the world,then you start putting your feelings into sounds(worlds)when you have enough words you move from feeling the world to thinking and feeling the world.Your spirit grows from the energy from feelings,your body grows in the material world,from material things.The first year of life you should feel the love from parents,for when you move into your mind,the feelings gathered up to this point is the spirits world.Why is it important where you put your feelings?the spirit wants the energy from these feelings for the spirit to grow.A good example is drugs the spirit gets lots of energy from the bodies feelings from drugs,look at the fight the spirit puts up if the body tries to stop taking them.Does hell exist? yes how you get there is by putting all your feeling into the material world.When your body dies your spirit is made up of energy from the material world only and is trapped in the material world without a body forever,camel thew the eye of a needle.I believe that dementia is caused by when you stop putting your feelings into the world,so you stop giving your spirit energy from your feelings, so your spirit stops giving you feelings which give you thoughts if you stop putting feelings into thoughts your spirit stops giving you feelings for thoughts,no thoughts your brain dies.The spirit gives energy to the body to gain energy from the body,same as if in the material world,if you invest money into some think and get no return you stop or you run out of money,the same with the spirit,the spirit would run out  of energy.     Joy and contentment to you all

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