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what you take with you beyond death
ya r baseing things to much on the carnality of the mind without cooperating all the true elements at hand, what is fire, if karma can crush its toll, what about virtue, if water can never find a mold. These questions ya set is the fictional understanding underlying at the band, ya need to strip life to its barrel and see what virtue life is, and whats mere man.

Dont get caught up in the fuzz of science fiction, for we need no reality of it, but it has reality to us. [true thing] Honor the respecters who do have gone before us to test and plea aS case for every single being. Where void once was a single seed was in plant, death came and life demanded since blood and water spoke hand in hand. Blood what element is there but to say its spirit, vitality at a stand, does the world communicate Of is innocent blood spilled going back to the damned. back then to karma once more is what can crush it at its door, forget the 5 only primordial elements, for u will never remember anything other then What it does by its chore

you> wanna be like fire, then you must think life A" fire. meditate on the flow of the water and be like (the)water. But you will not remember the lifetime of this course, for duty will call if you want to be an elemental force.
There is an alternative, alike apart of the chambers of time, when will the 4 superelement cluster up. And when will the reality of endless form be mine

You have no choice what will you become, depending on the properties of life what you have learned to done, this will be enstated as the option and office you run, like in mere human words, the job is yours if you can stand the sun.

Who wants to be an element? who wants to destined there own run? Still wishing for it will not get you there, watch of the habits you do and learn to stop time in the space gap to make life interfere. Life, the vitality... hope joy peace give. then another element of life gives you BaCKk to receive. then learn to stop attachements and stop receive, then karma might listen and hear if you breath...

[end of transmission 0Ne]

[Beginning transmission part TwO]

Do you think the periodical element of calcium, knew what it become, or was it rather that the housing was fit for it to be placed therein. Did it seem perfect of it fix complexed in its term, or was it alack and in missing of another atom stip there to yearn. Will you think that you can chose what you will be, Or is it karmas choice to tell you You offer perfect alignment with the 3 stars i set you there inbetween, So what makes you think you can take things with after your death, when not even an atom is in need of to single breath to go on in its concentrated death.

Voiceing my opinion

[End of Transmission 2..]
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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We are not physical beings in search of a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings immersed in a physical existence.
Piere Teilard de Chardin.

Do not get caught up with the physicality of things. From the earth our physical bodies came and to the earth they will go. Such is the cycle of the seasons.
The wheel of life is unending. Everything is held in the nothing, zero, a circle. There is no beginning and no end. So it is with our spiritual life, we weave a web between being and non-being. Between physical and non-physical existence.

Chuang Chou slept. While he slept he dreamt he was a butterfly, flying about and enjoying himself. When he woke he was confused. the dream was so real he wasn't sure if he was a man having just dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he is a man!

How do we know that this life isn't just an illusion and we are really dead? Or maybe a dream in the mind of God? Or maybe we are our own dream, and like Chuang Chou will wake from our sleep.

With regard to the above quote of Chuang Chou; There is a difference between him and the butterfly . It can be cited as an instance of transformation. 

Just as a caterpillar enters a death like state as a chrysalis then transforms into a beautiful butterfly, free to fly where he pleases, so we too will be transformed or liberated.
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(09-18-2018, 01:22 PM)johngefnir Wrote: We are not physical beings in search of a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings immersed in a physical existence.
Piere Teilard de Chardin.

Do not get caught up with the physicality of things. From the earth our physical bodies came and to the earth they will go. Such is the cycle of the seasons.
The wheel of life is unending. Everything is held in the nothing, zero, a circle. There is no beginning and no end. So it is with our spiritual life, we weave a web between being and non-being. Between physical and non-physical existence.
the reality of the face is the spirit becomes that which it contains to become, it will not see its reality pasts its passing point until you realize the primordial feeling, as for the feeling it is the being, and the being it becomes what it feels, step out of it and you realize the greater passage of it all, but in what lifetime will you ever come to it as life time and life is a journey.. as a stone... as an animal, as a being... so these words from Piere Teilard are partially false.. he did not see that we are not only physicial beings in search of spiritual experiences, but... and noW we get on the track to where we see in alignment of...
thats the point im trying to make... when you want to becomes of the elements,... you will feel as the elements.. there enlightenment is as such as our experience. .. to feel the common surroundings as if we were crawlers on the ground with our antennas feeling the vibe...

as human beings we have the same with a more capacity of mind.. one to learn... but what can we take with us after death if we dont know what form we become, depending on what we consist of mostly to best, and what we by solution in karma fillup to announce ourselfs into the eternal living back into life. the whole lump sum is that we cant take anything more then the essence that we become or are already in this lifetime corresponding with what will be since time is not the essence by life or the existence in itself is therefor what formost follows. So....

What did you wanted to become as when you were a child... what were your tendencies.. all is a matter to alike a job... you fill the requirements and you become that requirement.. then an animal becomes of you.. but furthermore.. a specific kind of animal.. one that befits the universe alike natural selection as well as one that befits you as you already chose throughout your lifetime here on this planet earth.. fruthermore there comes the stellar part of alignment and the dimensional asset of constitution that will produce the product of you aright to what to what IT is that you really are meant for in the destitution of LIFE ETERNAL in combination of CONCUSION consecutive to the aknowledgement of mind... WHOS MIND... the one who produced.. CREATED IT ALL... PREdestined it all... and thereby formulated it all for.. with by and against FOR YOU.. the HUMAN KID/... KIND...
WHERE DO YOU WANT to JUMp Our of ETernitY to play a part in the LI/ving, this is the question... There comes then the QuestION.. HOW MuCH FoRCE, Do you have ACCUMilATED in your LifETime, to chOSE where you want to EXiT in the GLObal CoSmIC TrANSporTAtionRide of KAr/SMA KARMIC ExIstance...
See... I'M AGainst the notion of the POsts Threads Question/Title, as AMusing AS it Might Seem. that you CAN Chose What OR WiTH the Now MAde PUblic KNowleDGE of Where AFter DeATh. DO YOU KNOW How THIS FORCE is ACcUmIlated.. .. LEt ME PJUT IT IN LAYMENs term.

A Western Person helps an eastern Person. the eastern Person gives credit to the Western person for his help... this is a transaction of the uttmost kind... help and you gain accumilation, but it is not that easy.. how true were your intentions.. how true were your motives.. how true were your humility.. how true were your...character matters

of course you could have it in the simple way... but thats just means you get a simple pay... the more specific.. the more specific you IS YOU it gets...
So back to what will you take with you beyond death... i say all the characteristics i have been through this life which is an accumilation of the lifes before that in karmic duty and act of establishment up to this day will death due us.. me further notice

You might want to reread My Previous Post Again to get the concept.. Its all Summed up there... anyways the i lost track of alliance and will end transmission here


Think /a/gain... thanks.
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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So Whats being Said here is, IF KArma is the Only Constitute that places People in there Place After Physical Death, Which means Departure of an UnableUseable Vessel, We Come into Play Where we HAve to Cash in the Checks of Elements and Stones, and Then Chose By Which in Sense Karma Chooses The Place of Play We Are Meant to Fulfill in the Destitute of Where we are Meant to be,Thereby Feeling the Past of the Karma, ie Life, and the Future of It in a Single Glance Through that Karma Connects all Spirit of Essence into One While, Thereby Giving us the Ride of Which we Constude yet Destined to Amend for Through the Ladder of Death. --KArma

If in Sense you Don't believe in Karma, then A Whole mess of human Consciousness Which Lingers in the Atmospheric Realm of the Earth; Come upon you Like A Thief in the Night, And Sweep you over Since All Consciousness is Connected of Human Sense, And Therefore In the Intent of Essence Flash you into it's Riddle Whereby like the Need in the Tibetan Book of The Dead; Needed for Deceased to Hear it Recieted At there Point of Departure; Just to Make it to The Other Side, Finding Way.
To All Who Have Not Thought About it:

As For Those Who Have And Work on There Karma, It is As Vital And in No Sense to Be Completely Seen As Punishment in Due That Since Life Can be Cruel, That it is Like Running Errands For the Whole of the Party of the Century; NirVanna; The BLISSfULL State of 心 Heart And Mind 心神, Which is Essence 精神, The Consciousness of Mankind; ie. Soul נֶפֶשׁ

Setting Yourself into A Proper State, Requires Much ConsTrUction, AnD With that, Change And Variety of Change HenceForth So the Many Reincarnations Up till the Point of BodhiChitta of A BodhiSattva, A Person on the Path to Bodhi-BuddhaHood Mind; then Body, then Spirit; then Life Hood बोधिसत्त्व (bodhichitta) Essence of EnAwakeninglightenHood of it's OWN Kind, Since Perfection is Required to Add Each Addition to the Whole of the Sum of Essence of NirVaNnA, Nothing Less then Perfect in it's Essence (Hence the Many Required Carnations till Perfection) is Ask of Anybody, That is to Mend Through Essence and time, INTO the Perfection of STATE; THEe STATE.

So FOr All Who Still Wonder Why there Should Be Such Thing as KArMa. Hence Why. The Need for Pure Water For a Pure River For a Pure Stream For a Pure Ocean.

From the Vault @© ...
Into the Deep, Falls the Sentence of Life, Deep Beneath and Deep Up Above, All Is MAde Out of the Sea, a Life Of eternity if you Watch the Waves Unfold, and the Clouds Turn into a Mold of Clusters that Fall to the Ground as We Have Mist in the Land of the Sound and Whole Who Set the Goal, Of Making Water Clean and Pure to the Fold When Ap- Came to the Scene, It was Ocean and Rivers in Which Mankind found there Being, Whole in Set to the Cause, of Revering the Waters Above and Below that Awes. Since Need is inspire by the Depth -we See, if Wind Breaths Life So Does Water give Life it Speaks. But Nothing Could Come Around Until Ap- (Water) is made Pure and Sound, in Terms of InGest and Breath the Sound it Speaks, to the Body as Humankind is in there NeeDs of All That Can be Found, if Non Then We Die or Drowned, Since to Much is a Little out of Touch, But In the Fuel it Gives Us Strength in the Soul, and Holds Us to Clear the Shore, of All PArticles ...
Divinity is Seen In Many Places, Of Old, of New, But Nothing Comes As Close then the Ap-, The Ap- That SubStains the Sea of the Waters, THe Deities ThAT Hold Ground to the Sphear of Sea, Water. Is an Common Found, But No Glazier is Without its Reign, No Landscape WithOut it's Beauty, Ever So Far Have We Gotten, That Life In The PreMise of Water Has Been Long Forgotten, WhereAs the Sea Is Inedibly, We But See the Ocean As A VastNess of Water, UnPhantomable to Grasp, As If Water Was Ever to Be Grasp of, But Times Have Come Where In the Past, When Tribes And Nations Have Thought, Over Water And Given It THE ReSpect It DeserVes, Water Reigns in All, It ContAins EleMents In the Body To The Elements That RefUrNished The Mind, As Clear And As Pure As It Can Be, It Will Never Take tHe Place of Thouse Who RevEre, For From AnciEnt Times, It Has SettLed Debts, Washing AwAy Dieing Sins, Cleaning Portions of The Mouth ThAt Were Foul, Giving Drink To Thouse Who Were In Hunger. Never Alone, AlWays With ANOther. It Gave From The Glazier of Kind, And Falling WaterFalls, What Waters Did Not Fall From THe Sky As It Has Come Below, Neither Depth Is Truly Known Unless Watered of the Sea, But Sea ALone Has No Place of Its Waters. Ap- The Reigning DevINity of Waters Gives Grants And Blesses Itself in the Waves That Crash's in the Sea, Never ForGettN'' WherE it Came From, And WhenCed It ReTurn. It Misses Not A Beat Not Crossing Over The Boarders of The Shore. HOw DeVin is This The Ap-, The Group of The Waters, Tames ItSelf As Smaller Waves Set Settle on The Shore, It Is Seen From Miles As The OceAn Breeze Touches Your Mind, And Mind Touches Your Soul It Is Seen From Miles AWay tOuches the Soul And Touches THE HeaRt. This is Were Life Began BegInS, This Is Where Life Starts, In The OCeAn of The UniVerse.

WAtEr Is Great, Will You Care?

Minart Youn @ © opyright 2'18/19

R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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