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introducing myself - lunabee - 03-26-2017

Hi everyone.
I am very happy to join this small "community" and starting to share my journey and knowledge with all of you.

Im not sure how everything works on this forum site but ill figure things out by the end of the week. Angel

I have penty of questions and subject id like to vent regarding spiritual awakening, books to read, twin flames, 5th dimension and more.

All through my life, I have been a very sad being. Experiencing lots of karmic relationship (friends and lovers) since the ago of 10ish (at end of elementary school) to 23 year old (today and DONE with all of it because of my ULTRA understanding about life). I always believed everything happens for a reason, Im very glad that today my heart and soul have grown to a better understanding of the universe. Of the ability to connect with nature, peoples emotion and to see beauty in everything. ITS AMAZING! I feel so good. Yet my awakening is very new.. Been only a month that ive kinda realised my true nature (in a consciouss way) otherwise I was kind, generous, big hearted and loving to the universe but without the knowledge of metaphysical purpose, spirituality and all.. I just randomly ended up on another forum and read about signs of old souls, energies, divinity and everything and saw myself drawn by all of these information. 

I need help.. Fact that I feel like im not belonging to everyday society makes me anxious.. very bad for my awakening and spiritual growth. I live in a big city. Everyday going out in the city I see everything, cars, houses, stores, EVERYTHING, "handmade" by humans as ugly. I wanna see nature. Nature itself, animals and real people living simply. Thats what I want to be surrounded by. So for now I need better understanding and support (please)

I still have to resist couple years (at school now) and then go on with the life I truly desire for myself (simple, spiritual, and surrounded by beauty of the universe)

For now. Im asking for knowledge on my spiritual growth and life purpose. And that is why you will see me active on these threads  Rolleyes

RE: introducing myself - Ayneebug - 03-26-2017

bdzzx2nw Welcome to our spiritual family. Glad to have you here. I look forward to hearing about your awakening I had a small spiritual awakening at the beginning of the year but not as profound as yours I do not think (but it was still very important to me). You are very lucky to have a awakening so young in your life and I am very happy to see your new look at life!  I do not know if I can offer any help for your cause but I can give you my view on many things you may want to talk or ask about. Many others I have met here so far are very helpful, spiritual, knowledgeable and willing to give you their opinions/views so I hope you enjoy your time here. Hope to see you around on the forum! much light to you <3

RE: introducing myself - Uzumaki - 03-26-2017

Welcome to the group!

I am in your generation and also in college as well. So I completely understand your situation.

I hope to learn from you ,


RE: introducing myself - MOONBEARSPEAKS - 03-26-2017

In adding to the welcome bdzzx2nw, I repeat what I have said elsewhere, I am so happy to see young people, (probably 'old souls') coming to the forum. So much to be done for the Planet and the Human Race as well as by each of us individually for our own Spiritual progress. When you incarnated this time, I was already 63 years old but hey, what's a couple of generations of earth time when we have eternity to consider.
"I need help..Im asking for knowledge on my spiritual growth and life purpose. And that is why you will see me active on these threads."
That is why you have 'found your way' to this forum. There are over 6,000 posts in over 3,000 threads so settle down for some seriously interesting reading. And, of course, please bring your questions; there are quite a few whose purpose is to offer whatever help we can. 

Love and Light

P.S. How do you pronounce your name?

RE: introducing myself - Skytiger - 03-26-2017

Welcome. Sounds like you came to the right place. Lots of posts you will find interesting.
I and my husband are ranchers with our nearest neighbor 5 miles away as the 'crow flies', 7 by the road.
My Daddy always told me...' Take care of the land and it will take care of you.'
Glad to hear you love Nature, makes my heart sing.


RE: introducing myself - Gerhard Botha - 03-26-2017

welcome , enjoy the journey

RE: introducing myself - lunabee - 03-26-2017

thank you very much for your understanding and kindness.
I just have to figure out how to create a thread (this one I just simply followed the link "start by introducing yourself" and created it.

I will be reading your sayings and manage my account so Ill totally fit in: Tongue

Hope everyone will have a good week. I love mondays.

RE: introducing myself - MOONBEARSPEAKS - 03-28-2017

Tuesdays are not bad, either.

RE: introducing myself - lunabee - 03-28-2017

(03-28-2017, 10:06 AM)MOONBEARSPEAKS Wrote: Tuesdays are not bad, either.

everyday is the same day. theres no such thing as weekends :BIGsmile

RE: introducing myself - MOONBEARSPEAKS - 03-29-2017

Hey, c'mon. Even God took a day off (the bible tells us)  Angel

Seriously, though. Again, we differentiate between the physical and the spiritual. We take a day or two off from our 'gainful employment' and call it the weekend but, as we all know, spiritual awareness knows no such break.