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hi - rael sa - 07-22-2018

greetings dear everyone and may Peace Graciousness and Blessing of the Absolute be with you all. I tread the path of return towards the source of life and love to study tarot Qabalah and spiritual alchemy. looking forward to converse with you all

RE: hi - MOONBEARSPEAKS - 07-22-2018

We greet you in Love and Truth rael sa and look forward to sharing with you. Smile

hi - popsthebuilder - 07-22-2018

Welcome here friend.

We look forward to conversating with you too.


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RE: hi - Aceofcups - 07-22-2018

Greetings rael sa

wishing you Peace on your journey on the Royal Road of Light.  may you find the goal and gold you are looking for.

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RE: hi - rael sa - 08-18-2018

thank you all for the warm welcome. i Like to share what i found in my research with all whom i come in contact. i'm not a preacher or teacher so i hope you don't think i'm preaching or anything like that, it's just that those who taught me asked me to share what i know because the process of attaining wisdom is the following : we study to learn, we share to understand and Wisdom I treasure more than dimonds and gold because frankly, crystals and metals can not be compared to Wisdom after all Smile