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Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 08-16-2018

(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

If the suffering is to be removed: the reason of suffering is the fruit of the sin, the reason for this fruit is the sinful action and the misery can be removed only if the sinful action is removed, which generates its fruit as punishment. We can’t separate the fruit from action. If putting the finger in fire is action, burning of finger is its spontaneous fruit. The burning generates the misery. To remove this misery, its root cause, which is the action of putting the finger in fire, shall be stopped. In between the misery of burning and the action of putting finger in fire lies the fruit or punishment, which alone can’t be stopped. It is not like the punishment given by a king that can be stopped by his revised order. The fruit of the sin and the misery of the fruit are spontaneously linked, which can’t be controlled after the action of sin.
One should not think that the fruit of the sin can be stopped by the omnipotent God even in the middle stage. Due to omniscience of God, it is possible, but, God never does any improper action misusing His power. If you force Him by your devotion, He will postpone the punishment with added interest to future. This is misunderstood by us as cancellation of punishment by the omnipotent God! Even in the case of a climax-Nivrutti devotee, He Himself suffers becoming victim of such punishment for the sake of His climax-devotee. By this, He protects the Law as a good rule maker or administrator.
The priests interested in earning by false way propagate that worship of God will remove the sin and its misery. By worship, they can earn their livelihood. This is wrong since the scripture says that the fruit of deed must be enjoyed by a soul even after very very long time (Avashyamanubhoktavyam). These priests will be rewarded more by God if they preach true knowledge and develop true devotion.
There is only one way to cancel the punishment and avoid the misery of the sins done in the past without enjoyment of their fruits. Through true spiritual knowledge, realization, followed by repentance, results in non-repetition of sin in future, which can alone cancel the past sins also. The reason is that punishment is given only to bring this stage of non-repetition. If this aim is achieved by realization and repentance through knowledge, there is no need of the punishment to be given for the past sins.
The soul in energetic body after death undergoes punishments of all sins done here in the hell. The punishment can only suppress the attitude of sin and hence, when the soul is reborn here, it contains a trace of the same attitude after re-birth, by which the soul commits sins here and undergoes punishments if such sins are serious. The punishments of serious sins done here due to trace of previous sinful attitude existing in subconscious state are generating misery here. This means that this materialized world is not for the enjoyment of fruits of deeds, but, it is a place of doing deeds freely. The cause of such present deeds is only the remaining trace of sinful attitude of the soul coming from hell, which grows in the present life. Serious deeds of such present deeds alone give punishments here itself resulting in the present misery. Hell is a place of enjoyment of fruits or Bhogaloka whereas this earth is a place of doing deeds freely or Karmaloka without interference of enjoyment of past fruits. Exception is a serious sin that gives fruit immediately here itself.
Such path of totally cancelling all the past sins without enjoying their fruits is logically correct since the fruit of a sin is aimed at non-repetition of sin only in the future. It is mentioned in the Veda - (Apahata paapmaa) and in the Gita (Jnaanaagnih..., Sarvamjnaanaplavenaiva... etc.).

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - krya - 08-16-2018

Hi Dattaswami and welcome back.
How are you?

Can I ask you a big favour.
Can you please, please write all the writings and messages from Shri Datta swami in one place, in one thread? 

For example in stead of opening a new thread, just post the next excerpt in this same thread. This is so if someone wants to find all Shri Dattaswami words, that someone can find it all in one thread.

Private message me if you need more clarity.

Thank you.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 08-16-2018

(08-16-2018, 07:46 PM)krya Wrote: Hi Dattaswami and welcome back.
How are you?

Can I ask you a big favour.
Can you please, please write all the writings and messages from Shri Datta swami in one place, in one thread? 

For example in stead of opening a new thread, just post the next excerpt in this same thread. This is so if someone wants to find all Shri Dattaswami words, that someone can find it all in one thread.

Private message me if you need more clarity.

Thank you.

definitely. okay.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - सत्Tao道सत्נֶ֫פֶשׁ - 08-17-2018

Requote by Martin Youn:

Suffering be removed, by reason sufferings by the fruit of sin[s). - © 2018 ulodoe MArTin youN

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-03-2018


Swami! What is the reason for this flood calamity in Kerala?

Swami replied:-

Everybody will say a reason convenient and applicable to his liking. A father of a student may say that since his son is not given admission in the school, which is the highest injustice, it is responsible for this calamity! Hence, we shall go deep in the knowledge leaving all personal likes and dislikes to find out the actual and ultimate truth.

If an individual does a sin harming another individual, the sinner will be personally punished by the unimaginable God in unimaginable way even if the sinner escapes punishment through his intelligence, corruption and power. Simultaneously, the affected party will be compensated by God. This is the divine rule, if the sinner harmed the other person freshly. If this case is different in the sense that the other person harmed the sinner in the previous birth and the sinner is retorting the other person with the help of the divine arrangement of God, God keeps silent in such case. Observing such cases, some people shout saying that the sin is victorious in this Kali age! Lack of identification of zero potency of self to know the background in the previous birth, will mislead the people regarding the divine administration. Either you shall have fundamental unshakeable faith in God or you shall have the potency of omniscience to know all the past present and future of the souls.

Whenever such mass punishment takes place, logically it means the sin done by the entire mass of public is punished. The sin has nothing to do with any religion and hence, religious colour need not be exposed in such basic clear issues. Conservatives will naturally show the reason to be coloured with their religion. In this punishment, all castes, genders and all religions are punished due to common sin done irrespective of caste, gender and religion. Now, imagine what is such common sin done by all people? 90 percent of the public is doing that common sin. Of course, 10 percent of the public not doing such common sin is also punished along with the 90 percent. What is the logical justice in such 100 percent punishment? The logical justice is to bring the common punishment of 90 percent to be mixed with the punishment of 10 percent public and to be executed as a common punishment. There may be qualitative difference in two different sins, but, there can be one single qualitative and quantitative punishment. Two sinners, doing different sins, are given the same punishment of imprisonment in the same jail for the same period. In this way, common punishment to different types of sins is quite possible in the divine administration.

As I have already pointed out in several messages, earthquakes are mainly coming for killing living beings with awareness wandering on the earth. This is the anger of God through the mother-earth. Similarly, the anger of God through the father-ocean for killing living beings with awareness wandering in the lakes, rivers and oceans is expressed through floods and cyclones. Don’t give ignorant statements like vegetable food will not be sufficient for all living beings if non-vegetarian food is avoided. Remember that God is omnipotent and the limits of His creation are not even imagined by us so far! Ethical scriptures clearly shout saying that non-violence towards non-harming good natured living beings is the climax of injustice (Ahimsaa paramo dharmah).

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-08-2018

Guru Purnima Message
Guru Purnima means the full moon day on which sage Vyaasa, the top spiritual preacher is born. Guru means the spiritual preacher, who removes the ignorance-darkness. ‘Gu’ means the ignorance darkness. ‘Ru’ means remover of it. The ignorance-darkness is always removed by the knowledge-light only. Tomorrow happens to be the eclipse of moon also. This shows that our mind is eclipsed by the ignorance. Scripture says that moon represents mind (Chandramaa manasojaatah… Veda). The shadow planet or the planet of darkness (Tamograha) by name Raahu swallows the Moon or the mind. Tamograha means the planet of tamas or darkness or ignorance. Today, the situation in Hindu religion is represented by this Guru Purnima having the eclipse of moon.
Spiritual knowledge of God is very important since God helps the devotees in Pravrutti as well as in Nivrutti as far as possible without disturbing the cycle of deeds of the devotee. The omniscient God is very very talented in adjusting the cycle of deeds with His timely help to the devotee. Hence, God is all in all for the worldly life here as well as the life after death in the upper world. From beginning to the end in every angle, God’s help is very essential to every soul. The atheist denies the existence of God and looses everything everywhere and in every time. There can’t be any more unfortunate fellow to be really sympathised other than the atheist in this entire creation!
Spiritual knowledge or detailed information about the divine personality of God is the very basis for generation of devotion to God. The generated devotion turns to be practical to become sacrifice and service to God that leads the soul to achieve the eternal fruit in reality. Hence, the fundamental step is the spiritual knowledge, which shall be true knowledge. Otherwise, the wrong knowledge will mislead the soul to wrong path and wrong goal. After hearing the spiritual knowledge from Sadguru like sage Vyaasa, who is the incarnation of God Vishnu or the ultimate God Datta, you must analyze it and then arrive at the right conclusion to take up the practical steps, called as Karma Yoga.
For this right path, the spiritual knowledge must be heard from the divine spiritual preacher (Sadguru), who appears in every human generation. A constant touch with spiritual knowledge by hearing it (Adhyaatma Jnaana Nityatvam) and confirming it by analysis (Tattva Jnaanartha Darshanam) are recommended by the Gita. For this purpose to be fulfilled, rituals are often suggested by the scripture to be done frequently in the life. On the occasion of ritual, there will be a holy assembly of devotees to hear the right spiritual knowledge from the priest or Guru, who revises the spiritual knowledge already established by Satguru. By hearing more and more details of God through spiritual knowledge, more and more theoretical devotion is improved, which on ripening turns to practice. Hence, every ritual is an occasion for the devotees to assemble together and hear the spiritual knowledge propagated by the priest or Guru following the footsteps of Satguru. The rituals like entering new house, marriage etc., vary in dates from one to other and hence, all the devotees will have the frequent opportunity of assembling together for the purpose of receiving good spiritual knowledge to improve the devotion. The ritual involves not only the propagation of spiritual knowledge, but also, involves a programme of developing the devotion by singing devotional songs, prayers, worships etc.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-11-2018

Datta Dharma Sutram  … continued
Yoga is interpreted as controlling the mind from misery by concentrating on a different point. By this, you can control the misery superficially for a small period of time. It is like putting wet cloth on the forehead to pacify the fever. The actual cause is the sin or the bacteria causing infection, which can be removed by the above said path of non-repetition of sin or use of antibiotics respectively.
This path is also seen in other religions like Christianity in which confession cancels all sins. The word confession is not mere theoretical by mind and words. It means only practical non-repetition of the sin in future.
We have told that the punishments of sins are to be enjoyed in hell whereas the action of a soul in free atmosphere is on this earth. This means that the fruit of the past sin done in the previous birth is not enjoyed in the next birth. You may argue that such concept is wrong because Krishna enjoyed in the present birth the fruit of the sin done in the previous birth, which is death by shot arrow in this birth for the sin done in the previous birth by killing Vaali by hiding Himself. If you analyse carefully, such cheating in the previous birth appeared in this birth also as remainder of cheating attitude that made Krishna to cheat and steal butter and cheat the enemies in killing in the war and the fruit enjoyed by Him can be considered as the fruit of present deeds only generated from the remaining trace of attitude of previous birth. You can tell this as the enjoyment of the fruit of the deed done in previous birth and such statement is an approximate and indirect way only. The precise statement is that the soul enjoyed the fruit of present serious deed that got generated by the trace of attitude of previous birth existing in subconscious state.
In the above case, Rama and Krishna are human incarnations of God and can’t be bound by the theory of deeds and fruits. Even then, the theory applied to ordinary human beings only is extended to the case of human incarnations also because through this action, God is preaching ethics to human beings.
God may do a sin to support justice in the end and this proves that ends justify means. Based on this, we can explain the cheating of Vaali and Kauravas as justified since Vaali and Kauravaas are sinners. But, human beings may imitate this and may kill even a good person from back side projecting him as bad due to their hidden enmity. Hence, God proved that means justify ends for the sake of controlling the clever exploitations. In view of this only, the above case is explained treating Rama and Krishna as an ordinary soul existing in two normal human bodies. This should not be misunderstood to treat Rama and Krishna as an ordinary soul in two subsequent births.
The direct doer, indirect doer, initiator and supporter of any sinful deed enjoy the fruit of the sin equally as told in the scripture (Kartaa kaarayitaa chaiva Prerakashchaanumodakah). Draupadi was punished for provoking Pandavaas to kill Kauravaas and the punishment was that she lost her five sons. Even though Kauravaas are bad, Draupadi wanted to punish them with personal vengeance. The punishment is not for pacification of any personal vengeance. It is aimed only for suppressing the attitude of repetition of sin in future. Draupadi tried to discourage Krishna attempting to transform Kauravas by giving a message. Draupadi wanted the punishment of Kauravas without giving a chance of transformation through knowledge. Such misunderstanding of punishment by Draupadi resulted in the sin and she got the punishment of sin for such angle of ignorance. She became the initiator and supporter of sin of killing a criminal without giving the chance of realization through knowledge.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-13-2018

(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Ganesh Chaturdhi Message …
Today people worship statue of Ganapathi made by earth. Such worship is condemned in the scriptures and especially by Sankara as Parthiva Puja. Ravana used to do this every day and was finally destroyed. It is actually a sin to establish Lord in the earthen statue and you are doing the initiation of life (Prana Pratistha). On the 10th day you are saying ‘Udvasana’, which means removing the life from the body. It means killing Lord Ganapathi. You can invite the Lord but should never say to Him to get out after your work is over. You are immersing the dead body in the river on the 10th day. Therefore, you should have a permanent photo or statue and worship it every day.
You must invite the Lord every day and should never say to the Lord to go. In fact you should know that your invitation would never bring the Lord unless it is fully filled with devotion. Do you think that He is coming on your invitation and is going out on your Udvasana? Is He your servant? Some people say that if Lord Ganapathi stays in the house the food materials are exhausted quickly. How foolish is this idea? He is the creator of this universe. He created the food and yourself. Should you have such idea towards Him? Is this the devotion? You are treating Him as some human guest because when the guest stays for more days the food materials are exhausted. In fact the statue or photo is not eating even a grain of the food.
In fact Ganapathi represents Satguru who is in human form. If Ganapathi i.e., Satguru stays in your house forever, really the food materials get exhausted. In the correct sense of this statement Ganapathi means the human incarnation and not the statue or photo. Thanks! At least you have recognized that Ganapathi means the human form of the Lord and not the statue. Again this statement means that you can keep Satguru in your house for 10 days at the maximum and He should be sent out by 10th day. Therefore, you are treating the Lord as an outsider and not even equal to one of your family members, whom you keep forever and never say this statement. This shows the value you give to the God! You expect God to protect you in this world in every issue and finally to give the salvation in the upper world?
On this day we should analyse ourselves and feel ashamed regarding our behaviour to the Lord who gave us this human birth and created all this cosmic facilities. The story that Ganapathi curses the moon has also the inner meaning. Moon represents the mind (Chandrama Manaso – Veda). This means that when the Lord comes in the human form, the mind sees the outermost human body only and laughs at the idea that He is the Lord as said in Gita (Avajananti Mam….). The face of such a fellow should not be seen by real devotees and this is the meaning that we should not see the Moon on this occasion.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-18-2018

Misunderstood Interpretations in Hinduism ....

Devotee: What are the various main misunderstood interpretations in Hinduism?

Shri Datta Swami replied:1) Unimaginable God:

a) This is a misunderstanding in all the religions including Hinduism. This space, which is subtle energy, is infinite. This infinity is not the absolute inherent characteristic of the space. It means that the space is not infinite by itself. The space is generated from the unimaginable God. If you reach the boundary of the space, you touch God like touching the soil on reaching the boundary of the ocean. You cannot touch or imagine God. This is the reason for the infinity of the space. Thus space is relatively infinite.

b) Take the case of a stream of smoke coming from the fire. If you travel in the smoke, after some time, you can touch the fire. The stream of the smoke is finite because on reaching the boundary of the smoke, you can touch the imaginable fire. On contrary, you cannot reach the boundary of smoke (space) if the fire (God) is unimaginable. Hence, the finite or infinity of the space depends on the imaginable or unimaginable nature of God respectively. The infinity of space is not its characteristic, but, is due to the unimaginable nature of its generator, the God.

c) The constant expansion of the universe also speaks the same. As you travel along the universe, it expands so that you cannot reach its boundary and touch the unimaginable God. By this, the constant expansion is again relatively justified i.e., with respect to the unimaginable God. The constant expansion is not the absolute phenomenon of the universe, but, it is a relative phenomenon since the aim of the expansion is only to see that you should not touch the boundary of universe or God.

d) The space cannot exist in God since the product(space) cannot exist in its cause(God) before its generation. If the space exists in God even before its generation, it means the generation of space becomes meaningless. Anything is said to be generated, if it is absent before its generation. This means that the space and hence, the spatial dimensions do not exist in God and hence can never be imagined. The unimaginable nature is, thus, justified.

e) The unimaginable God proves Himself by performing unimaginable events called miracles. You cannot discard a genuine miracle as magic. Even if you discard miracles, the infinite space with unimaginable boundary stands as the solid proof for the concept of existence of unimaginable nature indicating the existence of unimaginable God.

f) The bending of space along the boundary of object proves that space is something (subtle energy) and not nothing. Hence, generation of space becomes a logical concept since something can be only generated and nothing cannot be generated.

RE: Datta Dharma Sutram 1 … - dattaswami - 09-29-2018

Scientific advancement & Spirituality ...    (Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The application of discoveries of scientist for the welfare of humanity resulted in the environmental pollution. The discoveries were successful but the application has not ended in the welfare, but harmed the humanity. It is like saying that the operation was successful but the patient died. The essential reason for such failure is absence of faith and devotion in God. God wants to punish the people through natural calamities and pollution.
Scientists cannot control His program. Therefore, mere social service without the element of spirituality fails. Even if it succeeds, it is only temporary. The service slowly ends in injury. Such a person who serves without touching God also goes to heaven and he will be thrown out of the heaven after some time. It is only temporary happiness, which results finally in misery only.
If you associate the propagation of divine knowledge and devotion in such a social service, it gives permanent best results. The punishment of God is only for a change. Your propagation brings that change. Therefore, God withdraws punishment. Mere social service without spiritual mission is like giving mere boarding and lodging to the hostel students without teaching in the classes. In such case the students get spoiled and finally you have harmed them. The nature of the punishment reveals the nature of the action of that sinner. The above punishments show either slow or sudden killing of human beings.
Therefore, the nature of the deed that is responsible for such punishment must be also killing. All the living beings are souls like your soul. You have taken the birth of the plants, birds and animals as a punishment, which infact is spiritual training only. A selfish soul is born as a plant and goes on donating its fruits, which were the hidden treasures in the previous birth. By killing the plant you are interfering with such spiritual training.
The mind of the God is irritated and that leads to the above effects. Thus a green plant should not be cut. A paddy plant is cut when it dies by becoming yellow due to the loss of Chlorophyll. It is equal to cutting the dead body. That is not equal to cutting a living bird or an animal. This is the reason for the propagation of non-violence by human incarnations like Bhuddha and Mahavir Jain.
You can refer to the various arguments given by Me, to various questions on this same topic. There is no other alternative than this. Prayers to God cannot stop these things. The propagation of non-voilence (Ahimsa) is the only way. Atleast let it be reduced and slowly let it be completely avoided. The Hindu scriptures (Dharma Sastras) attempt in this line. They ask the fisherman to stop catching the fish at least in Banaras and atleast on Maha Sivarathri. When that is achieved, the scriptures mention some more sacred places and some more festival days. Slowly they control the whole sin by finally saying not to catch the fish on any day at any place.