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The terms of Hope [msg 2 - מ שشem:dru:vid::: - 10-08-2018

What will affirmation have to do with karma, A Japanese sCientist has discoVered, that in water crystals, images of Formation unfolds To wHicher Vibe And Vibration, is sent into its Constant beam of surge thereby making beautiful, or therewith negative images. Found under the microscope; We are 90 % made out of water, So refering to it, MoRe then the Majority is WaTerbaSed LivIng How tHen Do We SubmIt aNd Accumulate, bAd & Negative Thoughts; If in Case TheSe All Det,ermine(d) How We FUnCtioN in the Human World And THe ExistAncE ItSelf.

"The power oF The TonGue; Life AnD DeaTh, lies in THe PoWEr iN tHE tOngUe, And He/or She WHo Loves It ShaLl LivE By It." ProVerbs of the inserts of Solomon (after K. David)

How Then Wiling are we to give in to strange thoughts and all manner of negative form, if in case these determine how we interact with our feLLow man as well as harbor thereupon on ourselves with the virtue of lifes and health in wHoLe-Ness in Itself

So Whats the Affirmation Alike:... I Hope We Speak No Words Of Negative for ( ) let no cORRUpt COMMunication ProceEDs out OF Your Mouth, EXCEPt that Which Is Good, and MAy MinISter Grace UnTo The Heir. In AnoTher FormAtion, We Ought To CommUnCaTe, AND THINk Only That Which is Good, That Which is Whole, That Which is OF GOoD Report, If There BE Any Thoughts / Virtue; ... Think On These Things, ELSe You Will See, .HE Who Is Angry AT His NEighbor WitHout a Cause HAS MURderED HIM or H in His H-EARt..

Many Things Come Alife If We Think or Speak, We Can Cut and We Can Heal. gossip (should Not be on our Agenda).. For there Where more or Two have Gathered in the Procession of Communing, I was set Place In There Midst, We Shouldnt backbit and backstab. 

Affirmation hAve All Things to Do with KArma, for they denote the tone of our destin and destination at hand, we can not move forward without a plan, and the Plan there/by/for/with is to do the best Good we can in The World, This, In Which we...

You know the rest, all R Given a Moral Compass, So live By it and With Try to make it better each Year, Day, Month Hour Minute, breath... Hydrogen is always pumped into us, and if the vessel of hardware is set UP Correctly, more funcTiOnality is set more properly for better use and conduct of the inwarD spirit denote under human body supervision, since software negates but rerives of harware envIROment. In other ...

The Body without the spirit Can not live, so fuel it up properly, whilst still on earth

Death comes to everyone, but we can always consist it into a good one therewith ith - ,