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Astral projection - Isaias - 01-24-2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Blessings. I would like to ask if anyone here has experience with astral projection?
I have been projecting now for a while and was wondering if someone with experience
can tell me any mantras or things to do in the Astral for spiritual growth.
Does anyone know any mantras or special things to do especially in the astral to connect to
the higher self or meet higher teachers? I have been connecting with teachers and the higher self
but with different methods and sometimes I dont connect, was wondering if someone knows anything
on this also.

With kind regards,


RE: Astral projection - krya - 01-29-2019

Hello Isaias,

People who astral project voluntarily always know what to do in the astral world before sleeping for it. So as soon as they enter the astral world, they fly towards the things they planned to do. However those who enter the astral world voluntarily because their chakras have been highly stimulated, or because they are trying to train your astral projection skills, they will obviously find themselves in the astral world with no objective ( wondering what to do now that they are in the astral world). 

But no matter how you got into the astral world, here are few of the things you can do
- Learn to familiarize yourself with the astral environment ( especially if you are a beginner) 
- Command your subconsciousness to take you to beings who could help you remember your self. 
- Learn to use the astral matter to absorb it and send it out towards the people in the 3D with the purpose it cures them
- Learn to move from one astral dimension level to the next. 
- Spend your astral time in the libraries for example, they are usually people there like you sharing their knowledge.

Some people would go in the astral world to visit the shop prices so they may decide what to go buy the next day when they wake up. There's nothing wrong with that, but my advise is you use that moment more for spiritual activities. But when we are less experienced, priority should be given to the spiritual activities - Learning to command your subconsciousness, and moving from one astral level to the next at will. 

Love and light to you.