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MiSC the Appendix reENdited 01-29/08-12 2019-01-27 Pre - IRTNMA ULO N` - 01-28-2019

A Moral #Code#, is the set of UnderstandiNg past prior to ones $Own existence. That comes into Play in the, deliberate Knowledge of - Extension to the Cause Of one's Own Destined Deliberate, (In the Doing and in The HandliNg where-there-There-About).
If true Knowledge Is GAM'E; Then the only $true$ Value that_iS, Should Be lEFt behind: Is the mean's of knowing ones true Self,- and Thereby$ One's Very OwN MORAL ComPASS.

#A Compass is to Navigate you-Guide inTo The RIGHt Directions The Depth_by which_One-is Measured out in the Worlds, - Is 2Find themselves in the relevant of existence which is by virtue the knowledge in the heart by The soul That Concludes the Understanding of one's very own Being, in-the Feel Of harvesting one's soul to THEtest the times amend for the Eternal of ones heart n'Soul in BEING.

Indecency: is StRUck by morTal code- by the utmost termS...of... . Right that do It Right. Should ITbe a difFicult Sight AND TASK, TO DO or to DO what is right ..

Today Speak about the Matter in which we all DO know KeeP AliVE!.

Duty Of Which $WE kNoW Everything must be doNe The Right, and If %We do_not See the-call; It's a Burden To eveRYbody and overAll come t-O place Against the fall, We see-: Others In theReEN Burden unless We Make thAt CALL, in Going tO where We Must, WE sEE, -In LiFE, about life, the pursuit of happiness and liberty For.., We must make the cAlL, In helping other's Like OurSelves in The Against th-e Fall, SEEiNG others being Treated Unfair and NOT taunting to-help-them FARE', into sET saIL place they can call There home-ThEre,  If ever you weRe in there Shoes, you would Wish the same to be DONE, So I hope, This little piece of mind, Come`s To You right: In that INDECENCY is struck by Sight, -by them that %Do the calL% Of-making moral codex YOUR[x]overall.

[Rendition of, Moral Codex] Signed 08-12-2019 Minart Youn

RE: 2019-01-2 7 MiSC reEdited 01-29 the Appendix - IRTNMA ULO N` - 08-03-2019

[Monolog], Is it that you'r Saying you will Strike, or will it be Strike by Karma, IS Karma So efficient that it will Conduct itself in the manner in which it will faulter all sense of Wrongdoings in the Midst of the Presence of Light, or will it Just Simply Sit Down Around and Do Nothing But Conduct itself in the manner in which it does when it says, Bad things happen When Good People Do Nothing, In that the Relevance of Evil. ##

RE: MiSC the Appendix reENdited 01-29/08-12 2019-01-27 Pre - IRTNMA ULO N` - 08-16-2019

“Evil as well as good, both operate to advance the Great Plan.” “To have peace there must be strife; both are part of the structure of the world and requirements”
― Ancient Egyptian Proverbs Muata Ashby

If the World Can't Find themselves wanting more then it aLready HAS, Then the World Would Crumbled From Boredome as Harsh AS This Might Ever Seem, For the End of Day's is When No Miracles are Necessary. This is the State Wherein We Live in Ever Since Eve Ate From the Garden of Pleasure (@Chavah; Eden) NO Other CAuSE CAn Come Except to Say That We Live in a World of Duality Mixed In Multiplicity of Duality and CAuse; Creature of the Night Come AGainst Warriors. The Whole of Mankind Seeks Light While there is DArKNEss, But Who Possesses. The Epic Battle of Right and Wrong; in the Inferiorating Sense of Battle. Depth Will Prevail if We BUT SEE, No Worry Will Touch You And Me, if We HELD CLOSE to the CODEX of Life; Morality, the Moral Code

This Is the Journey We'r [email protected] This is The Test In LiFE. TO SEE HOW.. We Deal With Things in What Manner and Kind, What Manner of Pain We Will Take inNFor the Cause of Righteousness, in Which we Deal with the HArdShips's of Life.

DUality, Morality, and Care